The Guardian Newspapers: Conscience, Nurtured by Truth!

by Yahaya Balogun
Alex Ibru Image: The Guardian

Alex Ibru (1 March 1945 – 20 November 2011) was a Nigerian businessman, founder and publisher of The Guardian newspaper. He was also the Minister of Internal Affairs from 1993 to 1995 during the military regime of General Sani Abacha. Alex Ibru built an edifice and integrity in The Guardian Newspapers of Nigeria! The Guardian, a giant medium has made a giant leap among its contemporary news media. Late Alex Ibru erected a mogul platform that continue to give hope to the hopeless people in a self-inflicted-troubled-nation.

The editorial of The Guardian Newspapers of July 25, 2019 titled: “Buhari and his unpopular policies.” is being recommended for my readers on social media and the general public to digest and offer their honest opinions in other platforms! Your comments are being read by the presidency! The Guardian editorial today July 25, 2019, speaks to the soul of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration!

This unique editorial profoundly confirms my love in having my various articles published by the Guardian Newspapers of Nigeria. It also attests to the interests of informed individuals and fertile minds in reading the news medium as a source of their news consumption. This writer is an unapologetic and unrepentant Buharist. He’s convinced by the courage of his convictions of Buhari’s integrity. But he will not shy away from saying it plain when the national emergency requires him to speak out against the president’s inadequacies!

In this age social media
malfeasance, and infiltration of information dissemination, ignorance and knowledge acquisition are a choice! The Guardian is a source of news medium that speaks to the conscience and consciousness of a nation with unbiased information and credible news dissemination. Unlike other brown-enveloped Newspapers and fake news emanating from social media, The Guardian Newspapers is a platform that has its ethics and professionalism nurtured and guarded by the truth (Conscience, nurtured by truth). It has consistently maintained the content of its mission statement and news publications. I love The Guardian Newspapers’ unbiased and highly academic editorials, daily national news coverage and other various publications from its human capital.

This editorial is food for thought for the second term administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and his handlers. The president must begin to restore hope in the midst of division and hopelessness. Buhari must be alive to his responsibilities to the nation and for his posterity. Security of lives and property; unity, poverty alleviation and creation of job opportunities must be the four cardinal points of his administration. Buhari must listen to genuine cries and woes of the nation. He has to listen. Promises kept are good promises expected by the people! History is steering president Buhari in the face! Buhari: A legacy of integrity and grace must preserved.

President Buhari must be guarded and guided by this honest, straightforward talk and constructive criticism as contained in this profound editorial. All the points marshaled in this publication must be factored in, scrutinized, pondered on and used by the president for his good and posterity. We want the president to succeed. His success is our success in the diaspora, and the success of all Nigerians!

It is also heartwarming to hear that the president has preference for reading The Guardian Newspapers as his morning tonic over others Newspapers in Nigeria. It is also good to know that, before the President begins his daily business of government, he consumes this nation’s leading newsprint (The Guardian Newspapers of Nigeria). I am doffing my hat for The Guardian Newspapers for this unique, and one of the best of editorials I have read in a long time!

May Almighty God bless the soul of Alex Ibru and preserve the legacy of the Ibrus for giving us a national edifice and conscience of the nation—The Guardian Newspapers of Nigeria.

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