Anarchy as a weapon of power

by Olusegun Fakoya

As we tepidly approach another transition in the fragile political history of this country, it is perhaps apt to give consideration to recent events, especially those that could unleash unforeseen consequences on our existence as a nation, including those with potentials for adversely truncating our modest socio-political gains. One that stands out in frightening proportion is the recent unabashed threat of violent change in the event that a contemporary hegemony loses out in the ongoing political battle and intrigue.

Atiku Abubakar is a politician of no common dimension. He has always been a man who has strenuously pursued his ambition to rule Nigeria. As fate would have it, this remains an ambition in limbo. He was forced to submit to the dictates of the Northern oligarchy when it was decided that Olusegun Obasanjo was what was needed to pacify the Southwest and maintain peace in Nigeria following the June 12 imbroglio. He made another attempt towards the end of the first 4 years of Obasanjo’s reign but was persuaded by the old man to allow him additional time in office. Things went sour between the two of them and Atiku Abubakar demonstrated his resourcefulness and unending recourse to law courts in fighting his many political battles. His many battles with Obasanjo did not in any way endear him to majority of Nigerians as even in those battles a point was made and firmly entrenched. Atiku Abubakar is massively corrupt and a man not to be trusted with the destiny of our dear nation. His desperation as a political whore house was vividly demonstrated by his dilly dally romance following his inglorious exit from the ruling party. Nevertheless, one would have thought that Atiku would have firmly adhere to his democratic credentials and fight his current political battle without recourse to ethnic sentiments and political brigandage.

Atiku Abibakar, the man much touted to have inherited the mantle of leadership of the dreaded Shehu Musa Yar’adua political machinery, has virtually demonstrated, in a shameless manner, that when the chips are down, he is just another Northerner. Atiku Abubakar is a Northerner with all the elements of that region’s delusion of grandeur. Grandeur relating to a congenital and ancestral political domination of the conglomerate called Nigeria. His political battle with Goodluck Jonathan, ever since his emergence by a select few of Northern hegemonist ably led by Adamu Ciroma, has danced from plain political sagacity to the now much orchestrated hooliganism and recklessness.

Ibrahim Babangida was once a maximum ruler who caused so much damage to the socio-political and structural integrity of Nigeria. Here is a man who brought so much sorrow and tears to individuals/families and Nigeria as a whole. His 8 years of misrule is yet to be matched in our political annals. Babangida was a man to whom the term, honour, meant nothing and who valued human life below the cost of a packet of pizza. He was a comfortable bed fellow to corruption and seems perpetually intoxicated with power and the aroma of power. Babangida strived to maintain pretences at being a democrat but his antidemocratic credentials are just too legendary. Thus, the warm friendship between Atiku Abibakar and Ibrahim Babangida is a veritable showcase of the Arewa mentality, a mentality that has no particular values except the desperation for clinging to power at all costs.

Atiku threatened fire and brimstones in the event that he failed to become the next civilian President of Nigeria. It is important to make a distinction as Atiku, in his warning to petrified Nigerians, insinuated that he could become a civilian-military President if Jonathan blocked his ascendancy via the plainly civilian route. He turned a famous quote on its head in order to stress the potency of his warnings. And, of course, stoutly behind him in this proclamation of infamy is Ibrahim Babangida, a man with the coat of many colours. They jointly forewarned of the possibility of a putsch. This may yet be a threat that should not be treated lightly as Babangida is a master coup plotter and executioner.

I have never been a Jonathan supporter, nevertheless, I remain convinced that another dimension was introduced into the concept of political misadventure and unabashed hooliganism in Nigeria with the recent pronouncements of the duo of Atiku Abubakar and Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, the two leprous arms of the same diseased body. The diseased body being Northern Nigeria. That these unapologetic Northerners could use brazen blackmail and intimidation in their desperation to cling to power is most shameful and a situation that should not be condoned. The pervading Northern madness was further confirmed by the haste with which CANSU (Coalition of Atiku Northern Supporters) endorsed and magnified the insane threats of the duo. CANSU under the leadership of a sick Islamic scholar, by name Dr Yakubu Ahmed, glorified the barbarity of Boko Haram and threatened a magnificent showpiece of this brutality on the rest of Nigerians in the event that the Northern birthright is denied. The ordinarily treasonable statement by this non-descriptive and criminal organization called CANSU has only confirmed the suspicion of madness with which the other parts of the country view certain segments of the North. It is also significant to state that Atiku Abubakar and Ibrahim Babangida have so far refused to condemn the pronouncement of CANSU.

It is a shame when a man who ruled a country for just short of a decade could resort to ethnic and primordial sentiments in trying to achieve a selfish objective. It is a tragedy when a recent deputy Head of a country could threaten total instability of same country. This is a sad reflection of the quality of leadership that Northern Nigeria has bestowed on our poor nation.

The intrigues in the People’s Democratic Party in recent times have been a source of entertainment to Nigerians who rightly perceive the party as the main problem with our dear nation. Many party affiliates have made strenuous attempts to link the fate of PDP with that of Nigeria. This, I refused to accept. In as much as this obnoxious party has coerced power from Nigerians, it remains to be affirmed that other parties do exist in the country and thus Nigerians do have choice. The disintegration of PDP would only amount to the disintegration of greed and avarice, that of opportunistic political leadership, corruption and gangsterism. It would, in effect, not be a loss to Nigeria.

I was wondering if Nigeria should out of fear calmly succumb to the glorification of Atiku’s destructive self ambition. Perhaps, we should simply call the forthcoming (s)election a no-show and simply ask Jonathan to hand over to Atiku without even a pretext at voting. I really did not have to wait long as Jos and its environ became engulfed in yet another round of religious cum ethnic violence and murder. The guns are still booming. A sign of the impending state of lawlessness and chaos to come, a la CANSU style?

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has succeeded in making himself the focus of Northern hatred by his discreetly manipulative political style and his opportunistic fascination with power. In his unbridled desire to ensure the perpetuation of his presidency beyond May 2011, Jonathan may be the catalyst that would test the much dreaded Northern political and military stranglehold of Nigeria. He may yet turn out to be the nemesis that the North should have left in peace. He could as well turn out to be the panacea for ridding our body polity of the nuisance of PDP. Only time would tell.

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