A Preliminary Statement On The ICC Indictment on Omar Al Bashir

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

As AMICUS CURIAE, permit me to present these views as stated hereunder
in connection with the warrant for the arrest of Sudan’s President, Omar
al Bashir for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur, Sudan.

The people of Darfur, having been subjected to extreme cruelties,
brutalities, neglect, prohibitions, deprivations over a long period of
time, had a right to revolt and fight for self-determination, up to and
including independence, in accordance with the 1960 United Nations
Declaration on the Right of Nations to Self-determination.

This Declaration enabled seventeen African nations to receive their
independence from colonial rule. It can be recalled that the
Colonialists visited the same type of treatment; the Government of Sudan
has been subjecting its citizens in Darfur to People, who reject a
Government’s authority over them because it neglects, brutalizes and
commits criminal acts against them aimed at destroying them, are
colonized victims of genocide.

As an independent International Criminal Court of last resort,
credible and verifiable reports have been filed by concerned states, the
spokesmen of the People of Darfur, respected statesmen, journalists,
scholars, Aid organizations and individuals, who have been witnesses of
the critical situation of human sufferings of great magnitude in

Amnesty International and other Human Rights organizations have
consistently highlighted issues concerning the disastrous human rights
and genocidal situations in Darfur. There are reports of beastly
interrogations reminiscent of Guantanamo Bay, Abu Graib, Gestapo dark
Chambers, the Soviet Gulag, the Court of Star Chambers and the Black
Hole of Calcutta, in which 146 Englishmen were confined on June 20, 1756
by the nawab of Bengal, Saraj-ud-Dowlah, now re-incarnated as Omar al
Bashir of Sudan.

The ability by people to look into the Akasha records in order to learn
from past lives has been given to those, who are appointed to take
charge of the Era of the Gentile, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man.

In this Era, all must know “the CHRIST, the only Son begotten by
Almighty GOD, the GOD of Force, GOD omniscient, GOD of thought; and
CHRIST is GOD, the GOD of Love.”
“CHRIST is the LOGOS of Infinities and through the word alone are
Thought and Force made manifest.”

In this NEW ERA, wickedness, pogroms, crimes against the populace,
including financial improprieties by government officials will be
adjudicated by the College of Pontiffs within Transparency
International, national economic and financial crimes agencies and the
International Criminal Court,(ICC).

As a result of fiendish complaints by human rights organizations about
the horrendous events in Darfur, it was proper for the International
Criminal Court to have issued a warrant of arrest containing charges of
war crimes and crimes against humanity against President Omar al

Omar Al Bashir is scheduled to face universal justice at the
International Criminal Court at The Hague, no matter how long it takes
to arraign him. We wish him VIEL GLUCK at the ICC.
Omar al Bashir executed a primitive and tragic coup plan and violated
the trust of his Commander-in-Chief, his states’ military codes by
brutally organizing and staging a coup d’état, through which he took
over the governance of the Sudan by force decades ago.

Ever since his leap to power, Omar al Bashir has remained insecure. He
has sent many Sudanese to their early graves. He has no human feelings
and operates in an atmosphere of frightful bitterness, reminiscent of
the callous days of the Ku Klux Klan and the heartless musings of the
occult brotherhood in Apartheid South Africa.

Omar al Bashir’s orders are total and sweeping, which have made it
possible for him to order the commission of crimes against humanity in
the Sudan, especially in the Southern region of the state.
The military operations in Darfur are manifestly brutal. Sudanese
soldiers place themselves entirely at his orders. Killings amuse Omar al
Bashir like a stage play.

Just like the Gestapo was the political police of the Nazi state, the
Janjawin can arrest, torture, imprison and murder at will in Darfur.
Empowered by their Commander-in-Chief, the Sudanese army in Darfur
always find themselves under the agreeable necessity to commit mass
murder. The galloping horsemen, who raid and rape women and young girls
do so with reckless abandon.

The delightful peculiarities of their dark faces which shine with
artless charm and celestial impress get brutally and contumaciously
violated by Omar al Bashir’s troops during their nightly assaults. Omar
al Bashir must have been dying to play a part himself but could not dare
to acknowledge the desire. He must now of necessity be bound by iron
chains and that is what he richly deserves.

He is a mere shovelling Mullah and knows nothing about honour. There
has never been any Excellency in his creation or character. He is a man
fated to ruin by his folly.

As a Muslim, Omar Bashir must have read in the Koran S.Ra’ad V.31
“Disaster will never cease to strike the Evil-doers.” William
Shakespeare wrote that the evil that men do lives after them. I say that
in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, the
evil that leaders and men do live with them in the here and now.

S. Raid V.41 Unjust governments lose control of the provinces. S.
Ibrahim.42.Let not the unjust think that they can get away with their
iniquities. There is a day of reckoning here and beyond. S.Maryam
V.83.The ever-gathering moment of evil as it rushes to its eventual is
with satan’s help.

Because Omar AL Bashir failed to keep the Covenant. GOD cannot give him
“JANNAT”. Omar Bashir is a “Nuna Fiki” and he deserves no mercy, because
he did not show mercy. He was extravagant. S. Isra 26/27, “The
extravagant are Brothers of the devil.”

What a tragedy for a man over 55, who did not learn from life. Hausa
people say,” Idan mutum ya girma, ya san far girma.”

To oversee the killings and maiming of human beings in a Republic in
which one is Commander-in Chief is tantamount to acquiescence,
complicity and approval.

Such a President or Head of State must be barred from the Gate of
Honour. Omar Al Bashir was regularly briefed by his Military
Intelligence cadre about the horrible events in Darfur. He cannot claim
that he did not or does not know. He knows everything that has been
going on that is how he has clanged to power for so long.
As a result of Omar al Bashir’s ruthlessness, some people have asked
whether he stage managed Dr. Garage’s death just like Prime Minister of
Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai is alleging after the accident that injured
him, but killed his wife. Men, with satanic and demonic dispositions
do not hesitate if satan whispers this into their ears, to commit
heinous crimes against other people. To each is a final DESTINATION. Omar Bashir cannot hide under any sovereign immunity because his acts were neither sovereign nor just.

The International Criminal Court was set up by the United Nations to
try and jail political leaders, who commit the same crimes, which the
ICC has charged Omar al Bashir with.

It is instructive to note that the States that refused to sign or
ratify the Treaty of Rome that set up the ICC are those states that were
conscious of their violent human rights records and so were apprehensive
that they could be summoned to justice.

The military regime in misery-filled Myanmar has tormented the Lioness
of Myanmar and the people of Myanmar for decades. The regime has not
signed the

ICC treaty of Rome.

Military politicians do not have the temperament to govern states. By
their rigorous and de-humanizing training in Military Academies, some
officers possess a vulgarized psyche that equates blood-flow with a
splash of red ink. However, quite a number of retired officers have
become polished and agreeable.

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