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An Oh My Gosh! Moment

It is dangerously unbelievable that Donald Trump could be making the forthcoming general election in the United States another Brexit. United States is different from Britain in terms of structural entity. United States is a multifaceted nation with so many ethnic nationalities and a robust diversity. To conflate Brexit and the US 2016 general elections as the same is to be in a state of denial or wanton political hallucination.

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There’s no doubt that the middle class in America is miffed at the status quo in Washington, but the American voters will be making a historic mistake to vote Donald Trump as the next president of the United States. In spite of the avalanche of damages the GOP’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has done to the image and exceptionalism of the United States, his presidency will be inimical to the US and global economy. The current “regrexit” of the Brexit voters will be child’s play in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s ascension to the most powerful position in the world.

In a nutshell, in the last one year, the role of the United States in the global economy has declined by 50%. This primarily has to do with the emerging international markets and technology. The new technological-know-how in the global economy and the developing nations morphing into a developed economy are some of the reasons for the declining role of the United States in the global economy. The success of China as another powerful nation, and a major player in globalisation has put US in a state of competition . According to Patton’s analysis, with the exception of a few brief periods, America’s contribution to the global economy has been falling. In 1960, U.S. GDP represented 40% of global GDP. By 2014, America’s economic contribution had been cut in half.

Meanwhile, this should be a clear signal to the American people to be cautious about the collective decision of people not to vote Trump based on his phony accomplishments in business. America is already a great nation. Donald Trump’s “make America great again” is a lifted slogan from chapter eleven of his con book of business, to hoodwink the unsuspecting Americans. Donald Trump and his supporters are hallucinating the state of utopia. There’s nothing more than uniting and be stronger together to maintain American exceptionalism.

The 2007/2008 global recession gave the United States the leverage to get into the drawing board. The government of Barack Obama did the most painful but yielded decision by using the bailout to re-calibrate the engines of American recessed and depressed economy. America has wiggled itself out of a great depression. There’s a steady growth in the US economy. Unemployment rate has reduced to 4.9% from above 9% at the inception of Barack Obama’s first inauguration. United States economy is adding more jobs monthly and the stock market is surging with more money in the pockets of the American people. President Obama has made America to be less dependent on the importation of crude oil having promised during his first term at the inauguration that in less than10 years, America will no longer depend on foreign oil. This has started yielding results. Obama’s promise that the United States will cut down dramatically its dependence on foreign oil is becoming a reality.

In contrast, the consequential Theresa May, the new British Prime minister is going to face a lot of economic problems with the strong signal of the weak in UK’s national currency. One of the economic indicators of the impending economic problems for the United Kingdom is the decline in the value of her currency, and the uncertainty of her future.

The Pound Sterling’s strength against other international currencies is being weakened dramatically. The effect of Brexit has started spooking the market operations. The angry mob and the plebiscite Britons, and the political neophytes who voted for British exit from the European Union will bear the multiplier effects of their historic decision to exit EU. This is a clear warning for the oblique voters in the US who are yielding to those who traffic in hate and premeditated lethal lies to discredit Hillary Clinton and downplay the success of Barack Obama. It worked against the former British Prime minister, David Cameron. It will not work against the incoming president Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

Now, the general atmosphere and the nuance in the consciousness of the Brits is now buyer’s remorse. Can there be any reversal? It is certainly unlikely. The damage has been done nauseatingly at the ballot box. But the British conservatives are still recalcitrant in their postures in the aftermath of Brexit. Consequently, Theresa May’s politics and the clouded workability of her roles will trigger the Britain’s impending breakaway from the European Union next year March, 2017. This will officially severe the existential cords that bind Britain with the EU members.

It’s an imminent day of reckoning looming over Britain. For example, Poland which is a former communist state of EU will find it extremely difficult for Warsaw to work in UK. The free moment of people will be restricted thereby trigger unemployment, disenchantment and economic chaos. When you decide to agitate for an unclear purpose, you should make provision for a clear vision to guide you in making an informed decision, otherwise, your foggy mindset might impede your movement to the day of reckoning; the consequences of which will be unpleasant. Also, in the end, you might meet your Waterloo on your journey to the unknown. This is what is happening in Britain now. The 21 member-state of EU are already moving forward beyond Brexit and matching forward toward March, 2017 when the historic deal will be done. The realignment of the remaining member states of the European Union (excluding Britain) will further unify the union to meet its 21st century’s challenges.

In conclusion, Britain is undergoing her gosh moment but the next few months will bring to bear either a positive or negative impact on her journey to the unknown. The United States of America should learn historically from United Kingdom’s hasty decision and her golly moment as a result of a perceived shoddy job of Downing Street. Donald Trump is a con-artist who has manipulated a party of Lincoln to journey on a famished road to perfidy. It is pertinent to avoid the “Oh my gosh moment” in November 8. America should make a wise decision to avert dire consequences of Donald Trump’s presidency; a braggadocio and a no-nothing-man aspiring to be the leader of the free world.


Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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