2015: Should Ndigbo Also Spit Fire?

Some persons are behaving as if they own Nigeria. They are spitting fire
that Nigeria will combust if the 2015 presidential elections did not go the
way they wanted. They have become self-acclaimed mouthpiece of their
different ethnic regions, who in their entirety do not buy the idea of
these persons.

This brings to fore the position of Ndigbo in the Nigerian political
equation. There were promises and speculations during the 2011 elections
campaign that Igbo would produce president come 2015. But it seems that
those who made that promise and browbeaten Ndigbo to vote are now enjoying
the gearshift of power and they no longer remember that Ndigbo are
Nigerians. What they are saying is that if their son do not contest the
presidential elections in 2015 there would be chaos, while others are
saying that ‘they are born to rule’ thus, power should return to their
region. But the Igbo have been very resolute and peaceable with all the
fuming, as if there was a blood oath that the peace of Nigeria depended on

Ndigbo have not joined the legion that is spitting fire and brimstone
should power be turn away from them. They are looking at the whole thing
from the angle that things are no longer as business as usual but this is
different in the thinking of others.

What is happening in the power tussle in the country is an exposition that
policies that appeal to Nigerians have been extirpated replaced with public
speaking of bloodbath. With all these, how are they sure that they might
get the vote of Ndigbo, since they don’t have respect for Ndigbo. A people
that have respect don’t speech-make what would jeopardize the sensibilities
of other people. Their statement means that if they are not president in
2015, there would be bloodbath. And where do they want Ndigbo to go during
the period of the apocalyptic carnage?

Perhaps, in their thought, they have this notion that the Igbo could be
bribed with money to vote. They did not know that this ‘Igbo love money
propaganda’ has changed among Ndigbo. They are no longer in the disposition
to be used and latter dumped. Is it not terrible that Nigeria is perishing
for lack of knowledge and understanding? If not, how could anybody look
into the eye of the other and make diminishing pronouncement they can never
be intimidated, or else, they conflagrate the country.

The annoying thing is that it was not the Igbo that are drumming for war,
but people who will not be there if their clarion calls should come to
fruition. These loquacious individuals will not be there to fight. Even
when many of them are full of questionable characters, they are not ashamed
to call for war. Their exhibitions are just sectional, which is stupidity
against the superiority of the Constitution, which does not allow people or
groups to take the laws into their hands.

It is very sad that when any political party loses an election in Nigeria
that election automatically is characterized as a rigged one. This does not
imply that there have not been cases of recorded rigged elections in the
country. Instead of these war mongers would start to suggest for the way
forward and start putting policies and programmes together for 2015, they
are calling for blood.

This mentality belongs to the dark days when some goons massacred millions
of Ndigbo in the daylight for no just course and at the same time took up
arms against the Igbo nation that saw to the killing of millions of Ndigbo
across the Nigerian state. All that they were fighting for is the oil money
which those in power are using with reckless abandon to the detriment of
other resourceful means of the economy. They want to fight with their last
drop of blood, not minding that not all are interested in their campaign
for ethnicity.

What this war mongers do not perhaps take into cognizance is the fact that
Nigeria does not at present needs warring men, but those who can fight the
hardheaded phenomenon that is called Corruption in Nigeria. The war mongers
should exclude Ndigbo when the war finally berthed. Ndigbo need justice,
equity and the provision of security, and not war.

Therefore, this rhythm of violence and call for scene of carnage should
stop. It is not helpful to Nigeria and her citizens. Action should not be
taken against Ndigbo because they are quiet. Nobody or group is above the
law, or should see self as one. If there must be bloodbath in 2015, it
should then be between political parties against the other and should not
be about Nigeria and her entire citizens. Not all the citizens are
politicians. Some are not even card carrying members of any political
party. And any party which feels that it cannot win in an election except
it rigs, should desist from such fraudulent act. Ndigbo are tired of
meaningless threats in Nigeria. Should they also spit fire?

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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