Abia State’s Naive Probe

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Nigeria is becoming a den of news. The Abia State Government-led by
Governor Theodore Orji is one of the most hit states in recent times. His
government is a beehive of off-beam news and he does not stomach criticism
or make use of observers’ critiques. But Abia people can endure his foot
soldiers’ show-of-aggression when the government is reminded of its
clueless, visionless and clownish embarrassment in governance. Ndigbo can
endure his misplacement of aggression and remind him that governance is a
serious business.

Anybody may say that it is pertinent to probe ex-government officials. But
this orchestration by the Abia State Government that the immediate past
governor of the state, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu would be probed, is a show of
shame, and depicts the direction of a derailed government. Many of us had
kept quiet for sometime hoping that Governor Theodore Orji would make use
of some blueprints we had brought to his doorstep in the form of
criticisms, but he is far from utilizing the opportunity. Let’s not delve
into the pitiable condition of roads in Aba for a moment, because under
Kalu he said that he wants to probe at least, there were roads he
maintained and built new ones, but Orji has only succeeded in drawing tears
out of the people’s eyes.

We are not holding brief for Kalu here, but the truth can be told that Kalu
was a governor that didn’t owe workers a single month of their salaries,
unlike the tradition of no-payment-of-salaries we have now come to endure
in Abia State, under the unfocussed government of Governor Theodore Orji.
Upon the fact that salaries have not been paid workers over six months in
Abia State under this present dispensation, it would be very optimal to ask
Orji where he has kept the money that was supposed to serve as salaries for
the ‘non-indigenes’ he once chased out of Abia State. Also, was he given
any money by the presidency amounting to millions of naira for the control
of ocean surge in Abia State?

While anybody may be misleading Orji to probe Kalu, it is better he is
reminded that his case has no rival if his Pandora’s Box should be opened.
Right now, this writer has vital documents that would be presented to the
public soon about the menace called governance in Abia State. These
documents were gotten by our moles in the Abia State Government House, and
have been distributed to thirty-six members of our rebellious-writers team
and our syndicates scattered all across the country and overseas.

It is very sad that people lose enthusiasm anytime Abia State is mentioned,
but it was not like this under the government of Kalu whom he says he will
probe and taking the goodwill of the people for a ride. Orji should have
told us that he wanted to research on the government of Kalu so as to tap
from the master strategist’s ever-present government, but he was perhaps
shy to say it publicly, hence he characterized it as probe. Again, instead
of Orji saying that he wanted to seek a motherly advice from Kalu’s mother
thus, he said that was beaming his very dark searchlight on the actions of
the former governor’s mother. Did he say “in relation to contracts
awarded”? Is someone laughing? People should ask Orji who is the governor
whose children are buying virtually every property in Abia State and beyond
even overseas.

It is incongruous to join issues with the State Commissioner for
Information, Eze Chikamnayo, amongst others, whom Orji has been using to
downsize himself hoping that he is molesting Kalu at will. The records are
there about Chikamnayo’s fibrotic literary assaults on Governor Orji before
he was made commissioner. So, Chikamnayo is no longer seeing those things
he once saw in the inept government he is serving because of his job? How
chameleonic some people can be!

Yours truly have tried in some progressive ways, off-stage, to bring peace
to Abia State, between the perceived warring political groups in the state,
but as it can be deduced, some persons love their job so much more than
seeing that everlasting peace is brought to stay in the state. Who are the
Abia people whom Chikamnayo said were bundling immensity on Orji to probe
Kalu? It is evident that Chikamnayo is the only Abia person that we have
heard this from. And it will not be out of place to say that he is the
initiator that the in-the-clear Kalu should be probed, of which many true
Abians have lamented against the Kangaroo move, and characterized it as a

The Orji-led government of our once endearing Abia State should stop being
marooned by the aides whom he was supposed to be their boss. And he should
stop capitalizing on the worldwide praised eight-year performance of Kalu
as an excuse to shy away from his non-performing government. Afterall, have
the people of Abia State stopped paying their revenues and taxes since Kalu
was out of office (but not out of power)? What about the state’s allocation
from Abuja? What again will Orji tell us about the allocation we know that
has been increased up to fifty percent more than what Kalu received?

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