The Era of the Anti Christ: Understanding the End-Time Turbulence

The whole world is shaking and there will be more violent and bizarre occurrences on planet Earth and there is nothing presidents, lying journalists, lying pundits can do about it. This is the Era of the Anti-Christ. Violent, horrible events will continue to happen on Earth until the Saviour, JESUS CHRIST descends with his saints in bright array to establish the new Jerusalem.

The present agents of the anti-christ will use wars,bitter words, ungodly doings to cause confusion, intrigues and subterfuges. The climate will change, wars will be orchestrated and the embers of wars will continue to be fanned by the agents of the Luciferian hierarchy, who will pose as peace-makers and knowledgeable interpreters of “reality”. They have been inoculated to tell devious lies, coated with erudition,”high intelligence”, with asps under their lips, they deceive the gullible humanity.

The diabolical and satanic scorecard of the recent musings of the exploits of agents of the anti-christ are the horrors of massacres in Egypt, the missing of the Malayan plane, the devastating weather in America and Central Europe, the Vietnamese destruction of Chinese properties in Vietnam,the Sino- Phillipine, Japanese threats of war, the satanic operations in the Ukraine, the North Korean threats to attack America, sanctions that have disrupted international trade,the victory of right-wing reactionary and racist parties in Europe and the attendant anti-immigrant push.

Known to those, who killed Gaddafi, those, who depended on his government benevolence, having lost his patronage have spread mayhem in the Maghred, in Mali and Nigeria.

I have completed the study and it is very revealing, how hatred for a leader, who in Western eyes was arrogant has unleashed atrocities Those narrow-minded politicians, who were short-sighted in the anti-Ghaddafi enterprise, now tacitly regret the euphoria of “one world, one truth.””See Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai,” Commentaries on International Law and Diplomacy” Authorhouse Publishing Company, UK, 583 pages.

What they know is knowledge. What others know is not knowledge, but each time they goof, it is to the detriment of the deaths of millions. See the postulations about how Iraq, would be a democracy, Libya would have been freed from Gaddafi, Assad would succumb to organized terrorist onslaught. Mali has yet to free itself from Tuareg revolutionaries, inspite of Hollands intervention.
The satanic cultists in South Sudan, who look ugly, confused and retarded have sacrificed their people to satan. The will not go unpunished.

The bombings in Kenya are meant to derail that country’s progress.
The worst anti-Christ programme for world annihilation is the ascendancy of journalist ic thought through inane commentaries that are full of lies produced and read by those with asps under their tongues, who harangue humanity through television and radio broadcasts.

The academia has been marginalised, as brainless, fine -faced actors and actresses, football players, basket ball players, who cannot articulate complex political and philosophical phenomena are always interviewed on CNN, BBC and other media.

A lot of debaucheries are shown on television, murders are eulogized, human tragedies are stories. Where in the World would CNN and BBC be without wars, catastrophes, human , sufferings, nude women, sex in films and other activities that offend God’s people.

Same-sex marriage promotion offend God Almighty, who has unleashed punishment in states that practice Sodom and Gomorrah life-styles.

May God the Father ,hide us from the secret counsel of the wicked and from the insurrection of highly placed workers of iniquity.God will continue to overturn, overturn and overturn.


Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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