Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta! A New Hope for African Youths

In the struggle for the realization of our people who have been long marginalized, we have had several prophets who amidst death, suffering and contemplative madness were intimidated by those who have perpetuated injustice for so long; and perhaps in the eve of struggle itself, these heroes were dogged, committed in the face of humiliation and incarcerations all in honor of liberation.

I have watched and performed all duties in preparation for a day that will owe its glory to the aforesaid woes that has greeted our people. Like those who were before, like the victorious Youths who have worked all their vigor for justice, sanity and development to come; we shall ride in same platitude of honor, dignity and integrity.

If our youths have turned off completely from worrying their brains about those who have messed up our collective future and destinies; yet as a leaders of a generation of African Youths under the auspices of Society of African Reformers (SOAR); our hopes have not been dashed, it has not be alarming, for by all means we shall take our destiny into our own hands; we shall shape and impact our societies the way we see it fit. We shall rally rounds our comrades and Youths to depose those traitors and worn-out leaders in high place. This structure must change now; the drum of War has started already.

In our contemporary African society, we cannot succeed without calling on our comrades across Nigeria; we cannot gain the momentum of splendor towards liberating Africans from the debris of perpetuated marginalization and internal imperialism by our leaders. If we do not network amongst our comrades everywhere in Africa, we are sure to face the unending doom in this lifetime; we are not prepared to make such mistake. And at this moment, the Society of African Reformers (SOAR) is making its stand that we have had ENOUGH. Calling on the council of great African youth leaders is now, and certainly not ten years from, neither some distant future; it is now.

This is the time to fix the problem, a time to call on the general assembly of African youths. As members, let us practically start developing legitimate structures and principles to guide us. Going by the status quo has not given us any ray of hope; it has only blessed us with sustainable poverty. We as youth have been foolishly patient chewing the insensitivity of the government, and swallowing same with characterized ignorance and stupidity. The question on how credible governance should be has been alarming; we are tired of the quagmire that has rocked our political environment. Often time, our leaders think it is all a joke, they’ve heard the war song. The vision of war is so transparent; the dynamics of chaos is imminent. From this unfolding of events, comes the preparation by the youths to overthrow bad political precedence. This should at least show our leaders some form of seriousness, that this is no long some sort of kindergarten masquerading.

The youths of this generation have in all their public and private activities indicated that the drama will start soon; and the theatre won’t be sufficient for all its actors, talkless its audience. From the look of things, our leaders have trapped us in perpetual and indelible servitude. While we watch our fellow African Youths, whose role are to collaborate with us; instead preferred to act as stooge and puppets to our elders; who are hell bent in the non-vacation of scene of leadership. These leaders who have been termed godfathers have transformed our future youth leaders into barbarians, assassins, political thugs and postulate idiots.

In our today’s leadership arena, there is no one credible youth leaders who will boast of his/her leadership qualities without having in the back of his heart how he was handpicked to serve the purpose of those tortoises who pitiably pick up. Leaders have corrupted our future; and we must purge ourselves of these filthiness. The ethical question is, how do we purge ourselves? The story is simple. Dig for yourself what you think will prepare you for the future; team up with kindred souls whose journey took off from that same path as yours. Only by this we will reach our desire goals.

There’s a rumor going about, and it’s not new that if the forthcoming 2011 election poll is flawed; we may be plaque in a series of unending civil WAR. My theory is not start creating rescue home; or liaison with INGOs or other charity organizations of relief materials etc. we can only avoid this rumor and speculated WAR if we truly resolve to come together as youths. The bitter truth is, these trouble makers and leprosy-driven leaders are not going to be involved in it. They already have their mansions in UK, US and they are puppets to these Nations; we will automatically become the victim of an unholy political and economic innuendoes.

Like the words of Dele Momodu and I quote “Many of our youths are world class. They’ve conquered the world. They have been flying like Angels. But back home the demons of democracy are making it impossible for the eagles to soar into the skies”. However so, this time, we will SOAR into the skies of liberation, prosperity and in defense of the common man in Nigeria and Africa. Like the batter of living between the proletariat and the Bourgeoisie in the capitalist enclave, our victory is imminent; we shall overthrow these Nigerian International Puppets and Stooges; who themselves have molded an empire of demons called godsons and god-daughters.

However frank it is, the obvious is bound to happen, and going back is not now; in fact this is the moment of preparation, readiness and proactive response. At the moment, the Society of African Reformers (SOAR) is liaising and networking with like minds in Nigeria and beyond in shaping our destiny through our social, economic and political involvements, all in the arena where the theatres comprising actors who decide our future are displayed. We want to be involved, because 80% of the policies of government and these leaders bounce back to us, the eager young minds.

In the enviable statements of Momodu et al, “There was an end to slave trade. Apartheid collapsed before our very eyes. A black man became not just an American president but the most influential man on planet earth.” The era of beer parlor discussion is over; this is time for serious business, of changing our social, economic and political status. We are the direct victim idealistic madness and charade of these political nonentities and their stooges.

Our conviction is settled for change, nothing more!

Yours for the Development and good governance in Africa

Dr. Carl Ogunshola Oshodi
For: Society of African Reformers (SOAR)

Written by
Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi
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  • It is now time to rewrite our history as it should be, many of our comrades in the armed forces, and civillians alike paid the ultimate sacrifice to propagate what they believed to be true. Some were tied to the stake like rams and were executed, while some were hanged by the same system we now have. The twist should be explained, Nigerians ought to go back to the history of our prided nation and how our heroes fell. I wish you all the best.