Aftermath of Nigeria's Election and The Task Ahead

As Nigeria concludes an important but tortuous milestone in her history, we are reminded of our past, our present state and an unknown future. We just witnessed an election that would have worked in our favour but have also exposed some of the underling sore points towards our journey to nationhood. It is important for us to reflect on the journey so far. In addition, the way we would be moving in the nearest future. A future that our newly elected leaders and followers alike would play a vital role to shape.

The aftermath of the election brought to focus some issues both positive and negative. The election that was equally overshadowed by the destruction and the carnage that lacks apt description. Savage human beings did the killings and destructions. The killing of some NYSE members was a deep sore point that calls to question the relevance of the NYSC scheme. Any right-thinking individual that support this act of killing should look at loosing a dear one and also the material and non-material cost of taking care of a ward up to the university level only to be cut down in the most heinous act. Another sore point is the pattern of voting that has seriously exposed that we are not yet a nation. The voting pattern exposes the ethnic and religious divide that indirectly shows Nigeria as a myth that exists only in our lips. It seems we are stuck in this match .We are left with the option of finding out ways and means of overcoming and working towards our cherished goal. The other point is that these acts also shows the government that a time will come when it cannot afford to neglect the investigation and the prosecution of individuals that in the flimsiest excuse kill, maim and destroy other peoples properties. The election also reminds us that we face a serious security challenge in the country.

On the positive aspect, the election showed that it is possible in Nigeria to organise a peaceful and free election (before and during the election). It also shows that the process of democratisation is taking root in Nigeria. Moreover, this is the only hope we have to build a nation, as the alternative is too risky and dare in a pluralistic society like Nigeria. It also brings out the fore that no President will emerge in Nigeria without the support and collaboration of other regions and ethnic groups. In addition, the emergence of Goodluck Jonathern also serves as an inspiration to youths and others in Nigeria that no matter their background and place in the society that they can still achieve the highest position in the land. The Carnage though condemnable in all it ramifications will also pass a message to our ruling elites that a time will come that they will be held accountable for their maladministration of our collective wealth. Apart from the positives that can be derived from the resent elections it also posses a challenge to our incoming leaders on the need to tackle some of our pertinent problems. Problems that if not tackled will engulf our nationhood and may make us to be permanently underdevelopment and usher in a spiral movement towards a failed state.

One of the most important things that the government should encourage is to run a government of inclusiveness and national integration. They should be a deliberate act on the government and her agencies to encourage and promote programmes that tends to encourage national integration.

Also important is to tackle the issue of national security. The government should seriously look at the issue of security in a holistic view. This involves looking at security from the issue of legal, attitudinal, social, economic and political dimensions to national security. This also involves the security forces and finding means of strengthening their capabilities. One of the most important thing is also to provide a framework towards addressing our security challenges that involves making sure that those that kill or commit any crime is fully punished by the law. This involves a through, fair and unbiased implementation of the rule of law. We cannot afford lass security because it is also indirectly tired to our well -being, economic growth and development.

Another area that needs urgent attention is infrastructural development and social services. This includes transport system development, provision of primary and affordable health care and of course power. The importance of power to our economic growth, poverty reduction, job creation and reduction in unemployment is too huge. The provision of power would influence positively not only on our economic development but will reduce to the barest minimum the issue of national security.

Our youths need to be engaged into productive venture. We are sitting on a gun power that would consume everybody. Education is also vital to our development, poverty reduction, youth empowerment and national security.

In addition, the coming government needs to be transparent and block all loopholes that have bleached our resources dry. Corruption has made everything in Nigeria to be dysfunctional. This scourge needs to be tackled before any major noticeable changed is achieved in this society.

Our leaders’ needs to understand the task ahead and realise that recent global and domestic events shows that things will not continue the way it is going. Something must cave in to accommodate a changing world.

Written by
Paul Ogwu Okwuchukwu
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