2023 Poll: Peace is priceless, but peace must come with justice

by Obiaruko Christie Ndukwe

It’s amusing and again annoying what some privileged persons are doing to worsen the image of Nigeria.

It is no longer the “job men” but a group of unrepentant demons who pose as earthly principalities and powers just to finish whatever is remaining as our unity, peace and progress.

How do we reconcile the fact that the BVAS machines approved by law for accreditation of voters as well as the collation and transmission of results from the polling units to the central Server of the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, will have to be reconfigured or reset before the Governorship and State Assembly elections can be held?

Are we such dumb people that Mahmood Yakubu and his bunch of manipulating Commissioners will make us believe that unless that is done, it would be difficult to conduct the next elections?

A machine that failed the integrity and technological test of a major election in Africa’s most populous nation is being recommended for a second election without any apologies to Nigerians.

In the real sense, Mahmood, the INEC Chairman ought to have resigned!

I imagine what the likes of Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe would have done to him. Not even late Sani Abacha would have kept him one more day on that seat.

What is wrong with Africans?

A layman who can operate an Android phone knows that his phone can perform multiple functions without having to wipe off stored data.The BVAS, except if it is outdated or deliberately configured to fail ought to have features that enable it to store information on the Server without having to be reset or reconfigured for another election.

I want to ask if Mahmood and the INEC consultants who forced this analogue machine on the Nigerian masses didn’t contemplate that those who felt shortchanged at the first polls would seek redress in Court.

How much can we as Nigerians take in such falsehood and deception by a nation’s electoral body after gulping billions of Taxpayers’ money to acquire such a technology that is worse than the manual process of accreditation?

This is a case of jumping from frying pan to fire.

The attempt by Mahmood to tamper with electoral materials that would serve as evidence is not only a brazen attack on the sensibilities of over 200 million people but a contemptuous act that should be punished by a  sane Judiciary.

Mahmood and his cohorts should not stretch their luck too far. If they think that those seeking justice from the courts are too gentle to strike, they should not take the New Nigerian people for granted.

Peace is priceless they say, but peace must come with justice! Mahmood just dey play.

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