Anambra Poll, a Boost for Buhari and Obiano’s Integrity!

by Yahaya Balogun

The Ekiti State governorship election that brought in our embarrassment, THE garrulous and loquacious governor Ayodele Fayose, is a serious indictment on the then President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. The nauseating revelations that came to fore after the election are being archived for recompense and posterity.

Pointblank with nostalgia, Anambra’s election again elucidated president Buhari’s unfettered vision for Nigeria. His unscathed integrity with his incorruptible persona is morally unquestionable judging from the just concluded election in Anambra state. Independent Electoral Commission-INEC must be commended for being a reliable, political and electoral umpire in Nigeria. Going by the peaceful governorship election yesterday in Anambra state, and without the usual interference and manipulations of the powerS-that-be-at-the-top, there’s a renewed hope for Nigeria.

In a nutshell, take a social media trip to Kwara, AND you will see how the people are dismantling the power of Saraki’s dynasty. Anambra and Kwara’s elections are a litmus test for 2019 general elections. Saraki is on his way out. Saraki’s hope may bank on his ill-gotten wealth to buy his way in again, but the results from Ilorin West Local government Chairmanship’s election and Anambra poll yesterday must send jitters to the political spine of all those who depend on godfatherism and ill-gotten wealth to win elections. It isn’t going to be business as usual.

Nigerian INEC has proven again and again that they are a reliable umpire in determining Nigerian future. INEC’s roles must be encouraged and commanded for making people’s choice counts. Nigerian plebeians must sweep out and clean the Abuja’s NASSty house of corruption in 2019. My advice to my brethren and voters in Nigeria is that: DO NOT VOTE FOR PARTY IN 2019, VOTE FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH INTEGRITY AND IMPECCABLE CHARACTERS AND CREDENTIALS!

Siemens(cally), APC, PDP and APGA etc are birds of the same feathers. They flock together by political gains, selfishness, national cake and political expediency. They’re crisscrossed and crosscarpeted parties with no modicum of guilt. The three parties and others are the offshoot and metamorphosis of the unbridled or unrestrained Nigerian political terrains! Plebeians should beware, they must refused to sell their future for pittance. They must VOTE their conscience, VOTE their future, and VOTE for the future of their children, and children’s children.

A brief and direct message to Governor Obiano and President Buhari, the incumbent and the winner of the crucial election, and the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria respectively. Anambra election is a litmus test and referendum for your respective governments and for the 2019 general elections. Obiano’s re-election is a signature on his previous performance and his vision for his state. Obiano and Buhari must be burdened by the welfare and progress of the people of Anambra state and Nigeria in general. The two leaders must avoid to imitate the erection of statues of corruption and grotesque grandstanding that espoused their respective parties. They must henceforth be erecting statues of liberty, economic empowerment and good governance in Anambra State and Nigeria. People’s welfare and progress must be their watchword. In the end, your indelible marks on people’s lives will be uneraseable and archived, and Nigeria will be great again!

Congratulations to Governor Obiano, and the conscientized people’s of Anambra state.

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