Africa And The Glorious Church: The Era Of The Gentiles

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Perhaps these are the END-TIMES. The signs are all there. There are strife, earthquakes, wars and rumours of wars, bombings and bombings without end, fear, hunger and uncertainty.

This is the “ERA OF THE GENTILES.” In this era, every living soul must acknowledge, not the transient powers of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens, but the MIGHTY POWER of ALMIGHTY, GOD, THE FATHER.

Africans have been ordained to lead the Glorious Church, which will prepare the whole World for the Second Coming of OUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST. No other activity will capture the attention of every living soul, except to be a member of the Glorious Church.

This Church is a Universal Church and belongs to no denomination. GOD, the FATHER, has warned that HE will soon embark on shaking the World and will sanitize the world of all sins (homo-sexualism, lesbianism, oppression, suppression, aggressive wars being fought to entrench permissive democracy, etc). The promise is that the shaking of the World will destroy all man-made systems, satanic scientific establishments, man-made security arrangements etc, etc. The only sure security man can rely on, is that which GOD, the FATHER provides for HE is a great provider!!!

Evidence of failure of man-made security systems are manifold and are on the increase. The Intelligence Agencies have become powerless, with their surveillance and all that. As from now on, all systems not founded on GOD, the FATHER, through JESUS CHRIST, will fail.

Existing states and kingdoms will fall because in the World, where men marry men and women marry women, such a World, has reached an irreversible stage. This world has gone over the top and over the bend. In some states, Satanism is openly propagated before a jealous GOD. Idolatry still thrives.

As a result, the world has reached the debauchery of Sodom and will be destroyed. The shaking of the Earth will cause the Earth to be filled with the glory of GOD as water covers the sea “thus bringing the desire of all nations to GOD, the FATHER, through JESUS CHRIST” (Habakkuk, Ch.2, verse 14)

The terrible events that are happening in the Aquarian Age, exclude the possibility of rapture. All the human and spiritual agents of Satan are now at work, world-wide masquerading under various guises. Through witchcraft, hedonism, voodooist, white magic and the use of women and money, these satanic agents prevent the disciples of JESUS, the CHRIST, from spreading the WORD.

GOD, the FATHER has decided that all the races of the Earth will join in propagating the Glorious Church. I said this in a Church in Kiev, Ukraine, near my University in 1964 and again ,at a lecture at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign Public Law and International Law, in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1987.

Russia has, since turned to GOD. All nations will do!!!

According to the book of Ephesians, Chapter 5 verse 27, JESUS CHRIST must return to the Glorious Church, ” without spot, wrinkle and without blemish” So, as the song goes,” We are watching, we are waiting for the dawning of that glorious day. For the coming of our SAVIOUR, with his saints in bright array.”

The seeds of the wicked in Ile Ife have faced perfect justice. Because I believed that GOD would fight for me, I kept my peace for “One with God is a majority”.

Those, who stood in my way, their paths have been ruined, because, those paths were strewn with wickedness, Their feet were swift to shed innocent blood. The way of peace, they do not know.” The venom of asp is under their lips”. There is no fear of GOD in the eyes of EBO-CARRIERS and Yemoja worshippers, who perfected gang-ups, group dynamics to the highest art form.

When the propitious smile of JEHOVAH ADONAI beamed upon me., I sang the Song of Ascents.

Psalm 125 Those, who trust in the Lord

Are like Mount Zion

Which cannot be moved but abides forever………

Psalm 126 When the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion,

We were like those who dream

Then our mouth was filled with laughter

And our tongue with singing

Then they said among the nations

The LORD has done great things for us

We are glad

“You are a priest forever, according to the Order of Melchisedek, we are Intercessors.

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