Who or What Truly is God?

by Sadiq Chuks Orji

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself:

How did all living things start to be here on this earth?

Of what exact origin is the heavens and the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars?

Did humans and every earthling thing get here suddenly, by creation, or by evolution?

Why do we even have parents, grand-parents, and great-grand-parents?

Why do we humans die?

And by the way, who truly is “ god ”?

What is the exact meaning of “ godhood ”? …….


Let us, for some moments pause and ponder and reflect!

For, the most accurate answers to these kind of questions does not exist in the labs and books of modern sciences and technologies?

Again, in both the past and in the present histories of
the human race, there are different types of “ god ”.
one of the earliest muslim leaders; umar bin khatab
[ r.a.], in his own time, reportedly pondered and
started laughing.

For before he accepted islam, he was of the people
that uses date fruits to mould and worship images
that they regard as “ god ”.

And what made him to laugh was not just his
remembrance of their then extents of ignorance. He
laughed, particularly because of his remembrance of
how they used to eat-up the images of those ‘ gods ’
in times hunger.

In this modern age, a believing mother once tried her utmost bests to demonstrate god’s existence to her inquisitive junior school son. What this believing mum did was to form a tricky habit of keeping some sweets [ candies ] and chocolates gifts at a particular spot in their home.

She then showed the spot to her son, re-assured him that those gifts are from god, and that they will, everyday be there for him to thank god and eat as soon as he returns back from school.

For many days, as this young boy never failed to meet the gifts at its spot, he quickly believed that there is god.

But, one unfortunate day, this mum went shopping and was caught-up for some hours on a traffic hold-up.

So, before she hurried home to put the gifts at its spot, her young school boy was already there; crying:

“Mum! Mum!! Where is god ? ”… Now, mum where is god ? ” !!!.

Well, this is just a very short story. But, i wonder what your own opinion and stand-point may likely be. For me, the young boy is right. The poor believing mum is wrong.

Not because she tried her utmost bests to provide answers to her son’s questions as who or what truly is god? But, because the proof, the example, or method that this mum used is wrong.

See !

Little children of these days are very sensitive. Whatever that they may discover tomorrow to be untrue, need not be said or used or even given to them.

Why not mum point to the sun, or to the moon, or to the stars as clear proofs to this young boy?

Did we not, at least read in the holy scripture that god created the heavens and the earth in truth? In this truth do believers have every clear proofs of god’s existence. – holy qur’an chpt. 29 verse 44.

Anyhow; that is by the way. But, if your quest really is to find out the most honest answers as to who or what god really is and what exactly is true godhood; then read on!

Who or what god truly is


Every house has builder. Every ride, and every sophisticated machine or product has maker.

On the other hand, every human and every living thing that exists today, did originate from the ones that existed before them.

The ones that existed before those ones, originated from those that existed yesteryears.

And the ones of yesteryears were of origin; or say were a carbon-copy of the ones that existed before them; and vice-versa.

Here, an outstanding fact in point is that:

“Every non-living thing and every living being, is of a particular beginning or origin “.

That is to say that:

“Everything and every creature has a beginning “.

And no matter what thing that has a beginning is, and or might become, it ” must ” one day taste an inevitable end . In other words:

“No matter how beautiful or expensive a cloth may be, it must, one day become a rag “.

Anyhow, if given a thorough determinism, you can easily discover that of everything that has a beginning and an end, there is – and must be an absolute single being who is, who was; and who must be beginless [ un-started ]; and in fact endless.

It is from, and to this particular unique being that lies the overall beginning, origination, subordination, and dependence of everything, everyone.

Are you with me?


That very ever-existing one that is an un-started and an endless being, is for sure the true god almighty.

Consider how the sun rises from the east and sets in the west.

Consider how night turns into day and how day turns into night.

Consider the stages of developments of embryos in their mothers’ wombs.

Consider how and why we humans live and eat and die.

Consider even the little tiny seeds that you plant and water in the farms.

Are you the one that makes them to grow?

All these, and many more are some of the clearest
proofs of god’s majestic existence.

In simple terms, true god is:
• That super-natural being who is; who was, and ever shall be. Is the un-started, the ever-existing and the endless. Is the first and the last; the outward and the inward. – see holy qur’an chpt. 57 verse 3 and 4, as well as bible book of revelation chpt. 1 verse 8.

• That absolute and indivisible unique being that is one and only. Has no mother, no father, no child, no partner, no co-equals, no relations, and no comparables. – holy qur’an chpt. 112 verses 1 – 4 and bible book of isaiah chpt. 44 verse 8.

• The creator, the originator and the day-to-day controller of the heavens and the earth and everyone, everything. – holy qur’an chpt. 55 verse 29; chpt. 51 verses 56 to 58, as well as bible book of psalms chpt.90 verse 1 to 6.

• The sovereign of all sovereigns. The giver of livelihood. Who feeds all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, and is never fed. – holy qur’an chpt. 3 verses 26,27; chpt. 35 verse 10; chpt. 51 verse 57 and chpt.6 verse 14.

• That very being to whom all that is in the heavens and the earth entreats and subordinates and resorts to. – holy qur’an chpt. 59 verse 29 and chpt. 112 verse 2.

• “ doer of whatever he wills ”. – holy qur’an chpt. 85 verse 16.

• “ lord of all the worlds [ universe ] ”. – holy qur’an chpt. 26 verses 23,24,26, and verse 28, as well as chpt. 43 verse 84.

• The physically invisible. – see holy qur’an chpt. 6 verse 103 as well as chpt. 7 verse 143.

• the only un-started living being that can never ever die. – holy qur’an chpt. 25 verse 58.

• The perfect; the sleepless, the all-knowing, the omnipotent, the omniscient; the almighty. – holy qur’an chpt. 6 verse 59; chpt. 58 verse 7, and chpt. 2 verse 255, etc, etc. …

What godhood truly means

true godhood is a super-human state or existence.
that, in other words, is to say that the state of true
godhood is such that is un-started.
it has no beginning, and it is endless.
it is one and only.
it is agele

ss and changeless.
it is all-dependent, almighty and all-knowing.
it is perfect and dependless on nothing and on no
it is, in fact a subordinate to nothing and to no one.
in the language of arabic and al-qur’an, the word:
“ allah ” refers directly and specifically to this very
one and only true god almighty.
but, no matter what god is named in any particular
human language; the point in question here is not
what the exact name of god is; or whether the state
of godhood is masculine or feminine.
just know that all the very bests of exalted names
belongs only to god almighty. – holy qur’an chpt.
59 verse 24 .

So, no matter what name that refers to god in any
particular human language, the true godhood is that
very one and only existence that is without father,
without mother, without children, without partner,
without family, and without co-equals.

In short, godhood is that very unique and an
in-comparable state of existence or being that
created and controls the heavens, the earth, and
everyone, everything; – and who is neither physically
visible nor do sleep nor do fail nor eat
nor die.

May you have a very great and happy day; and may you forever and ever be blessed !!!

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