10 Ways To Get The Most Blessings

by Sadiq Chuks Orji


God almighty clearly commanded in the holy scripture, saying:

“Call [ people ] to the way of your lord with wisdom and fair exhortation, and reason with them in a way that is best; …”.

And, commenting further on the same topic, god almighty still has it, saying :

“Remind! For reminding profits believers, … and when a community among them ask: why should you preach [ remind ]…? They answer: in order to be free from guilt before your lord; and that haply they [ the people ] may ward-off [ evils ] “. – holy chpt. 51 verse 55 and chpt. 7 verse 164.

In one of his teachings, prophet muhammad [ s. A. W ], did summarize it, saying:

“The mother of all acts of worship is to call people to god’s path ”.

8. Oppress none, kill none

Any form of persecution or oppression of honest-minded believing servants of god is a very grievous wrong.

As holy scripture clearly stated:

“They [ the believing god’s servants ] have nothing against them [ the oppressors ] except that they believed in allah [ god ]; … [ and ] look! They who persecutes believing men and believing women and do not repent, theirs will surely be punishment of hell and theirs the punishment of burning “. – holy qur’an chpt. 85 verses 8 and 10.

Another very grievous wrong that greatly erodes the most devine blessings and favors is to kill.

Remember that we humans, on this very earth are god’s viceroy. But, with all sorts of killings and wars and blood sheds, the actual honor and dignity of humans remains ever reduced, even to the very lowest of the low.

Anyhow, right from the time of god’s creation of this earth, even the angels did ask god, saying:

“Are you going to place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood ? …”. – holy qur’an chpt. 2 verse 30.

Commenting further, god almighty still directed in the holy scripture, saying:

“Do not slay your children, fearing a fall to poverty. We shall provide for them and for you. Look! The slaying of them is a great sin “. –holy qur’an chpt. 17 verse 31.

9. Remember god

glorious qur’an chapter 13 verse 28 and chapter 57 verses 19 and 20 clearly has it; saying:

“Surely, in remembrance of allah [ god almighty ] do hearts find rest; … and, be you not as those that forgot allah, and he left them to forget their souls. Such are the evil-doers. [ for, ] not equal are the owners of the fire and the owners of the garden. The owners of the garden, they are the victorious “.

Well, in this material earthling life, no matter who we are or what we do, the foremost and most important is remembrance of god. Please, see holy qur’an chapter 29 verse 45.

In short, without god’s remembrance, there is no other means for any living earthling human being to enjoy any taste of real inner peace, contentment, happiness or thankfulness.

Without remembrance of god, no earthling human ever can even really weed his or herself of worries and material attachments.

Christ jesus [ a. S ] did, in his own time, teach this kind of a great lesson using the birds of the air.

For birds of the air do not farm.
They do not reap.
They do not even have barns.
Yet, god almighty feeds them.
Do you not worth more than they?
Which of you could, by worrying add a single cubit to his/her stature?…
For more details, please go to bible book of matthew chapter 6 verses 25 to 34.

Again, in one of the teachings of prophet muhammad [ s.a.w ] he has it; saying:

“Whoever forgoes the things of this world for the sake of god, will have abundance in the hereafter. But, whoever forgoes god for the sake of the things of this world, will never be satisfied. And, in the hereafter, he or she will be of the losers ”.

In another very great teaching, prophet muhammad [ s.a.w ] and holy qur’an chapter 18 verse 104 did have it, saying:

“The greatest losers in the life of this world are not people that lack wealth or properties. But, those who are lost in material pursuits, and have no portion in maintenance of pure faith or iman ” … “ those whose efforts goes astray in the life of this world. Yet, they reckon that they are doing good works ”.

10. Enter the noble gate

God almighty clearly has it in the scripture, saying:

“If you avoid the great [ things ] which you are forbidden, we will remit from you your evil deeds and make you enter a noble gate “. – holy qur’an chpt. 4 verse 31.

Well, of all the things that god forbids, the first and the foremost is that one should not have and; or worship something or someone along with or, in place of god. – holy qur’an chpt. 41 verse 37 and bible book of mark chpt. 12 verse 28.

As holy scripture did say:

“The likeness of those who choose other patrons beside allah [ god almighty ], is as the likeness of the spider, when she takes for herself a house.

But look! The frailest of all houses is the spider’s house; … o mankind! … those whom you call beside allah will never create a fly, …and, if a fly takes something from them, they cannot rescue it from it. So weak are [ both ] the seeker and the sought; … do not set up with allah any other god, lest you will be cast into hell reproved, abandoned;… he/she who cries unto any other god along with allah has no proof thereof; … and whoso ascribes partners to allah, it is as if he/she has fallen from the sky, and the birds has snatched him/her; or [ as if ] the wind has blown him/her to a far off place; … if you ascribe partners to allah, your work will fail and you, in deed will be among the losers; … look! Whoever ascribes partners to allah, for him/her allah has forbidden paradise “. – holy qur’an chpt. 29 verse 41; chpt. 22 verse 73; chpt. 17 verse 39 [ 22 ]; chpt. 23 verse 91,117; chpt, 23 verse 31; chpt, 39 verse 65; and chpt. 5 verse 72 [ chpt. 4 verses 48, 116 ].

In a nutshell; the utmost and the overall key to getting the most devine blessings and favors in the kingdom of god, is to do good and to sincerely worship the one and only ever-living true god almighty.

Glorious qur’an chapter 18 verse 110 did summarize it in these lines, saying:

“…Whoever hopes for the meeting with his/her lord, let him or her do righteous works, and make none sharer of the worship that is due to his or her lord ”.

May you have a very great and happy day, and stay blessed !!!

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