Celebrating Birth Without Living

by Adebambo Busari

He was born some 2000 years ago and he is the greatest man that ever lived. Even those that has no belief in him can’t dispute the far-reaching impact and influence a simple carpenter’s son has till today. An embodiment of humble living, exemplary leadership and a great shepherd. He went about preaching the glorious life for those who believe in his dad and the work he has come to do on earth yet he did all this in a tumultuous period in the history of Christianity and Judaism without ever using a bodyguard or special human security arrangement. He truthfully believed in the passage which reads “…if not that the lord watches over the tower, those who secure, secure in vain”. Though most preachers today will rather place their security in the hands of men, he held no special post, appointments and would never describe himself with titles such as Prof. Dr. Snr. Evangelist and Chief-Host but rather we all call him Rabbi.

Tomorrow is the supposed birthday of a great man and with it such intense activities and parties thrown and arranged, many carols sung and a great mass arranged. In Nigeria where everything thing is done excessively and extravagantly a lot of bank account had been emptied all in a bid to celebrate Christmas. Many chickens gone and the second-hand fashion market depleted because of the I-must-look-good craze. But I am wondering, if someone lived a simple life, didn’t throw any feast while alive as a birthday celebration, maybe out of humility or not just in his Angelic nature, then even if we must celebrate, does it have to be at the detriment of other things? What will Chinedu eat after xmas when im mama don spend all the money for the 11 other month in a celebration? After Chinedu chop chicken finish tomorrow, what about the harrowing days that lie ahead?

We would all feel cool and look gay, but most had never saved a thought for that same man’s life in all the preceding months. Most never cared to follow the examples he laid down. We have totally hijacked his season and day, for eating and merry making, dining and wining, dancing and jiggling but if I were to tell you that this same man died for you and I to live a good life in the hereafter then many looks confused because they do not truly believe in the greatest man of Babylon…uhm I will celebrate too and chop to my fill but Christmas is over hyped. I went to buy fowl for the D-day tomorrow and it seem the whole Lagos state is in a mad rush for somewhere. A standstill and traffic jam lasting for almost 2hrs on a road I could have plied under 20minutes. It was indeed brisk business for everyone and not even the men in black are left out (arresting of commuters galore and the normal kangaroo fine in form of bribe). Save a thought for his life, don’t be a Christian for tomorrow alone but even for all the other 364 days. Merry Christmas in my own way. Rice and Soup Very Plenty.

A great man of Babylon
Born in a lowly manger
Persecuted from childhood
All for my sake
Most times I do Forsake
But you never let go
Always loving and protecting
Remembered me in times of trouble
When you never even forgot me in time of bliss
I have arranged a mad celebration for you
Tomorrow is your birthday
Though I strut like the celebrant
And left you on a back burner
Burning so low just like ember
In this month of December
You always understand my whims
And forgave me my caprices
So unlike me when it comes to forgiving
Giving me my daily bread
Though most times I prefer meat
From the house of Herod
Knowing the bread best for me
But I meat covet
My father who art in heaven
Though sometimes I act otherwise
Seeking pleasure from this earth
Instead of the heavenly paradise
Hallowed be thy name
Your kingdom come
But make I chop life small first
I am your son from Nigeria
I tried so many times to scam you
Bribing you even not knowing I am a fool
Because you know me before I was even born
Sometimes I tell you
Bless me and I will serve you
Forgetting you immediately when blessed
Do not count all my trespasses
Because they are just too much
Forgive me like you have always done
Pour oil on my head
And anoint my soul
So help me Daddy God
Forever and ever, Amen

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