A Birthday Quite Like No Other!

by SOC Okenwa

December 25th is upon us once again. This annual hugely popular international event commemorating the unique birth of our Lord and Saviour over two thousand years ago calls for joy indeed. Christians worldwide celebrate Christmas in remembrance of the birth of infant Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem. It seeks to remind us all (especially Christians) about His coming and the humble manner of His brief visit to the land of descendants of Adam and Eve, a sinful land where the Devil is said to be supremely in command.

That He was born in a manger sought to convey the message of humility and righteousness. His worldly parents, Joseph the carpenter and Mary the virgin, did not consider it expedient running to a hospital of repute to deliver the Great One since they were not among the rich in the society but that was not the major reason for deciding to have Him among domestic animals. Rather a powerful message of humility was delivered that by His coming certain myths and beliefs were bound to be shattered!

Gracefully He came, saw and conquered the human adversity despite the crucifixion. Jesus the Christ sojourned among men and women in the land of Israel and Palestine. He listened to people of diverse faith, healed diseases, cast out demons, performed incredible miracles, and died on the cross in fulfilment of the prophesy. His divine mission was fulfilled and humanity are better for it.

The very import of Jesus birthday is found in its uniqueness, righteousness and fulfilment of the divine promise: a spoken Word that became flesh! God in His righteousness and infallibility made it clear enough to those who worship Him in truth and love that His spoken Word never returns unfulfilled. With spoken word He created the Heaven and Earth and the other wonders we behold wonderfully.

This year’s Christmas occasion is coming at a time millions of God-loving prayerful Nigerians are going through hell on earth. With scandals and moral corruption permeating the Body of Christ with people like the jailed Emeka Ezeugo (Reverend King) and many other fake or prosperity-preaching pastors exposing the fact that as is written in the Bible not all that call on Him or His holy name mean well or will ever see the Kingdom of God.

With the name of God evil is being made to triumph over good in many parts of the world. In His name crimes are being committed. With His name those caught doing things un-Christian try to plead forgiveness or seek rectitude. In His name people tell lies and deceive the unwary! In His name fraudsters defraud their victims!

In Nigeria where millions profess Him it is a thing to regret that the miracle these believers are waiting and praying for have not yet materialised. Miracles like three square meals a day, good roads, pipe-borne water and security of lives and property. Politicians take delight in parroting that “power comes from God” but when they taste this power God becomes a steppingstone to fortune and fame. Some claim they are born-again in order to corner the public credibility only for the masses to be betrayed nastily. Some of these politicians especially former governors who have tasted the four walls of prison come out to claim encounters with trinity! But give them another opportunity to serve diligently they would do worse!

This yearly feast will, as usual, witness the mass exodus of millions of Nigerians (in the Diaspora and in Nigeria) desirous of hitting home to be with their parents, brothers, sisters and friends in the hinterland. The hinterland especially in the East will witness unprecedented home-coming of compatriots whose communion with nature cannot be over-emphasized. Going home for Xmas/New year celebration could indeed, for many who really know why and those who rarely do, a great voyage.

Deliberately I refuse to be party to the party! I dislike the confusion, alcohol-induced debauchery, conspicuous consumption and obscene flaunting of (mostly ill-gotten) wealth which characterises Christmas of this generation sadly. For me a quiet Yuletide is apt: Sunday service, good jingle bells music (Bonny M and Jim Reeves), good food and drink and a visit to a charity home. And above all sober reflections on the reasons for the season.

As the millions hit the road towards their respective native homes however away from the maddening crowd in a city like Lagos the worsening conditions of the Nigerian federal roads give cause for concern. Though armed robbers seem to have either taken a break or stolen enough we have other avenues through which Nigerians get dispossessed of their properties. Some would unfortunately be forced to sleep on their way home because of the dangerous nature of the death traps called roads. Yet that would not discourage people from travelling out to re-unite with loved ones and make merry.

As we celebrate yet another glorious birthday quite like no other of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth let us remember millions of our compatriots suffering in a rich but poor country with few uncaring rich men. A land of conscienceless billionaires and millionaires where the quest for illicit cash has no limit. A positive thought about them in this great season of charity and giving will go a long way in putting smiles on their wretched faces.

Happy Birthday to you, Emmanuel — the only begotten son of God! Happy birthday Emma, God with us!! God is indeed with us after you paid the supreme excruciating sacrifice at Golgotha. May the spirit behind your birthday make us better mortals, better adherents to your doctrines and commandments. Amen!

Very merry Xmas to everyone — believers and atheists alike! The event has become so universal that it has effortlessly broken religious barriers. As the immaculate conception is remembered and celebrated please spare a thought for the less-privileged.

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bonjeh December 31, 2007 - 2:12 pm

Very subjective, self serving, the article premise is that only xtians are god loving. I am not xtian, would never be, but I believe in god. The language is full of statement that cannot be proven, just another teaching by the white missionary to impose their believe of a white man as the son of god. They taught us to hate our authentic african believe for their, and we believe them. No where in the bible that say 12/25 is anybody’s bday, or that you should celebrate it. Why fooling yourself on statement that you were not told, 12/25 is not a special day, just another day.

dynmma December 26, 2007 - 1:53 pm

Apt and to the point too.Wish that all could keep the reason for the season in mind.

Merry Christmas to you,SOC!


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