Ahmadu Alli: A Man Of National Honor Or Horror?

by Yinka Leo Ogundiran

All these disgustingly dishonorable acts of monumental shamelessness and ignominy happened under the Chairmanship of Ahmadu Alli. Therefore, with the foregoing, has Usman Jonah not lost his mind to avow that Ahmadu Alli has restored “the principles of discipline and party supremacy in the PDP”?

Apart from that lawlessness, Ahmadu Alli’s tenure as the Chairman of the PDP was solely and wholly instrumental in the conception and incubation of the most cynical, antisocial, detrimental, predatory, selfish and prejudicial agenda in the history of Nigeria – the THIRD TERM AGENDA (TTA). Not only was Ahmadu Alli instrumental towards the conception of the TTA, he was actively and implacably integral in the process of its actualization and realization. I personally watched Alli on National Television where he was urging Nigerians to support the continuance of Obasanjo’s blundering interregnum. But at the end of the day, we all know the judgement of history over that rapacious ambition.

Alli’s past is a tale of wretchedness whilst his present is an epitome of ignominy. However, history teaches us that the only permanent and constant effect in the kingdom of nature is change; but the only change in Ahmadu Alli over the years is his level of desperation and imperviousness to ignominy. His ignominy is exemplified in the impetus he has given to the ongoing topsy-turvydom rocking the Presidency between our President and his Vice. Even though men with eye behind their eyes can see that the attrition in the Presidency was primarily ignited by the insatiable avarice for power by this duo and the failure of the TTA, Ahmadu Alli has been actively appurtenant to this muckraking whilst hypocritically castigating Atiku of corruption – whereas both Atiku and OBJ are birds of the same feather.

One of the successes of Ahmadu Alli’s tenure as the Chairman of PDP is that loyalty has been re-defined as acquiescence, connivance, conspiracy and hypocrisy to one’s political godfather or cohort. Under Alli’s leadership, failure to condone larceny of public funds is harbinger of being branded as disloyal. Let us briefly use Oyo-State as a case study and read what a stalwart of the PDP and Alli’s personal friend, Lamidi Adedibu, shamelessly babbled in public glare sometime ago about his fracas the erstwhile Governor of Oyo State, Rasheed Ladoja:

“Ladoja is too greedy. He was collecting N65million as security vote every month. You know Governors don’t account for security vote. He was to give me N15million of that every month. He reneged. Later it was reduced to N10million, yet he did not give me”.

To this Ladoja responded accordingly: “we did not reach any agreement about sharing money. When he asked me about his own share, I asked him under which account I should put it… The understanding of both of us of what governance is supposed to be differs. This difference is that I see governance as service while he sees it as business…after we had our quarrel in 1994 and we wanted to make up in 2002, he came to see me and said Rasheed what do you want and I said I want to be Governor and he said then let us work together…he said three things: One, he asked me, do you know how to abuse people? And I said no. Then he asked can you take away your clothes in the public and fight? I said no. Thirdly, he asked can you tell lies against somebody and swear on the Quran and again call witnesses and I said impossible. Then he said those are the things we always used in politics.”

I was chagrined and hit with a powerful vertigo when I read this altercation in Guardian Newspaper. The godfather of Oyo-State politics, Lamidi Adedibu, didn’t make any pretense that he orchestrated the illegal Impeachment of Governor Rasheed Ladoja because the latter didn’t share the money in question with him. This was exactly what happened in Anambra State where the Governor was kidnapped and narrowly escaped being killed. For these nefarious conducts by this vicious duo, whilst Ahmadu Alli rewarded the godfather of Anambra State politics, Chris Uba, with a promotion into PDP Board of Trustee, the godfather of Oyo State politics, Lamidi Adedidu, was graciously accorded with an unprecedented and knightly accolade – “The Commander of military garrison of Ibadan politics”! It is quite mortifying to watch this high degree of contemptuousness and shamelessness by this cog of venomous tarantulas known as PDP led by Ahmadu Alli.

By the way, recently when I visited some areas in Ibadan, I saw gleeful posters of some PDP aspirants where the smiling face of Lamidi Adedibu was superimposed on their campaign posters with the inscription “Alhaji Chief Lamidi Adedibu – the Strongman and the Garrison Commander of Oyo-State politics.” Seeing these political advertising posters, I shook my head in disbelief and giggled in utter bewilderment of what Nigeria has become. A wretched and scurrilous twerp like Lamidi Adedibu, just like Chris Uba, has become a governmental celebrity and political god that Nigeria politicians worship if they must thrive politically – all under the leadership and auspices of Ahmadu Alli as the PDP Chairman. Yet the dunderhead who calls himself “Usman Jonah” characterizes this demented leadership as “disciplined and peaceful”.

It is a height of crassitude for organizers of the National award in Nigeria to vacuously consider bestowing a National Honor on this horribly horrific man known as Ahmadu Alli whilst men and women who actively and sedulously worked towards the emancipation and liberation of our Country are superciliously discounted. The Statesmen, who, despite being daunted by danger and risk of personal safety, stolidly battled the trammels and clutches of military intimidation; men and women who were bludgeoned into submission for their involvement in the sustenance and preservation of civil liberty are now treated with utter contempt by Obasanjo’s administration. During the dark days of Abacha, some of them were exiled, harassed out of employment and, of course, abducted in plain daylight. But these men and women are not honored – all they get is vilification. I vividly remember the obstreperous orchid known as Fani-Kayode blaring discordantly that Professor Wole Soyinka has got enough presidential attention. It was this same Fani-Kayode that told Professor Achebe to go to hell and that Nigeria would not lose any sleep because of the latter’s rejection of the conferment of Honor given to him by the epileptic administration of Obasanjo. And to make matters worse, Fani-Kayode is now a minister in Nigeria. Even though Fani-Kayode can be indulged and excused for his acerbity and impertinence in the public glare because of his psychiatric history, but the question that begs for answer is this: “why is it that it is the wretched of the earth that captains the ship of Nigeria???” I recall seeing the ugly face of National Secretary of PDP, Ojo Madueke, on AIT urging Nigerians to support the TTA. It is quite disgusting to excogitate that it was this same loathsome skunk called “Ojo Madueke” and other members of current PDP executives that led the charade of some delirious unpatriotic Nigerians to advocate for life Presidency of General Sanni Abacha. Hence, Ahmadu Alli is the leader of these repellant molecules and beastly species of humanity who are replete in the hierarchy of PDP that are calling the shots in Nigeria. Also, in talking about jiggery-pokery and thievery in Federal Republic of Nigeria, we cannot possibly fail to mention Tony Anenih, aka “Mr Fix it”, the man who, during his Ministerial stint, made bogus claims to have spent over N300billion on the construction of imaginary roads that have responsible for sending thousands of innocent Nigerian souls into untimely graves, who is the Chairman of PDP board of Trustee


Even though I trust that good people of Nigeria will positively use their inalienable franchise to flush out Ahmadu Alli and his bevy of opprobrious army called “PDP” out of office in 2007 polls, we have been able to demonstrate in this dialectic treatise beyond any doubt that, although, Colonel Ahmadu Alli may be a loyal friend to his chosen inner circle of friends in the oligarchy who have played the card of nepotism by sacrilegiously decorating him with National HONOR but to the dreams and aspirations of millions of Nigerians, he is an enemy – a man of National DISHONOR, TERROR AND HOROR.

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Prof Joe Essien November 23, 2006 - 12:48 pm

This is a beautiful essay. Thanks Dr Yinka Leo Ogundiran


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