About us

iNigerian.com emerged from NigeriansinAmerica.com.

The NigeriansinAmerica.com domain name was registered by us in 1999. One of the earliest Nigeria-themed websites on the Internet, it was meant to become a directory of Nigerians resident in the United States. Plans changed, however, and in 2000, NiA began to publish articles espousing the Nigerian worldview and experience in America. As time passed, NiA gave birth to Naijarules.com (2003) and Africanwriter.com (2004).

We’re two years shy of an uninterrupted two decades on the web, and the NigeriansinAmerica.com domain is no longer encompassing of our vision that has now transcended telling the stories of a niche segment of Nigeria abroad. And just like the drummer who transforms the beat with the flick of his wrist, we undergo a name change today to iNigerian.com.

iNigerian.com is the larger picture. Welcome to the future.

– Editor
June 20, 2017