Nigeria: A Collection of Jungle Cities with nowhere to hide

by Yahaya Balogun
president buhari

“Today is a bitter reminiscent experience of yesterday; tomorrow’s uncertainty is brewing in our collective hopelessness.” -Yahaya Balogun

This piece is sadly inspired by the depressing article written by the ace and veteran journalist Ray Ekpu, published in The Guardian Newspapers on March 29, 2022. Nigeria is in a more critical state of its life. We are all in self-made trouble!

With a heavy heart, I dreamt of seeing this young brilliant Surgeon, and beautiful Amazon, Dr. Chinelo Megafu discharging her Hippocratic Oath in one of the state-of-the-art and well-equipped hospitals in the US or European nations. Unfortunately, she stayed put in a wasteland–Nigeria. She loved her country but her corrupt country failed her. She was cut and wasted prematurely in her prime. What a nation!

Nigeria is in paralysis! Nigeria has become the axis of evils where life is short, brutish, and nasty. Buhari has ruefully registered his regime among the failed successive governments since Nigeria’s independence. Nigeria fared better and prospered under a colonial regime. Since Nigeria’s independence, Nigeria has endured repeated rapes and defilement.

In a nutshell, President Buhari has failed in securing a hemorrhage state. Bandits, terrorists, Boko Haram, religious and ethnic fundamentalists are having field days. Who will restore our hope and aspiration for a bleeding nation? From the west to east and south, grotesque insecurity has paralyzed the geopolitical structure of Nigeria. We are all in severe collective trouble and psychological trauma. I don’t care where we live or reside in the global community. We are all traumatized and psychologically involved in one way or the other in our troubled nation.

How Nigerians kill Nigeria’s best is unimaginable and alarming! How can a nation be exterminating her best brains with rudderless in a leaderless nation? I don’t get it. When a nation abandons its young and boisterous population with chronic unemployment and corruption, a Hobbesian state is imminently a possibility. The possibility of a nation vested with corruption, greed, ignorance, religious bigotry, and ethnic chauvinism is bound to experience the current dysfunctional system. Most Nigerians don’t value life. Today is a bitter reminiscent experience of yesterday; tomorrow’s uncertainty is brewing in our collective hopelessness. Who will save Nigeria from Nigerians?

In the next few months, there will be an exodus, and an astronomical surge in the brain drain in Nigeria. The remnants of our impeccable professionals in various fields will run away from Nigeria—a nation where butchers of men and women, ghouls of children, and adults are not in short supply.

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