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An Open Letter to the President-Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari

Dear President-Elect,

Hearty Congratulations to you, our great leader and indeed you are. While congratulating you and sharing the joy with you and all Nigerians, I will like to start with a quotation from Abraham Lincoln, with whom you share some semblance, in the History of Nigerian politics – No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent” – Abraham Lincoln.   Now, you have the consent of Nigerians, at home and abroad. We are confident that you will use it well and succeed so that Nigeria can be great and prosperous.

nigeria flagI am no longer able to wait till you are inaugurated on May 29th, 2015 before writing this Open Letter to you. I have no doubt on my mind that you have a master plan or blueprint for Nigeria apart from your party’s manifesto. I am also sure that Nigeria is abundantly blessed with beautiful people who are intelligent and mean well for Nigeria. This will just be one of such suggestions and admonitions on our way forward as a nation about to be on the “Move”.

We all know the problems facing us as a nation and can list our “issues” without any reminders; however, as a patriotic citizen of Nigeria, I wish to add my voice as you collate and compile suggestions for possible considerations and actions.

The following are my suggestions and ideas for your consideration:

Please put aside all distractions for now and realize that Nigerians are impatient and cannot wait for too long. Your administration should hit the ground running, by putting square pegs in square holes in your appointments/governance.

The issue of security of all Nigerians (lives and properties) needs urgent attention and ONLY you can do this. Revitalize our security agencies throughout the country.

Like it is done elsewhere, summon all ‘RICH’ Nigerians, (the Warren Buffets of Nigeria) to raise funds to fix Nigeria! Let them shed some money to save Nigeria. Let them volunteer to give back.

Face the arduous task of our epileptic power supply (Electricity), as a matter of urgency. Air pollution related diseases, from generators and the risk of petrol accidents will be reduced/eliminated and Nigerians will be healthy.

Drinking water for all, is a necessity. Revive the water corporations so that there can be water from taps in cities and eventually villages. This will reduce the burden on wells and boreholes and impact on our environments.

Please take Nigeria’s health matters with utmost seriousness. Pump money into the health sector and upgrade at least six Hospitals in six geopolitical zones into the world class status, so that politicians and public office holders will not need to travel abroad, at the nation’s expense anymore.

Our education at all levels is bankrupt – commence the re-engineering. There must be a re-introduction of civics in our curricula for social reorientation of our children in terms of values. Teachers and teaching remunerations should be reviewed to interject some dignity to the teaching profession and make teaching attractive. Teachers’ training and retraining need an urgent revamp in the new global era. Societal values must change.

Call on other Presidential contestants, among competent other Nigerians, from around the world, who can deliver on assignments (not just smooth talkers), and make offers to them in different sectors.

Instead of a long list of ministers, please consider some shrinkage arrangement where SIX ‘Super’ Ministers will handle multiple ministries under an ACCOUNTABILITY Scheme. This will be just like the current Ministry of Finance and Economy, being overseen by one Minister. This will save the country some money and cut down on wastes. These individuals will be held responsible to the President and the nation at large.

Please take the issue of unemployment very seriously. When the youths are idle, the devil finds its way and they pose security threats to the societies. Create more jobs as soon as possible and absorb the unemployed in phases.

Make a national broadcast to prohibit corruption and inflict heavy penalties from now on. Tackle the issue of the “corrupt” in the society in a subtle but effective fashion to serve as deterrent to others. Sensitize the society by installing ANTI-CORRUPTION slogans on billboards around the entire country as it is done in other countries of the world.

We can all contribute in making Nigeria great.   Our image as a nation, needs to be cleaned up, as we try to demonstrate to the rest of the world that we can do it! You may need to step out of the box to make the desired changes in a system that is rotten and must be redeemed as a matter of urgency. These are some of my contributions, as I wish your tenure a huge success and pray that posterity will put your name in Gold. May God bless you and long live Nigeria.

Written by
Adekunle Akinyemi
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