A Fresh Beginning With You

A new month has dawned again and hopes for your promises have become refreshed. I look back over the months gone by and I see my inconsistencies and waned passion for your presence. Yet your love and faithfulness didn’t relent towards me one bit.
But I seek a new and unexplored chamber in my heart where you can abide and exercise your ruler ship and enforce your kingdom within me.

I seek for your salvation and a deep hunger for your fullness. I seek your strength to till the soil of my heat where your Word will be implanted. Stir in me an unquenchable hunger for your presence and imbue me with your power to live holy and blameless.

Cause me to hate sin and iniquity. Quench in me the desire to do wrong. Keep me restless and unsettled in the midst of sin. Shield me from the influence of sin, and may it not have dominion over me. Pull my eyes from beholding sin and cause them to loathe iniquity.

Create a pathway which my heart will follow in earnest pursuit of you. For lord you know, without your grace, my life would have been a mess and full of scandals. But your hands have held me for years, and have pulled me out of dire situations where I had compromised because of your unrelenting love for me. Keep me in the centre of your will.

Be my portion and inheritance. Shine your light through me; let your strength be expressed in me; may my life bring you honour. Work on me. Build my capacity to receive downloads from heaven. Give me a new song and a worshipful heart, and a reverential spirit that fears and honors you.

This is my heart’s cry this month!

Written by
Felix-Abrahams Obi
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  • Felix, without the grace, mercy, and help of the Lord, all of our lives would be a mess and full of scandals.

    Very open and truthful about one's own humanity and God's strength to keep one on the right path for his glory.