A Report on the Pauperization of the Masses in Nigeria

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Scholars at BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, New Covenant House, Fugar, Edo State, Nigeria, last week decided to focus their attention on the State of affairs in Nigeria, after the apparently successful 2011 Elections in Nigeria.
Here is an abridged version of our findings.

We agreed that Nigerian politics and statecraft have become subjects of uncomfortable topicality in Nigeria. There is no solid intellectual bedrock on which political discussions are based, since intellectual politics are eminently absent, while bread and amala concerns are driving jobless politicians crazy.

Apart from a handful of entrepreneurs in Nigeria, the majority of unemployed and unemployable persons derive their prosperity quotient from government patrimony, cronyism, embezzlement of state funds and other machinations and chicanery with baffling mastery.
Perhaps, without the EFCC and ICPC interventions, some of our compatriots would have sold Nigeria to any bidder.
After the late President Umaru Yar’ adua declared a Seven-point Agenda, some hopes were raised. It is possible that had he not been over-powered by ill-health, perhaps, he would have performed. As his health deteriorated, “hope darkened into anxiety, anxiety into dread and dread into despair.” Ogali Ogali

From the acts of groveling gate-men, sales people, who knowingly do not return your change after sales, solicitous relatives, who assail one with passionate requests for money, ministers, who put pressure on the treasury, to the Supervising officers, who look the other way, all these provide the evidence to conclude that the pauperization of Nigerians has been in top gear.

A programme of action to address the problems of hunger, unemployment and deprivation in Nigeria is in great demand now.
There is hunger and the attendant anger in the land.
Those Nigerians, who have access to nitro-glycerine, should give peace a chance.
Having patriotically expressed their views on governance in the last elections, the populace, justifiably expects a societal transformation that would benefit them.

Some citizens are surprised and amazed that no cabinet is in place weeks after the President’s inauguration.
The Nigerian citizens are not impressed by the reasons or factors affecting the delay in announcing a cabinet of either honest people or not-so-honourable men and women.
This administration has only three years and some months to transform Nigeria! I am watching to see by what magical conjuration Jonathan proposes to bring this transformation about.

A motley crowd of Jokenathans are harassing President Jonathan and their block demands, which is meant to be the dividends of zoning, have posed formidable obstacles to getting to the business of government.
As horse-trading and passionate appeals persist, the confusion has gotten into a vortex. High-Frequency Noise-makers of the Federal Republic, Looters of the Federal Republic, Disgruntled Leaders of the Federal Republic, Political Jobbers of the Federal Republic, Failed Great Conmen of the Federal Republic, Great Conmen of the Federal Republic, Agbada Wearing, Empty Heads of Nigeria, Political Agitators of Nigeria, Contract Chasing Men and Women of Nigeria, Professional Lobbyists of the Federal Republic,Fake Awoists of Yourubaland, Land Grabbers of Abuja, Destroyers of Nigeria, Gifts to Nigeria,

by the International Centers of Manipulation and Control, have joined forces to insist that they or their candidates must be ministers, else the heavens will fall.
We are now seeing the disastrous consequences of allowing hare-brained political rascals to make decisions based on temporary advantages to party chiefs and opinionated political mal-contents.

The prevalent slow pace may signify inability or compromised stance. Power does not tolerate a vacuum.
Each time I cannot solve a mathematical problem with Euclidian of Pythagorean dimension, I would either surrender or refer the problem to someone with a CHIKE OBI frame of mind, before some-one with a Cromwellian disposition steps in.

Finally, while the authorities are contemplating the political transformation processes and procedures, I am assiduously studying the atomic characteristics and the electro-magnetic, political radiation being generated due to the heat excitation in the polity.
The pauperization of the Nigerian masses extends to moral values, which have been corrupted by negative foreign influences in the dress code, raw music, uncouth manner of speech, the American slang, which we hear on radio and hear on television. The leaders of Nigeria’s tomorrow are a study in cheap unNigerian attitudes.

There are many political opportunists who do not wish to jeopardize their chances of appointments to ministerial posts, so they keep quiet and watch the decline. These Nigerian tragedians, excelling in gravitas, will soon join the army of ex-this and ex-that.
There has been general apathy on the part of some of our citizens. In his speech in Amsterdam, sometime ago, Noam Chomsky said, “As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred for the vulnerable, then the powerful can do, as they please and those, who survive can contemplate the outcome”.

In our political practice, we have become too garrulous for comfort. We must learn that,” The bonds of words are too weak to bridle men’s ambition, avarice, anger and other passions without the fear of some coercive power.” (Leviathan, Chapter 14).
Those, who stand on the Rock of Christ Jesus, will overcome in this dispensation of insecurity, uncertainty and fear.

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Emmanuel Onyema July 24, 2011 - 2:20 pm

Quite incisive. Our more worries should be on the way out of the present socio-economic evils in the country


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