Nigerians in Diaspora frown at Minister of Culture NYSC certificate saga

by Akintokunbo Adejumo
betta edu

Nigerians in Diaspora frown at Minister of Culture NYSC certificate saga, says it demarkets Nigerian education metrics!!!!

United Kingdom based up and coming Diaspora organisation, *Home Coming United*, says the reported infractions by Nigerian ministers, Mrs Betta Edu and Hannatu Musa Musawa, ministers of Humanitarian Affairs and Arts and Culture respectively messed up all the hard work of President Ahmed Tinubu to bring about a better hope bearing governance in Nigeria.

President of the group, Mallam Yinusu Ahmed and Secretary, Bankole Anthony, in a statement released in London, wondered why these ladies are still part of a government that they least respected its core governance values and were seen to lead from the dark side of life, affirming incompetence, avarice, deceit and selfishness.

Though the group thumbed up the suspension of Betty Edu to enable proper investigation of her infractions, the Diaspora group focal on encouraging Nigerians to return back home to help with the economic recovery of the nation, however, frowned at the NYSC discharge certificate saga of Hannatu Musa Musawa, Minister of Arts, Culture and Creative economy for the past seven months, which it decried as as disturbing and as the unhealthy.

“it’s a pity that the government of President Ahmed Tinubu, which enjoyed the goodwill of the people seven months ago, have to sadly contend with distractions such as that of Edu and Hannatu Musa Musawa. We are, however, disturbed that while Edu was quickly sanctioned, the case of Musawa is being treated with the kids’ glove , inadvertently damaging the NYSC ecosystem and presenting our educational system as fraudulent.” the group further explained.

Commending the Nigerian Bar Association section on Public Interest and Development Law for standing and heading to the court to set records straight on the issue minister of Culture, the group wants to see a speedy prosecution of the Musawa’s NYSC saga which will help restore the battered image of Nigerian education system and bring it at par with global expectations.

” it will be sad to sweep any kind of infractions under the carpet. Corruption is not limited to monetary infractions but also to other acts of misdemeanours with negative consequences and implications to the image and survival of our democracy.

” Here are two Ministers in the same soup. One was suspended, while the other is seen gallivanting all the place, initially went awol with the hope, that her alleged maleficence will disappear, but unfortunately, her NYSC issue refused to die So who is deceiving who”? The group asked.

Added to Hannatu Musa Musawa heady infractions, the group insisted, is her very audacious creation and elevation of two departments in the National Museum and Monument to full-fledged agencies , and singlehandedly appointed their heads without recourse to the President who graciously made her a Minister far above those more competent than her.

” Hannatu, by her actions, has made us here in the UK a laughing stock, and sadly so, she has through that action shown that she has no respect to the office of Mr. President, notwithstanding her continued stay in office as Minister, Federal Republic of Nigeria without a proper NYSC discharge certificate.” The Come BackHome United group noted.

Going forward, the group called for Hannatu Musa Musawa’s immediate sanction to serve as a deterrent to young Nigerians who may be misled by Hannatu action, thereby rubbishing NYSC well conceived national ethos.

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