Agbani Darego and the fallacies of Uche Nworah

by Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

In a country where people are stealing and killing in record number, a few are concerned with bare breasts? In a country where the government cannot provide basic services, a few are concerned with naked breasts? In a country where even the movie industry is gradually embracing full frontal nudity and all sorts of “western behavior,” Uche Nworah and Ejinkeonye are knocking themselves silly with Miss Darego’s half-covered breasts. Agbani, either knowingly or unknowingly bared her breasts and both and their likes want to bury her. I guess we now live in a time when pontiffism of the meanest order is becoming the order of the day. I guess these are days when even rationale people develop exaggerated sense of morality. Ha, are these the days of idleness and hypocrisy?

It pains me responding to Mr. Uche Nworah’s article; for his is nothing more than the continued crucifixion of Miss Agbani Darego. And indeed, I agonized over penning this response as Uche’s article does not contain any new information nor does it shed light on any important matter. While his narrative is not as vile and slanderous and repugnant as that of Mr.Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye, one still wonder what purpose his salvo serves. This is akin to digging decade-old graves: moving dry and brittle bones from one shed to another. In other words, what we have here is a pointless and senseless exercise.

Now that Uche “have finally seen” Agbani’s bare breasts, I take it that “him eyes don clear?” Until now, he wondered.He wondered! My goodness, Agbani’s mammary must be the source of his dream paralysis and the object of his daydreams. To think that a young Nigerian lady, in pursuit of her career, who purposely or inadvertently exposed her breasts, is now becoming the topic of conversation in newspapers and on this and other sites is beyond me. Breasts?! The same breasts some of our sisters and daughters and wives and mothers don’t bother to cover in some of our villages?

According to Uche, “While globalization has caught up with us, there are still some areas that have remained rooted in tradition. One of those areas I guess is women decency.” Wrong! Globalization, in one form or the other, has been with us for at least five decades. There is nothing new about globalization save in its pervasiveness and intensity. And what tradition is Uche talking about? And women’s decency? We may be Africans; but we do not live in a static society. Things are always changing (for the good or otherwise).

Men, you must know, encouraged women, or at the very least acquiesced to whatever indecent behavior we may associate with women. And in some cases, men forced women to engage in indecency. You cannot separate the behavior of men from those of women. Men, we all know, are the repository for licentiousness.

Every generation seems to think that the younger generation is spoilt. The older generation is fond of romanticizing a time long gone. This romanticism happens in every society. In ten or fifteen years, Agbani’s “lewd conduct” would be common even in the “house of worship.” Believe me, Nigeria will get there.

Is it not in the same society that some parents encourage their daughters to be the sex object of grownup men old enough to be their fathers? Did our society not encourage women to sell their bodies?How many women bare their breast during traditional festivals all over our towns, villages and hamlets? Uche cannot deny not seeing young maidens — most of who are generally under the age of 18 — baring their breast for the benefit of the men and gods. Did these public displays ever offend Uche and Ugochukwu?

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4 comments July 18, 2011 - 4:19 pm

I admit, I should not have dragged the Ijaw people into this.

I am sorry about it, and withraw the disparaging comments about the Ijaw people in its entirety. But Sabella Abidde’s position that provoked my response remains unpardonable.

IDK June 10, 2006 - 10:09 am


I just thought it was important to help forumites understand what could motivate a sane mind to defend what you are defending, and write the things you are writing. If I know a man is tall and say so, I don't think I am defaming him. You know what I am saying, and I thought you would have praised me for being so accurate. After all, it is a free world, and every one is free to flaunt what he is such an expert in.

What is so much about sexual immorality being part of a peopel's culture that could infuriate a "modern" man like you? I mean, flaunt it, use it to attract tourists to your community, brother ….. it is a modern world, not a stone age!

Or have you now also relapsed into stone age, that you are now ashamed to be associated by what several other people boast about in magazine and films?

Ehee Sabella, this is unlike you

Sabella Abidde June 9, 2006 - 9:45 am

ID…Say whatever you want about me, but leave my people (the Ijaw) out of this matter. I know the West and knows what goes on in that community. I also know the North and East very well and so I am very familiar with what goes on "behind the curtain." No single group in Nigeria or elsewhere can claim to be all saints…there are sinners and saints in all groups…

Common, you didn't have to go that far. Look, it is uncalled for. Just because you can hide behind an alias (ID) does not give you unlimited right to abuse a ethnic group…

But really, shame on you for bringing my ethinc group into this matter. That I "attacked" Ugochukwu and Uche Nworah for their attacks on Agbani…is that what is paining you? Is that what is eating and tormenting your soul? Is that what made you exhibit your anger and bitterness towards a whole group of people? Sorry oooo your wahala is not my wahala…

Next time, stay on point: argue your case by way of rejoinders. Or you could just rain abuse and criticisms on me and me alone…leave the Ijaws out of your deranged mind.

I.D June 9, 2006 - 4:39 am

This Sabella fellow, what does he really believe in? Does he want us all to become animals? In this site and several others, we have read him recall how he indiscriminately commits fornication with different kinds of women. (And it is like the ladies defending and suporting him here are yearning for a piece of his action! They are, perhaps, carried away by his assumed virility? Waht a pity) He is not ashamed to expose in the open the horible things he does with some brainless women inside. We know that in Ijawland, sexual immorality is not an offence. In fact, it is a culture. Ditto for large consumption of ogogoro. Mother and daughter even fight over 18 year old boyfriend, which the two of them are both older tban — the attraction being that the boy can perform wonders down below! Father and son fight over litle girls. The fact that a girl has already had several children at home, out of wedlock, even enhances her asking price. Are you sure Sabella is not targeting Agbani by this breathless, purposeless campaign? If Sabella is so rotten, and does not care if women paraded their nakedness on the streets, why this desperation to impose his perverted values on all of us? Don't try to dignify the obscene here. You fear appears to be that if the various outbursts succeeed in curtailing obscene shows, you may likely miss the dirty images that give you so much excitement. Give your filthy mind a wash, please.

You have confesed to being an atheist. Well, wait for hell, becuase, it shall surely come, unless you change your mind (that you don't believe does not change anything), but, don't try to drag others along with you. Several people will ceretainly resist you.


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