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Western Sales Man: Selling Dreams

There will always be wars. So long as men walk the face of the earth. Men will die and men will be born but the quintessential nature of man will remain the same. Men will be men.

Men come and go but wars will remain the same. It is the nature of man to dominate his own territories first and then seek to gain dominance over the borders, lands, wills and souls of other men.

One culture, one entity that has proved this truth beyond all doubt is the entity that is the western hemisphere.

Once upon a time men were brutes. Brazen and direct in action and reasoning only sparingly. The minds and hearts of men have evolved over time but its very nature has remained the same.

Man will conquer whatever he has the power to. However in today’s society even the powerful have to be subtle. It is only gods who can afford to act with arrogance and impunity.

Men still conquer men where there is some thing to be gained, However in today’s society even the powerful need a pretext to plunder the lands of another. What other reason has there been for war?

In the 18th century the powers of the west pillaged and plundered lands abroad. The pretext was religion. The sales man sold religion to the barbarian hordes for the price of their lands, resources, the lives of their children unborn and their souls.

Today these nations still pay the price of that commodity. However, with the powers of some of the western entities ebbing most prominent amongst them the fallen power whore that is the United Kingdom, the west still seeks to dominate the borders of other nations.

The west has always sold ideas and dreams. In return for these concepts the west expects the world, for nothing is dearer than the unseen. A price could be put on land, on gold and even on a human person, but who can put a price on the unseen? Who can put a price on hope? On the belief that tomorrow will be better than today? Who can put a price on the invisible quality of truth, or the concept of peace? Who can weigh the unseen?

In the 18th century when the west raped Africa it came with the dream what is Christianity. The west came with a new way of thinking, with new ideas and hope for a better tomorrow.

The west came with ‘god’ as the west knows it. However in return for that unseen reality the west took its pound of flesh. It took lives, carted away countless natives and placed them in a foreign land to be slaves. Mother Africa, a land flowing with milk and honey, a land of princes, where the women are queens and where the elderly are demigods. Mother Africa a land where all of nature’s resources are found in more abundance than fire in the depths of hell. Mother Africa what happened to you? When did the white monkey play its pranks? Where your princes asleep?

The west sold religion. Africa paid the price. The west sold a concept to the unwashed tribes of Africa. The west has taken its price.

The dream that the being that rules over all has been understood, and contained: The belief that there is a fixed and only way of serving this being; The belief that this being never changes and is the same for all eternity. The west sold the dream of a brighter tomorrow.

The west’s pretext for invading Africa was religion.

Today the religion of the west has proved itself wrong. The being that was reputed to be unchanging has started to change. The being that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their homosexual practices has permitted them today in the west so that the hypocritical churches of the west have started to ordain sons of Sodom to offer sacrifices of sin to this ever changing never changing entity that the west has called ‘god’.

The religion of the west has caved in on itself. Today its ‘god’ is viewed as a rag doll on a cross and its priests as corruptible beggars. The masses are foolish and are easily deceived but then they are not deceived forever.

Religion is now a defunct pretext for any form of invasion; a truth that the west recognised.

The west needs a pretext. Once again it has found one. Man is of such ingenuity and he has found one. Today the western sales man is selling the same dream in a different package. Today the west is selling democracy. Once again it is asking for its pound of flesh. Today it is asking for the lands and souls of the conquered people, people it chooses to call liberated.

Today the west has invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq peddling democracy. Oh how different things are today than they where in the 18th century.

The world is full of powers: powers that are falling and rising powers that resent the might of these falling powers. The west is a falling power.

There is only one tie that binds men as close as blood and even closer than financial gain could: The bonds of a people oppressed.

The powerful make many enemies on their climb to the top. The powerful oppress. The oppressed are not pleased. The oppressed want revenge. It is widely known that men would more readily repay a hurt because gratitude is a burden and revenge is a pleasure. What greater pleasure is there than to see the fall of an oppressor.

But then what else is man than a creature of war. What is man without chaos? The west falls today as Rome did yesterday.

Ironically most empires are brought done not by external forces but by the hands of forces within. Nero burnt Rome by his own hands. The new Rome that is the west has been set ablaze not by the hands of external forces, but by the hands of its own sovereign. One who’s mental state bears striking semblance to Nero’s.

There is only so far an empire can spread before imploding. The western sales man has over reached his goal. It is time to close shop.

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