18 More States?

By some ingenious or better disingenuous thinking, the Confab delegates, without deep thinking about the disastrous consequences of the cannibalization of Nigeria into 18 more federating states, are reported to have come to that imponderable decision. The consequences of their fleeting resolution that Nigeria be further cannibalized may suit conditioned thinking but does not impress those, who have looked at the feasibility this drunken proposal for the dissolution of the Nigerian state or a call for confederation, especially how it will inflict on future generations of Nigerians.

This may be a strategy for the peaceful dissolution of the Nigerian state.
As of now, the Federal Republic is perching on borrowed funds, oil over-exploitation of Bayelsa and River states and minimal foreign-sponsored manufacturing of products.
Where will the funds to establish 18 more states come from? Rivers and Bayelsa states are gradually becoming inhabitable as a result of ecological consequences associated with over-exploitation of crude oil.

I once bought fish in Portharcourt, with distended stomach, filled with crude oil. My friend, Green Douglas, who had a thriving farm of cassava, yams and other agricultural products, now queues up to be given contracts to clear weeds!

All the Confab decisions must be subjected to a national referendum because some of their thinking does not reflect soundness and commonsense.
How can an assembled, fairly educated men and women suggest, for Christ sake, that there should be no presidential debate? How will the people frame the basis for their choice of one, who will rule them?

This singular act shows thinking Nigerians, the destiny of Nigeria as it is being shaped by the Confab The American presidential system places much emphasis on presidential debates, as it affords the voters the opportunity to assess the various candidates before deciding on who to vote for.
Nigerian democracy is being subverted by a group of marginally thinking men and women, who are not ashamed to canvass such outrageous proposal.
MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, my friend , buys any dead souls and they are many in most nations.

Exceptionally gifted Nigerians have systematically been excluded from government because a nation is manipulable, when those, who do not have what it takes are in control.
The suggestion by the Confab that there will be no presidential debate may cause apathy among

The elections in Ekiti state, where one of the candidates had only 203 thousand votes demonstrates the awareness of thinking Ekiti people.
What is all this Fayemi and Fayose noisebout a? Who really cares about party politics laced with unfulfilled promises, prophetic musings of Nigerian nirvana, failed policies, which have kindled a sense of hopelessness.

When one transmits THE HADITH- the Apostolic traditions to Nigerian politics, it is easy to see, why we fail. We must initiate the Prophets deeds with learning. Leaving of the teachings of the Prophet, (SAW) and poorly implimenting the virtues in the Bible, leads nations to disasters.

When you know that something is wrong, but as a result of subterranean inducement or covert influence you put your foot in your mouth, you have degraded your soul.
The National Assembly seems to be usurping the judicial functions of Nigerian Courts in flagrant violation of the principles of separation of powers.
Recently, they summoned the Petroleum Minister, Mrs Allision-Madueke to appear before them, while a suit on the same matter is pending in a Nigerian court. This violates the principle of litispendence.

A National Assembly that does not know its legal limitations is subject to occassional degradation. In our cursory watch over the work of the National Assembly, I think that they need seasoned legal advisers. Their occasional diversion into little things, tends to cast doubt over the quality of legal thought guiding that institution.

The 18 state proposal is a hollow proposal, “full of sound and fury signifying nothing.” The manipulators of the Confab and trying hard to derail Nigeria but God will overturn, overturn and overturn.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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