2007 is Finally Gone…

by Austin 'Dwiggs' Mackenzie

The year 2007 was to say the least a very eventful one up until it finally closed its curtains; it was the year where words like equality, fairness and brotherly love (I must add ‘or sisterly love’ for political correctness) became just that, mere words. 2007 for me was ever so politicized. The year witnessed the bloodiest body count in Iraq; civilian and military. 2007 was the year where the United States model of democracy showed itself a failure. The year had its highs too; Global warming finally became a global issue, the moribund UN Security Council began to address the lawless security situation in the Dafur region and number of new AIDS infections declined, a first in history.

The most poignant reminder of 2007 when it is reflected on years from now will be the avoidable wanton waste of life. Kidnappings and murder in the Niger Delta, people starving to death in refugee camps, suicide bombers wrecking havoc, mentally challenged folk on shooting sprees and political leaders resorting to ‘bully’ diplomacy. The cold-blooded murder of Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi, Pakistan seemed to highlight this fact. The foreign policy of the US was a complete disaster for the world. It is now more obvious that the world needs better leadership.

The world failed to stop world hunger, one of the most avoidable consequences of our collective greed. While the world’s seemingly stone-deaf G8 leaders were preaching Globalization, many folks in Africa, Central America, Asia slipped further into poverty. Yet while the world watched, many more children were trafficked on their way to becoming sex-slaves and sweatshop workers. While we all complained about a credit crunch, declining value of our investments, our expanding waistlines, expensive gas and a shorter Christmas shopping list, a majority of the world still don’t have clean water, electricity, classroom and medicine. All these while we watched.

I fail to see why I should bother reflecting on the year just gone past. It was by far a most inhumane year. 2007 was a shameful year for being ‘my neighbors keeper’; instead we took from those who had little or nothing. We stole hope from Iraqi and Afghan children, watched while rebels widowed the mothers of Sudanese children and tortured their father’s in Guantanamo Bay, while destroying and plunging the carcass of their countries. All these while the world watched.

Hopefully, 2008 will correct all that’s been wrong with 2007. I earnestly look forward to that.

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