2015 UN Paris Conference on Climate Change: Global Tremors in the Era of the Anti-Christ

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

There were things the United Nations Secretary-General did not tell the Paris Conference on Climate Change.

  • He did not tell the Conference that the attitude of our leaders should change to accommodate tolerance, not to dictate to other states how and who should rule them but should respect the 1960 United Nations Resolution on the Right of Nations to self-determination (Syria, Palestine, Eritrea, etc).
  • He did not tell them that nuclear, atomic, bacteriological warfare, dropping of bombs on cities, manufacturing of chemical weapons, sending rockets to the atmosphere and into outer space create cosmic tremors that are deposited on earth when rain falls.
  • He did not tell them that terrorism is promoted by the young, watching violent games on the internet, while they smoke heavily and pollute the atmosphere.
Image: (c) Yann Caradec via Flickr

Image: (c) Yann Caradec via Flickr

Shortly before the much advertised Climate Chance Meeting in Paris, France, terrorists unleashed mindless violence on hundreds of French men and women, who were out to enjoy themselves. It was a dastardly operation.

The Turkish military shot down a Russian jet over Syria. There was uncertainty as to where the jet was located all the time of the incident.

The world was awed and shocked when a video showing how a United States police officer shot down a black young man and shot him sixteen times. What manner of venom flowed in the American policeman veins?

An anti-abortionist shot people in a clinic and is in police net in Colorado.

If you ask me, the Paris Conference on Climate Change is unrealistic and it is laced with hypocrisy and deceit.

No one can tell the King of the Universe to reverse his work on climate. It can be argued that nations and human beings have polluted the planet through the testing of nuclear weapons, atomic energy, the constant sending of rockets to outer space, punching holes and inundating the ozone and ozone layers of the atmosphere. Dangerous testing of all sorts of weapons in deserts and out-of-the way regions.

I strongly suggest that there should be a World Conference on the total prohibition of arms manufacture, the arms trade and research into advanced gunnery.

It pained me that while the Paris bloody massacre was going on, arms factories were producing all sorts of the very type of revolvers, AK47 and Kalashnikovs for future use.

The senseless hypocrisy, pretence and indifference to what these guns are being used for is ignored.

The Russian/Turkish imbroglio is very worrisome. Turkey and Russia had a long history of diplomatic relations from the period of the Ottoman Empire. The Soviet Union had friendly relations with Turkey, which Russia under Vladmir Putin extended to economic cooperation, free visa policy, oil supplies, etc.

Russians troop to Istanbul as they did to Constantinople. Now the Russian imposition of economic sanctions, military cooperation and other diplomatic and consular relations hurt the common people because of the hurried eagerness to “defend our territorial integrity”.

It can be observed that a monocratic style of governance, where the leader becomes an all-knowing pontiff is leading the world to unnecessary crisis through unavoidable mistakes. These often have long term or short term consequences. See what happened to Nigeria as a result of untested ideas, lack of accepting the advice of knowledgeable people. The leaders carried on based on limited world-view of the state and the law.

Although Turkey is a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), NATO should be cautious in fanning the embers of the diplomatic conflict. “Little drops” of “tough talk” can result in a conflagration.

The Turkish President, in a long speech, explained his country’s’ action. Russia was not impressed. “Chem chot ni shutit”.

I recall a joke told by our Professor of International Law, when he reviewed Russia/Turkish diplomatic history.

The Russian Ambassador to Constantinople was invited to a diplomatic function by the Turkish Foreign Minister, during the party; the Turkish Minister approached the Russian Ambassador and during their chi-chat asked the Russian Ambassador whether it was true that all Russians were “stupid”. The Russian Ambassador replied that in Russia every stupid man is called a Turk.

That is a long time ago and it was an exaggeration. It only tells us to refrain from denigrating others.

Nigeria–Turkish relations are very good. There is a Turkish School, College, a University and a first class service hospital.

As a result of the many cases of abuse of other people’s human rights, some nations must re-define “free speech”, “freedom” and save their nations from crumbling from within.

To stop calamities worldwide, stop gun manufacturing for terrorist, stop dropping bombs into cities, otherwise our efforts at calamities check will end in the wilderness.

Radicalization is not only caused by fiery muzik speeches but racism, hunger, neglect, high-handedness, social unrest, ethnic inequality, injustice, religious intolerance, denigration of people, availability of guns, discrimination, brutality against the powerless, non-recognition of God as the Supreme Being, the owner of the Universe.


The United Nations should re-focus its attention on arms control, the manufacture and sale of dangerous weapons and the strict regulation of the arms trade, especially nuclear weapons in order to avoid the Fukushima and the Long Island blow-outs.

The United Nations Arms Control treaties have all failed to stop nations that believe in power politics and that war is an instrument of national policy and in global hegemony.

United Nations member-states must adhere to the principle of sovereign equality and the principle that States shall fulfill in good faith the obligations assumed by them in accordance with the Charter.

Anyone who has closely followed international legal development of the United Nations Organizations will observe that in the last twenty years most of these principles have not been meticulously observed.

There have been violations of these legal principles as a result of instability in the world geopolitical order.

It has been very difficult to define international responsibility of the States, as a result, the United Nations has often failed to apply legal consequences where they are international wrongful acts, that violate the purposes and the principles of the United Nations, the Security Council and the General Assembly have in some cases, been enfeebled to take actions with respect to threats to the peace, breaches of the peace and acts of aggression.

It is anomalous that in civilized nations, which send rockets into outer space and bring them back safely have failed to invest in producing aeroplanes that can carry human beings safely without dropping out of the skies every now and then.

Scientific knowledge should be used to promote human safety not in fighting war which take enormous funds out of national budgets very much needed for social well-being of the people.

When is the United Nations Gun Prohibition Conference to begin?

In Psalms 72, entitled the Universality of the Messiah Reign, it is written in verse 5 –

“They shall fear thee as long as the sun and moon endure, throughout all generations”.

And in verse 8, it is written –

“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea and from the river unto the ends of the earth”.

So how can men with puny brains influence climate change?


Image: (c) Yann Caradec via Flickr

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