A Call on the British Prime Minister

I have chosen to write you as a result of the anarchy that was unleashed by many students who were protesting the planned increase in fees for college and university students in Britain. You were very young when Britannia ruled the waves of the world, capturing sea-routes to faraway places all around the globe, colonizing people, taking and returning large booties back to Britain. These adventurers were welcomed with the good old song, “God save the King or Queen, whichever was more appropriate.

As a result of British intelligence and ingenuity, Britain gave its expressive language to the world. Have you ever marveled at how your ancestors managed to pull off this enviable achievement?
I will tell you. It is because of British education, which turned beasts into men and men into demi-gods.
The Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, London, Durham have trained British, Irish, Indian and Commonwealth citizens.

The various Royal societies, The Royal Society, founded on the restoration of Charles the Second, were directed towards all branches of empirical enquiry. The Royal Society of Arts, which was founded in 1847, was meant to promote scientific and kindred interests.

Many have benefited from excellent British education. I too have. I took my Cambridge School Certificate examinations in 1959 and I had a stint at the Lauterpacht Center for International Law , University of Cambridge in 2007.

The most remarkable story of British ingenuity is that of Sir Henry Royce (1863-1963). He was a British engineer, who studied under Patrick Sterling on the Great Northern Railway. He could not complete his studies as a result of poverty

Honourable C.S Rolls took interest in his car invention. He was a motor agent. As a result of their co-operation, the magnificent Rolls-Royce Company was formed in 1906. The Silver shadow and the Silver Ghost rolled out and later the Fathom Six model graced the State Houses of the Heads of State. I rode, many times in the one owned by the High Chief Orunto of Ifewara, the Asiwaju of Okeigbo, the Lijioka of the Ondos, Chief (Dr Henry Fajemirokun). I was his Consultant. We made money!

But for excellent British education and language, many would have remained alalus homos.The neglect of education in Britain started with Tony Blair’s involvement with the ergregarious blunder warped in a big lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Throwing caution to the winds, ignoring intelligent reports, he inducted Britain into the “Club of the willing”, and ran a war economy in the face of dwindling fortunes.

The British are also in Afghanistan, perching on a reason that defies good British logic.
Mr. Prime Minister, cutting all “cuttables” will not help Britain and its economy. Britain has relations with nations and peoples, who share historical links with it.

When you were young, British cars, textile materials, home appliances and machinery, were household brands in Africa.

Please investigate how and why British goods disappeared from Commonwealth markets. Conservative governments tend to have an imperial attitude towards their former colonies and do not seem to reckon with changed circumstances in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The British Prime Minister should plan an extensive State visits to Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Kenya, in order to engage in meaning international economic relations with these and other African states. The Chinese came to Africa fifty years ago. See how well they are doing!

Leading British universities should site campuses in African states. Education will be a foremost British export. Let all British Education Attaches in African states report on this prospect.
The Lib Dem party has played the chameleon’s game and reneged on its avowed policy on education. The Leader of the Lib Dem Party comes across as a man, whose vaulting ambition must be seen as opportunistic.

To my mind, he seems to have a Cromwellian disposition and a sharp tongue.
The damage occasioned by the students’ demonstrations in British cities, with its attendant Trotskyite, lese Majeste component, was frightening. People are often pushed to revolt by policies they find unacceptable.

Conservatives should begin to internalize that the imperial order has changed and all efforts to govern a modern democracy with antiquated doctrinaire school of philosophy and politics according to the French philosopher, Pierre Paul ROYER-COLLARD, will meet with occasional outbursts.
The Conservative/Lib Dem Government has shown that an alliance of convenience may be a patch-work of inconvenience.

Britain records a high rate of murders. The rubefacient culture raises the issue whether social pressures and poverty are taking their toll on the medulla oblongata of some citizens in Britain.
Changes in behaviour and civility are considered to be controlled by sex hormones. When these become agitated by evil thoughts, the worst often happens.

Ideologically, I wonder how one should interpret the recent Exodus by Western leaders to Communist China.

Is this an acceptance that the communist economic formation, which has seen Chinese rise steadily as an economic power within 60 years is superior?

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, which some writers ascribe to the collapse of communism, I started to observe the dynamics of the Chinese state system. I found that communism did not collapse as an ideology.

As a Professor of Law at Shandong University of Science and Technology,( 2005-2008), I re-read DAS KAPITAL, Kritik der politischen Oekonomie von Karl Marx in its original German text. I came to the conclusion that the Chinese state matched socialist theory with praxis and it was clear that the frequent “assertion, with effervescence of moral indignation” against communist ideology, was based on deliberate distortions or ignorance.

The British Labour Party could not go far enough to implement their avowed policies of social welfarism because of running a war economy from the Falkland war to Iraq and Afghanistan.
The British economy lost its ability to compete effectively , between 1997and 2006. Capitalist production and its system of international trade became ineffective as a result of competition from India, Malaysia and Singapore.

The British press, with its love for scandals and murders, failed to explain why British economy was sliding into crisis.The BBC, as a mouth-piece of British foreign policy, engaged in propaganda against communist states. The CNN reports weird stories about Africa, depriving American business of the evidence about Africa’s development. The seigniorage order cannot return, a new economic philosophy of international trade must be propagated by Britain, in its own interest.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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