A New United Nations?

This week, a lot of mental and physical effort was invested in a flurry of diplomatic activities, when the Universal Organisation opened its doors during its 64th Session. With the emergence of a TRI-POLAR world and the active participation of the so-called “rouge states”, each contesting for a position of relevance, a New United Nations seem to be taking shape.

The world society kicked off to a bad start, at the beginning of this century through clench-fisted, nicotine-stained teeth and bayonet diplomacy. As a result, many centrifugal and centripetal forces emerged, forcefully requesting for audience in the Committee of Nations.

They had mastered the problems of military intelligence, international law and diplomacy and can now present their grievances with audible battle-cries. They have put emphasis on the right of all nations to self-determination in order to help minorities free themselves from the iron law of oppression by majorities.

All over the world, major ethnic groups appropriate national resources, corner more favourable national appointments regardless of the existence of better qualified and experienced minority personalities. This often leads to rancor, disaffection and eventually to armed struggle.

Poverty among minorities has increased and Mr. Banki-Moon, the UN Secretary-General noted this in his UN speech.

The Economic reforms, which Boris Yeltsin started upon coming to power, which Putin pushed through, jailing some oligarchs, have brought prosperity to Russia. The planned economic programme by the Chinese Communist Party has proved successful and China is moving progressively with time. India and the Asian tigers are on the move. The ascendancy of Africans in all walks of international life will continue but there has to be a development of mental and cerebral culture, in which the best should govern. “A little learning is a dangerous thing”, said Alexander Pope.

Failure to advance in the fields of science and technology throws Africa into a consumer/debt peonage, since we depend on the intellectual prowess of other races. Modernisation, good living and better life in greater freedom can only become real through national innovative thinking and planning. Wishful thinking is deceitful. Gunning for ministerial appointments and not performing cannot create wealth and prosperity. Visions that turn to illusions within years are unhelpful. Sporadic, fire brigade drives do not last.

The World has become a turning-wheel and we are all at its vortex. The Obama New America has internalized the fact that old ways must be jettisoned, so the US President came to the United Nations this week, armed, not with ballistic missiles, a belligerent mien and equally belligerent prose, but with a flashing meadow smile, a warm hand-shake for other leaders.

Their various responses were enthusiastic and genuine. The sobering assessment from around the globe is that Obama has successfully turned-around American diplomatic rating and the attitudes of other states are becoming more positive ,the remnants of old animosities, notwithstanding.

From my observation and seminar discussions at BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, by knowers, the world is listening to the United States once more, with interest, rapt attention and a willingness to reciprocate.

It is not that President Barack Obama is saying new things. It is the erudition that he brings into matters that wins the aces.

While the film-maker, Michael Moore thinks that ‘capitalism has failed”, President Obama is working to revive the system. Obviously, there are objective factors that tend to resist any gloss put on the system right now. How persistent this trend becomes will detonate in the next three years, if the American economy plays only” south of the border, down Mexico way”

The UN will be affected if the US economy continues to decline. The burden will become unbearable and with a government that does not hide its head in the sand like an ostrich, the US will soon cry out.

New Proposals for a New United Nations.

There should be regionalization of the United Nations into five regions, to wit:
The Central region should be made up of the United States, Canada and Latin America. The Asian region will be made up of China, Japan, Malaya, Singapore, etc.The Oceana will be made up of Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines etc.The African Region, the Arab region and Nordic states bring up the rear.

Geographers may do some editorial work on my broad generalizations.
Deputy Secretaries-Generals will be appointed to man these regions. The regions will be self-financing.

The minute details of these plans are been worked out at BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

The United Nations must continue to adhere to the fundamentals of International Law, the Law of Treaties, and Diplomatic Law, comitias gentium, reciprocity and due diligence in participating in the work of the United Nations Organisation.
During the present session, more constructive engagements have taken place and more positive diplomatic achievements have been recorded.

The most exciting news to come out of this UN session is the historic, unanimous decision on global disarmament.

It is time for the international community to focus more on international banking and financing. Banks, in most states, have establish themselves as institutions and they enjoy a virtual monopoly over the payment systems, grant customers credits, settlement and they take other financial risks.

As of now, there is “not really such a thing as a truly international banking and financing system because banks exist and operate under the laws of the relevant countries, where they carry out their banking and financing business and the laws of various nations do not necessarily coordinate with the laws of other states”, otherwise the BCCI, Murdoch and Stanford financial scams, would have been dictated in good time.

The United Nations ought to concern itself with the activities of private banks and financial institutions operating internationally, and international financial institutions operating internationally having been established by agreements.

The SWIFT and CHIPs systems play major roles in international money transfers. I would like to see efficient control and monitoring oversight by a UN organ that should also tighten the procedures for issuing bonds and the transfer of credit. The developing states have a porous banking system and get ripped off as a result of the collaborative efforts between local and international swindlers.

Nigeria has been a constructive player at the United Nations since 1961. As the most populous state in Africa; it will be anomalous not to hear her voice within the Chambers of the UN Security Council.

Nigeria’s Permanent seat at the United Nations is a matter of universal justice, equity and good conscience. To continue to exclude a major player at the UN since 1961, will remain an evanescent mystic.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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