A Preliminary Statement On The ICC Indictment on Omar Al Bashir

Some states have regarded the ICC as a dreaded Chamber because their
own leaders too, have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Only people with misplaced conscience or no conscience at all will
gleefully gloat over Omar al Bashir’s wicked actions in Darfur, which
violate every rule of international humanitarian law.

The laws protect the human being and try to safeguard his dignity,
especially from brute force, which is capable of exterminating an ethnic
or religious group by inflicting major injuries on them.

Sudanese army deserters have narrated incredible stories of harsh and
degrading treatment meted out to Darfur non-combatants, especially women
and children.

The Principle of Law of Geneva insists that hors do combat should be
treated humanely. The Sudanese army has consistently violated this
universally recognized principle of humanitarian law. So, their
commanders are answerable under international criminal law and deserve
to be prosecuted at the ICC, at The Hague.

It is a self-serving argument to posit that since Sudan was not a party
to the treaty, it is not bound. This is an 18th century international
legal argument, which was freely canvassed when issues concerning
boundaries, territories, diplomatic treaties were rampant. This argument
fails woefully in the current Sudanese case because we are talking about
a regime that has caused its armed forces to commit war crimes and
crimes against humanity.

The” Pacta tertiis nec nocent nec prossunt sunt” rule in International
Law will not be admissible at the International Criminal Court because
the crimes are weighty, horrendous and are crying before THE TRIUNE GOD
and man for redemption.

This is not the proper forum for marshalling the International legal
arguments and disquisitions on the OMAR AL BASHIR case.
We shall organize a seminar at BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, Abuja,
FCT, in Nigeria on the intricate and confounding issues, in due course.

Suffice it to say that serious crimes against humanity will not yield
to puerile, evasive and outdated postulates, logic and pleadings.
It has been confirmed that Omar al Bashir has ordered both UN and other
humanitarian agencies in Darfur to leave the Sudan. Obviously, this will
cause intolerable sufferings and deaths to the African ethnic group in
Darfur. As a result the International Criminal Court should amend the
indictment/ charges to include genocide.

In Darfur, there is, and there had been a manifest intent to destroy,
in whole or in part, a national, ethnic (Darfur Africans), racial or
religious groups. South Sudanese are Christians.

I will request the ICC to subpoena Dr. Williams, a Southern Sudanese
Christian, who had documented gory episodes of crimes against Southern
Sudanese Christians, long before Dr John Grange started his armed

There is copious evidence, well-documented, of killing members of the
group, causing serious, fatal bodily or mental harm to members of the
group, deliberately inflicting on the group harsh and intolerable
conditions of life that lead to misery and assured deaths or physical
destruction, physically transferring children in harsh conditions
leading to their abandonment or slow death

Genocide in international criminal law includes “conspiracy to commit
genocide, direct and public incitement to commit genocide, as could be
seen in Omar al Bashir’s inflammatory and hortatory speeches on 4th
March, 2009, in an open square, exalting evil. Since there is a war in
the Sudan, Omar al Bashir’s genocide is patently a WAR CRIME. (See
Pietro Verri, Dictionary of the International Law of Armed Conflict,
1992, at page 55.)

Omar al Bashir has not shown any remorse and this will be an
aggravating factor, in his trial. He was dancing in the streets! He
acted out a commedia dell’arte.

This was, psychologically speaking, an owlian reflex that triggered in
him, recidivist and psycho-galvanic impulses, which are insatiable and

As the impact of the gripping indictments begin to transmute his
consciousness, his misery will become plain. It happened to Judas
Iscariot, Emil Han, Slobodan Milosevic, the German war criminals at
Nurnberg, Saddam Hussein and all those murderers, who stayed long on
death row awaiting their executions.

What has been the reaction of the Arab world to Alhaji Omar al Bashir’s
genocidal engagements in Darfur? In Omar al Bashir’s Sudan, under-aged
girls are married out to old men. Is there honour in this or is it not
debauchery? Sudan must discard antiquated beliefs, shocking immoral
practices and embrace modernization.

More fundamentally, the trial of Omar Al Bashir will reveal, in both
its jurisprudence and political drift, the real and true nature of Arab
African states, which did not seem to have cried foul all these years
that Omar Al Bashir has carried on his murderous escapades in the Sudan
and especially in Darfur.

The African Union States should not use spurious proclamations to
confuse the issues in the Omar al Bashir indictment. After that, they
would be free to point accusing fingers elsewhere. It is only then that
they would be morally justified to complain.

All Member States of the United Nations should forthwith suspend or
break diplomatic relations with the Government of the Sudan, as long as
Omar al Bashir is its President. The International Postal Union should
be directed by the UN Security to suspend handling all mail addressed to
the Sudanese Government or sent by the Sudanese Government The
International Civil Aviation Organization should be directed by the UN
Security Council to prohibit ICAO members from accepting Sudanese
Government official passengers.

Governments doing business with the Sudan should put pressure on Omar
al Bashir to surrender himself to the International Criminal Court.

Any Airline, ship, car, horse, donkey or camel carrying President Omar
al Bashir, should be seized.

If all these measures are put in motion, the alleged war criminal and
genocide perpetrator will be severely encumbered.
A group of scholars investigating military intelligence methods of
dealing with highly qualified Sudanese, who speak out against the
Government policies in Darfur, are regularly monitored by praetorian
guards like the ones, who watched over Caligula of Rome.

They are permanently excluded from appointments to committees, panels
and ministerial appointments even though they rank among the most suited
for such posts.

Studies of the same phenomenon in other African states reveal that the
practice is very wide-spread. Directories containing the names and
personal data of such victims of political exclusion are marked “TOP

These secret governmental wars against highly qualified people are
crimes against humanity. It is a cowardly act for a state to undertake
clandestine operations against its intellectually most endowed citizens
for whatever reason. This, is perhaps, why many African states are not
making the desired progress.

In President Eyedema’s Togo, Jean Bokkasa’s Central African Republic,
Idi Amin’s Uganda, Abacha’s Nigeria, in Apartheid South Africa, and
elsewhere on the continent, even today, the studies reveal, the practice
is rampant.

The various Heads of State who ordered such covert actions against
their citizens, all died discredited forever in history, which
documented their ignoble ends and stressed to the aspirants, the
powerlessness of transient power.

It is remarkable that those highly talented intellectuals, who were
side-tracked, have always managed to beat back

their adversities and
have made progress and have shined through, in spite of covert
governmental military intelligence operations against them. The Heads of
Governments that have ordered secret wars against them rapidly go into
political oblivion.

Omar al Bashir, who ordered such covert operations against Darfur’s
political leaders, is going down slowly. The International Community
decided in 2002, to change from docile attitude towards Heads of States
that commit crimes against humanity, to bringing them to justice.

In 46 B.C., Julius Caesar decided on a drastic reform to change the
Roman calendar after seeking advice from Sosigenes of Alexandria. The
effect has impacted on the world ever since.

Obama’s change that has come to America will be far-reaching because it
is being steered by the out- stretched HAND of the TRIUNE GOD.

In this NEW ERA, which I have been writing and talking about, the
Gentiles will be divinely inspired to grow and will be empowered to be
creative and innovative. They cannot be stopped because THE I AM THAT I
AM, THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE will order complete destruction of evil
political leaders, both past and present.

Those who have hurt mankind through historical and contemporary
injustices will be divinely made to ATONE for their crimes in the here
and now, before their second deaths.

The impartiality of the TRIUNE GOD will soon be made manifest and the
ignorance of learned men, kings, prime ministers, presidents will be
laid bare to ridicule for pretending to rule over men and women they did
not create.

Politicians are shifting sands, who hold the sceptre of their master,
fortified by Oath.

The Spirit demanded to know how many rulers of men will ever be able to
count the hairs on their heads or count the sands in all the world’s
beaches. Such a simple numerical exercise!

How many of them are aware of their KARMIC HARVESTS, which is imminent
because they have been a hindrance to the coming of the perfect age,
when all men will be priests and men will not array themselves to
advertise their satanic affiliations and capacity to hurt the Sons and
Daughters of the TRIUNE GOD.

Meng-ste, one of the great Masters of Tibet taught that every age must
choose the best sacred service best suited to the people of the age. The
Aquarian Age is the age of spirit consciousness.

No putrid, Luciferian behavour like Omar Bashir’s crimes against
humanity will be tolerated, nor will governments’ secret, covert wars
against their intellectually endowed citizens; often called “RADICALS”

For me, the quality of a person’s heart and intellect can be gauged by
the abhorrence that person manifests and his reaction to man’s
inhumanity to man, not whether one thinks that he is piggish white,
charcoal black or the desirable Obama BROWN. Who cares?
Hear me it is “Only the Hebrew Master that is the Logos of the Holy
One, the Circle of the Human race, the Seven of TIME.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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