The Verdict of History II

After the forces of evil have eaten out the hearts of corrupt sons and daughters of darkness, and after the appearance of the red four moons, the cleansing of the world rulers will begin.

Those who were “famous”, “rich”, and “powerful” will be dethroned and mocked.

Honore de Balzac’s saying that “Anywhere you see inexplicable wealth, there is always an element of crime” will be proven right.

The criminal political organizations, their leaders, pretenders to earthly wisdom have been laid bare to ridicule.  Could you believe that our rich politicians only became rich as a result of wanton looting of the national treasury?

They pay huge sums to editors and newspaper men for cheap publicity that creates a fake image of human worth.  They talk rubbish all the time in order to impress the thoughtless, uneducated and naïve.  They collect meaningless awards to “boost” a non-existent honour.

They call parties for the sake of showing off with stolen wealth.  Shame on you thou hypocrite.

After the cleansing of Nigeria and other nations of filthy rich thieves and good order restored, the spiritual and intellectual rigour of mankind will overshadow men of low intellect, who now sit at the pinnacle of statecraft.

The rule will be that only the gifted, not the grafted shall rule.

In due course, the Glory and University of the Messiah’s Reign will begin.  With the appointment by God of the Twelve Prophets, the world will be spiritually prepared for the Glory and Universality of the Messiah’s Reign.  We shall all be justified by Faith in Christ’s Sacrifice.  The works of the flesh and of the spirit shall be clear.  There will be and there is already in Christ Jesus (Ephesians) That in the dispensation of the fullness of time, the apostate religionists will be sanctioned.

The gospel is clear on the matter that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against Dominions and Spiritual wickedness in high places”.

Look at the events in the worlds Paris, Belgium, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya and you will understand St. Paul’s message.

Beware of earthly titles that annoy God like “His Royal Majesty”Your Excellency” etc.  These are demonic implants to blaspheme.  For He is a jealous God.  How a yesterday’s hustler, suddenly became a Royal or Imperial Majesty – Rubbish!!! “IWALANWO IWA”  All those “Owambe promoting politicians” now discredited should hide their heads in shame.

It is as a result of the “respect”, thoroughly undeserved that the subservient fool accords the “rich” politicians, pastors and “Olowo Atijos” that cause them to live on borrowed robes.

In Nigeria, something seems to have cooled down as protocol, recognition and officialdom have resurrected long suffering.  Of course, things are easier said than done.  It will be a huge disappointment if the high hopes peter out and a resemblance of the old order returns. God forbid!!!

Nigeria is in the crucible of KARMA and REBIRTH and in the maelstrom of revolutionary political colloquy.  Is it still?  For God is not mocked.  What men and women sow they shall reap.  Those who had sowed the wind are reaping the whirlwind.

As long as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, as long as the Rivers Benue and Niger met in Lokoja, as long as the damaging allegations of wrecking the Republic of Nigeria are provable and long documented, no hungry lawyers and judges can thwart the course of justice in Nigeria, No condonation will be tolerated.

Finally, all over the world, the Spirit of Righteousness is making Brazilians, Icelanders, the European immigrants to struggle against their leaders.  We in Nigeria are watching and waiting.  Yes, we are.

Under a sociocratic dispensation in the fullness of time, we shall overcome sooner than later.  Change in Nigeria shall be permanent.

NLC and TUC consist of societal organizations of relevance.  In some states like Great Britain, Germany, Holland and East Germany, their political organizations have formed governments that did very well.

What we can say about Nigeria and we have evidence for this is that since Trade Unionists were not with it, they only acted as rabble rouses of workers each time things do not go well.

To be credible, they should associate with public intellectuals, ASUU, NANS and other such bodies.

They should be able to articulate policies for government instead of harassing Heads of States and Presidents with “warning strikes” and ill-advised strikes that causes confusion to the malaise.

Loudness of the threat often occasioned “settlement” and eyes for high office.

The NLC and TUC should organize a National Economic Conference in collaboration with BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, Abuja, every Saturday until good and rational suggestions can be performed.


  1. Every government document must be signed by three officers and filed at the Presidential Library.
  2. All ministers must publish their end of the year accounts before receiving new allocation.
  3. Every Federal and State contract must be published in newspapers.
  4. Any case that is adjourned three times must be sent to the Supreme Court with explanation for the delay.
  5. A Law Review Panel of retired Judges and Professors should be set up.
  6. All prisoners must be fed by their relatives
  7. All office holders must file quarterly reports of achievement or the lack of it.
  8. Whistle blowers must be protected and rewarded.
  9. All National Honours must be invalidated if it is held by a felon or politician, found guilty of fraud.
  10. Restrict fake awards
  11. Document PDP misrule for posterity.


The political cauldron that has engulfed Nigeria is the result of the deceit by “dealers”, posing as “leaders”.  Political pretenders, loud speakers, who show off as if they have all the answers are many.

They are received in CLOSED DOORS and then are tireless in allowing themselves to be used by their foreign mentors and masters.  The citadels of evil leaders have crumbled.  They are now in hiding.  No more showing off.  No more pretense.  No more passing off.

From their monumental failures we learn that “wanting”, “wishing” or “clamoring” to be a governor, leader, senator, minister must be anchored on sound theoretical and practical knowledge, versatility and all-round ability.

Electioneering slogans, promises to hold the lion’s tail will all peter out leaving the leader to flights, to far-away-places, the red carpet, smiles, handshakes, long speeches and the estacode.

The problems mount as no action is taken by learned and knowledgeable men and women in the land.

Sociocracy, not monocracy, one-man’s subjective preference can salvage the decay of governance leading to frustration and social dislocation.

A nation is wielded together by unity, solidarity and internationalism.

The national political parties in Nigeria after receiving political appointments ignore the cogency of governance.  Some parties are not interested in the people but the promotion of party stalwarts.  There is no role for young political cadres.  So, when the political elite is removed in elections, the party collapses.

The parties do not forge alliances with the people it claims to govern.  The press depends on bribes and hand-out and does not speak for the people.

The State are complaining that they could not pay their workers, when the workers begin to demonstrate, the usual action is to set the law enforcement agents against them.  This does not however solve the problem.  It begs the issues.

Constitute tactical committees to handle issues concerning Nigeria.  One man does not have all the answers.  Voluntarism leads to error.

It is time to limit handshakes, protocol, endless meetings with favour seekers and fortune-seekers.  We must broaden the base of democratic governance.

Nothing gladdens the heart of a Nigerian, I guess any human being, than being appointed to a high office.  In the special case of the unqualified Nigerian, he begins to assume airs, pontificating inanities of inconsequential import of relying on commissioned speeches, he beings to act like a guru.  Sooner than later, he reduces the high office to a vanity show, receiving agbada wearing political associating on “courtesy visits”, during which time, old remembrances serve as hortatory pladoyers.

Broad smiles that expose nicotine stained teeth show, coated with years of chewing cola-nuts.

The culture of arrant bigmanism, “do you not know who I am” has been the mundane behavior of those who occupy high office in Nigeria.  The painful thing is that they do not perform and there is nothing the adoring and munificent citizens can do about non-performance.  They suffer in silence.


I challenge the so-called torchbearers to a symposium on the 2016 budget, petrol scarcity, unemployment, improving the level of university education standards, immediate disclosure of who stole what and how much.

They must assemble at NICON Plaza with rolled-up sleeves, no agbada, no suits and no caps.  The will swear to answer seminar questions prepared by real Nigerian patriots, who want the nation to really make progress.  This seminar will take place every Saturday from 7a.m. to 7p.m., till we turn the country around.

What conscience do leaders nurture when they see long queues of their fellow citizens roasting in the hot tropical sun waiting for hours, leaving their offices in order to buy petrol?

What conscience adorns the leaders who see graduates roaming the streets without jobs?

What conscience that is not prickled by pretended religionist preaching, seeing newspapers reporting kidnaps, killings, robberies, scams, on-shore and off-shore improprieties.

What thick skin inheritance is not under the power of shame when our country is regarded as a state where criminality is not association with pangs of conscience?

What state in the world approves dishonesty?  How long does it take to jail proven criminals in high office?  What condonation practices are awash in the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

The situation is yet to abate and is getting worse without any hope of redemption.  Is the fulfilled ambition to sit in judgment synonymous with visible performance?

Nigerians do not speak out when the going is insufferable but they wait to complain over failed state syndromes.

But there is always another season, another day of reckoning.  The 2016 budget when thoroughly scrutinized falls short of the indices evinced in a budget of restoration and of forward march.  There is pain and there is hardship.

To play the ostrich game is to display the insensitivity that pushes people to regret too much patience.  There is suffering in the land.  There is hardship, social dislocation, hunger and the tipping point is at midnight every night. The Messiah Reign is very near. 


At various periods in the history of Nigeria, military officers wantonly overthrew constitutionally erected government.

The governance was characterized by graft. Booty-mentality, siege mentality and murderous es-spirit the corp condonations.

The relay race of military administrations metamorphosed into ex-military generals using the pseudo-democratic process to come to power.

Because government in Nigeria was  the most lucrative industry, we saw, uneducated urchins rise from grass to grace and now from grace to grass.

The helpless bloody citizens, looked helplessly on as motor park touts, trade union agitators and men with the wrong qualifications sit in the highest councils of the land.

No societal ideology for rulership has been articulated.  We see protocol, handshakes, smiles and nocturnal visits by favour and fortune-seekers.

We look on helplessly lest we be accused of “sabotage”.  When the truth of the matter dawns on the nation, lamentations will be awash but it will be too late.

“Chineke nki igwe

Onye dika gi

Alpha na Omega

Onye dika ngi

Isi Iyi na enye ndu

Onye dika ngi

Malite na Ogwugwu

Onye dika ngi”.

I just came back from Holy Family College, Abak, where I studied between 1955 – 1959.  As I passed the whispering pines, remembered the song –

“Edido edo emeyere mmoung

Emenyere ikoko, emenyere

mmuong. Ikwuo Asuque ete

ku maa owo fen”.


Come and see o!

Come and seeeeee…….

Come and seeeeee…….o!

Come and see what politicians have done

Come and see what PDP did to us from 1999 – 2014.

It is all beyond pardon!

AZATA/NEPU party of Nigeria declares solidarity with the suffering masses of Nigeria in demanding a sociocratic system modulation in Nigeria that will adopt a socio-cratic form of rulership for social justice, free enterprise, social engineering and effective governance regulation of state matters.  Voluntarism, monocracy, doctrinaire tendentious musings will soon precipitate a national crisis.


After the Jonathan government embezzled the nation’s funds, the bankrupt administration with a swarming hive of corrupt government and party officials went to borrow 1 billion dollars from China.

I would not know if it paid back before the shameful exit of the troubadours.

Buhari met an empty vault and so was constrained to go-a-borrowing from China.

Both states got their independence in 1960.  China has more than a billion citizens.  We have 170 million.

In China, they feed themselves well and the remnant is used as animal feed.  Chinese manufacture in Nanjin from pin to airplanes. We manufacture very little. We assemble at best.

Nigerian politicians steal national wealth with impunity and dare anyone jail them.  In China people like Bo Ji Lai are tried and jailed.

The Chinese have no petrol troubles filling their tanks.  We queue for hours/days waiting to buy petrol and kerosene.

The Chinese sociocratic system is aimed at catering for the people not for party stalwarts, the corrupt elite, the uneducated leaders that ran criminal organizations euphemistically called political parties.

I was in Beijing, when the Jonathan swarming hive of favour and fortune – seekers stormed the Chinese capital.  They walked around with wondering eyes and hanging lips, marveling at Chinese wonders.

“….. It can be done, I told a minister.  It can be done! Only put the right men and women in the right positions and not elevate political rogues to posts they do not deserve as a result of character or poor education”.

In China, you just do not become a President, a Governor, Minister or Director over-night.

When I was teaching International Law at the Shandong University of Science and Technology, four of my Chinese students came in late to class one day.  They explained that they went to write a two-hour examination and interview to join the Junior Cadre of the Chinese, Communist Party.  There are eight other non-Communist parties.

After they obtain their degree, which is a must, they would proceed to the Junior and then the Senior Party schools.  After which you can head an institution.  You then climb slowly and by dint of hard-work, efficiency you climb the rope on your way to become Director, Minister, Governor and President.

Shi Zing Ping has a Science degree and a Doctorate degree in Law.  He needs no coup, awards, tribal maneuvers, stealing state wealth to get to the top.  Hu Jeng Tau, and Prime Minister were scientists.

The sociocratic state can only thrive on high intellect, no “agbada wearing”, “Federal Character” products that sleep on their job.  “Owambe conscious, party-loving iconoclasts; lazy thinkers and tribalists”.

In 1998, I wrote articles in the Guardian, when the Editorial Consultants were hard-boiled professionals entitled, “China: The Giant of the 21st Century”.

The once ridiculed people have become the financial lender to America, Nigeria and other nations.

It can be done!  It can be done!! It can be done!!! Implant sociocratic ideals in the people and run an enlightened government.  Educate the people; tighten security so that “Yesterday men and women do not come back”. Third force, a political party based on high ideals, honesty, progressive – mindedness not reactionary mindedness.  This will soon be.  No-one owes anyone high political office, with low performance rating.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai