A Political Dream about a No-Fly Zone

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

In the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of man, the Sons and Daughters of God, “will be strong in spirit, filled with wisdom and the grace of God, the Father.”
They shall dream about coming events in the world, when nations will over-power nations and Nature shall over-awe the strong nations.

The wicked shall face the condemnation, that the light came into the world, yet, men still love darkness and instead, have allowed their nations to be under the influence of Principalities and negative Powers, under satanic promptings.

On March 26, 2011, I watched the London demonstrations on British Government cuts of various expenditure profiles, from education to reduction in military budgets.
A month ago, students demonstrated over increases in university fees, which nearly claimed a Royal life.

In my dream, I saw demonstrators marching peacefully,
carrying British flags praising the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Then, a group of Kddafists infiltrated the rally, chanting NO! to any cuts.

Then I saw Murmar Kaddafi addressing a meeting of some African leaders, members of the International Community (Africa Region).At the meeting was Patrice Lumumba, Samora Marcel, Kwame Nkrumah, Murtala Mohammed, Thomas Sankara, Amilcar Cabral, Col. Nasser of Egypt, Sekou Toure, Augustino Neto, Nelson Mandela, Saddam Hussein, Leon Trotsky, Che Guevara and Chomsky. Winnie Mandela was the Chairlady of the meeting.

After listening to Kaddafi, who told them about slavery, colonialism, imperialism and the need to order a No-fly zone over Britain and his strategy for assisting the British citizens, who will face cuts in many sectors of their lives, moved that a No-fly zone be declared over Britain and that bombing of strategic military installations be started in two days time.

I told Kaddafi that he should tell us precisely how he could bomb the City of London without killing innocent civilians, who are the victims of the British government policies. He replied that the bombs will be instructed not to kill civilians.

I asked him why British forces should be bombed, when they were neither consulted nor did they approve the Cuts policy, which would result in the retrenchment of British army, navy and air force units.

Kaddafi referred me to the hurried eagerness with which the International Community, minus Africa, minus Latin America, minus Asia, with abstentions by Russia, China, Brazil and Germany proceeded to bomb his country.

The Libyan leader said that the whole military might of the imperialist nations descended on his country proclaiming to love the people of Benghazi.

I told him that the London demonstrators were not shot at. He retorted, wait until they turn their attention to Britain’s palaces to effect regime change. Leon Trotsky and Thomas Sankara agreed with Kaddafi.

Kaddafi wondered why the International Community has not attacked Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, and Algeria. Samora Machel told Kaddafi that the oil in Libya has been of interest to the “white people of Europe and America,” for centuries.

Muritala Mohammed told Kaddafi that Euro-American governments never liked strong leaders in the developing nations, like Saddam Hussein, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara and Samora Machel etc..
I asked Kaddafi how he intended to stop the bombing of Tripoli, which Winnie Mandela said was designed to take out Kaddafi. Kaddafi said that his Mujahedeen will continue the fight against imperialism till time indefinite. He also will appeal to Africans, Asians and Latin Americans to condemn the attack by the “Crusaders, who now pretend to love the Africans and Arabs they killed in great numbers in Arabia and in Apartheid South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Congo Brazzaville, Algeria and elsewhere.

Murtala Mohammed recalled the incident in which 21 miners in Enugu, Nigeria, were lined up and shot for demonstrating for an increase in their salaries and how “The Africa has come of Age,” speech got him into trouble with the Big Powers.
Nelson Mandela spoke for over three hours narrating his ordeal in the hands of “White South African Regimes of Terror.”

He challenged the moral precepts that were so violated during colonialism and which are now seemingly being touted because of oil considerations.
Dr Fidel Castro arrived late, apologized and spoke for four hours on the imperialist onslaught on Cuba and other Latin American nations. Che Guevara spoke of his reasons for his revolutionary engagements in the Congo and in Cuba. Fidel Castro paid tributes to him and hugged him.

Hugo Chavez, wearing a pilot’s uniform, told the meeting how his pilot dodged allied forces’ fierce bombardments of Tripoli, which made it difficult for him to see his friend, Murmar Kaddafi. He wondered why Hilary Clinton was hilarious about the UN resolution, but was not as hilarious when George Bush ordered the attack on Iraq, without UN authorization.

I told him that very often, different strokes fit different situations and that bold-faced duplicity is part of the diplomatic game. Also, the “truth” is always on the side of the strongest. These are eternal truths.
Those in the meeting wondered why CNN, the BBC and other Euro-American media did not cover the African Union meeting in Addis Ababa recently. I pointed out that the BBC invited the Chairman of the African Union to HARD TALK on 26th March 2011, in which the interviewer was mainly insisting on extracting a condemnation of Kaddafi.

Kaddafi then suggested that Africa should launch a mega information media, withdraw from the United Nations and strengthen the African Union.

He said that African leaders and their entourage spend billions of dollars every year attending UN Sessions, where their views are given courteous attention only.

As to why the Euro-American media did not report the AU Summit, I told the meeting that the Western media expresses Euro-American positions on international affairs. The media has never hidden its subjective approach to reporting world affairs in a way that reflects their vision of how the world should be governed.

Very often, their ignorance of the core facts and fundamental questions in issue fail the test of objectivity and balanced judgments.

My observation of how Euro-American media function is that they hold the view that what they do not know is not knowledge. This triggers a pathetic arrogance amongst those journalists, who work in CNN, BBC, New York Times and other “revered” opinion moulders of the Western world. “We do not know much about African development, we do not care to know and nobody will teach us, “seems to be the eternal policy of the Western media.

The most laughable pontifications can be gleaned from Fareed Zakaria GPS. This pundit considers it final that only “white” Americans possess the intelligence and panache to appear on his programme. He puts finality into his views on world affairs, which flow from subservience to the imperial order. His position is understandable since he cannot offend those, who rule the “land of brooks, of water, of fountains and springs that flow out of valleys and hills”
Zakaria’s studio sophistry is neatly swashed to break on the gullible.

After all, the Euro-American population consumes information and the ocean keeps them away from verification possibilities.

They are forever tickled by stories of horror, aids, malaria, civil wars and other morbid reportage that psychologically paints the picture of the African, as a miserable personage to be helped and pitied.
This mind-set is strong among Christian churches in America, who use African governments’ failures to ask for millions of dollars for African rehabilitation. They ignore their own homeless people, who die in their thousands in winter.

I criticized the CNN journalist, who reports from Lagos. Christian cuts the image of a journalist, who considers weird stories as

“scoops.” He has not painted the image of the real Nigeria and has failed woefully to tell its true story, either as a result of incompetence or mischief or both. Christine Amanpour did over-step her bounds at CNN.

Until the African Union sets up a mega information organ, misinformation, disinformation and lies, must continue to be the way information about African affairs will be dealt with by the Western media.
Chief Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria said that he got the invitation to the meeting very late and wondered why the Nigerian Nipost has abandoned the lucrative mail business to foreign courier companies. He asked how the Nigerian government can prevent sensitive information about its secrets and the citizens’ private information from getting to the foreign states where these courier companies operate from.

He decried the naivety of African governments, which are now being teleguided by Embassy officials located in various African capitals.

At this stage Kaddafi said that the meeting should approve of the No-fly zone to enable the African Union force to save the British people from the harsh effects of cuts in Britain. He called for regime change.

I objected and told him that he had stayed too long in government, that British democracy is tolerant and flexible, unlike in Libya, where the rule of rule of one-man and force seem prevalent.
The gathering surprisingly approved the enforcement of NO-fly zone over Britain.
I told the gathering that the British M1 9, M16 and British intelligence will be up to the task and that Prince William will postpone his weeding to fight, flying the best war plane in the British air fleet.
Kaddafi vowed that no plane flying over Libya will be safe and that his naval officers have started mining the territorial waters of Libya. He promised to build refineries to process Libyan oil.
Kaddafi said that the people’s march on Washington and in London is to ask their governments why they still engage in wars in foreign countries while their economies are in desperate straits.
A vocal demonstrator asked the US Government to remove the stains of hypocrisy in its policy and pull America out of yet, another money guzzling adventure.

In the same vein, the Chairman of the African Union, Jean Ping, asked his BBC interviewer on HARD TALK, where Western intervention all over the world has ever succeeded.

I complained to the august body that easy-chair talk-show hosts and burnt-out actors, actresses and hip-hop musicians are now preferred for commentary than professors. This has tended to trivialize serious issues that require rigorous analysis by trained intellects. Chomsky and Franz Fanon, who came later, agreed with me.

When Laurent Gbagbo entered the venue of the meeting, Guards threw him out and welcomed Wattara with a resounding ovation. I woke up.

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