Virginia Monologues…On Niger Delta

“Let us talk”

No. Why should we?

Because it is the right thing to do. When people don’t talk, they fight.

So? Well, then go ahead and fight and see if you will not be killed.

Well, why should I not fight, if you don’t want to talk?

I want to talk; I just don’t want to talk about what you want to talk about.

Like what?

Restructuring. Resource control. Derivation principle. Electoral Reforms. Federalism. Bla bla bla?

What is wrong with you elites? What then do you want to talk about?

What is wrong with you poor people? Why can’t you let us be? This country has worked, and is working well. Let us talk about tenure elongation. Furniture allowance, etc. This Niger Delta militancy is just what it has not been called: criminality!

Criminal? Who is the criminal? The government that plundered, killed and abetted environmental destruction? The companies that abused the land and destroyed the environment? The leaders that sold out for a pot of porridge? Or the guys just holding on to the last strings of survival?

The last my friend. If these militants are serious, they will bother more about their leaders who have been getting thirteen percent of the oil funds for the past nine years.

Really? And they should not ask about the 87% that flows to the rest of the country, or the 55% looted at the center?

Yes. What is their business? Moreover, the oil did not come from the Niger Delta. It flowed from the North, and the cocoa and oil palm money from the West was used to develop the oil infrastructure.

So are you saying the forty five years of looting the oil is not more than paid for your upfront cocoa money investments?

Ha! See this Nigerian. What do you know about financial forecasts? In any case, the biggest thieves are their governors.

Really? Last I checked, Abuja hardly has anything that worked. Power, Energy Fuel, Refineries, Police, Immigration, Federal Roads, diplomacy, airports, railroads, FRSC, even the military is in shambles. How do one justify the 55% that goes to the center?

Well, the boys need to be fed. We have to justify the size of the center. The center has kept us as one nation, and for that we need to pay tribute.

Tribute for poverty? My friend you need your brain checked.

No, you need your brain checked. You this militant supporting, crime instigating and kidnapper lover. I hope the new Nigeria of big billionaires like Dangote and Otedola get rid of the likes of you. You suffer from poor man mentality.

Na wa for big man.

Of course. It is the principle of survival of the fittest. If you can’t survive, you die! The Niger Delta militants will die!

Let us see. Who is dying?

The Militants

Who is offering Amnesty?

The President in his fervent mercy

Whose refinery can’t get oil?

It is because we don’t want it.

Whose revenue is down forty percent?

It is because we don’t want a civil war? Moreover we are offering Amnesty

Who is afraid of war? Shouldn’t the militants be the one pleading for Amnesty? Quite ridiculous. Nigerians should be writing the terms of the Amnesty of the criminals in Abuja not the other way round. You people are a joke!

Man, Power to the People!

That is what George Mason said…

Where and when?

In Virginia’s declaration of rights; not your kind of PDP Power though.

“Those of us, who are committed to the genuine struggle for resource control, greater participation of our people in the oil industry, will never accept any form of amnesty from the Federal Republic of Nigeria. What we want is a Sovereign National Conference, a level-playing field. The fundamental issue to the “Ijaw nation in contemporary Nigeria is all about our sovereignty and nationhood,” …Well Said

Written by
Michael Oluwagbemi II
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