Anthony Weiner, Fallen Stars, Arrogant Powerful Men Sexual Entitlement

Vagina and the lust for vaginal sex ended the promising illustrious career of erstwhile congressman, Anthony D. Weiner, the firebrand Democrat from New York!

The fixation on sex consumes yet another powerful man and in New York City again. In the last sixty days, Dominique Strauss-Kahn the former leader of the International Monetary Fund or IMF was arrested because of sex and his career soon ended.

Then there was another banker Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar from Egypt, who was similarly arrested for seeking sex inappropriately, again in New York City.

And before all these, a brilliant lawyer, a public policy wonk, with great foresight, a man who foretold the greed, avarice and sundry corporate wrongdoings, which presaged the financial meltdown and the current recession-depression.

Elliot Spitzer, a man who was governor of the state of New York and could have be president of the United States, Eliot Spitzer, was compel to resign as governor because he sourced sex inappropriately.

John Edwards, another lawyer, with phenomenal success in private practice, whose late wife was also a lawyer, both accomplished spouses. John Edwards became candidate for vice president and then candidate for the presidency of the United States, but, he is now indicted, all because he sought sex inappropriately. His public policy ideas were superb!

Why Do Powerful Men feel this sense of entitlement to sex from multitudes of women? Is it a matter of arrogance, ego, hubris, narcissism, and a sense of invincibility?

Anthony Weiner is married to a gorgeous woman with a high profile job, she is in great shape and they have been married for just one year, but, among Congressman Weiner’s sexting-textng-friends, was a “retired” porn star, an expert in pornography as consultant to the Congressman?

Mr. Weiner cannot argue that he is already bored with his marriage. He cannot argue that his wife is lazy, fat or obese and a slob, because none of these applies to her! So, what was the excuse?

Are these powerful men merely engaged in, these inappropriate sex and the resulting scandal, because they believed that they could get away with it? Could it be because these men believe they could have any woman, because they just could?

What is exactly the motivation? Arrogance or misplaced self-assured ego, allowed these men to pretend that they are super-fly-invincible … it turns out that they are gold fishes, and gold fishes have no hiding places!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a guy, I too like women… and I am not beyond temptations… but, here is the deal for me regarding Congressman Weiner, he is married only one year, he is young, and so is his gorgeous wife, high-profile career… WHY RUIN ALL THAT? And now, he is out of work in these tough economic times? AND for WHAT?

I don’t get him and other menfolk like him… it is not as if his wife is overweight or a slob… she is a complete package, shape, career and high-profile flyer, her employment with US Secretary of State, Mrs. Hilary Rodham Clinton; How could Congressman be bored with such gorgeous -shapely and career lady? AFTER ONLY ONE YEAR of marriage? What did I miss?

Congressman Weiner was greatly admired by many, including this writer! He spoke often and consistently in defense of Democratic Party values and defended President Obama administration policies, when other Democrats were tepid, timid and timorous … and spineless in defending their party’s ideals! But there goes the neighborhood with his fixations on female orifices of pleasure!

He did not even get to live his fantasies… he was always at the talking and planning and more planning stages… how he would use his mightily endowed crutch and male equipment… he talked a good game, but, he never really got near to any orifices or crevices of the female anatomy which he craved… he never got to the center of pleasure… he merely talked, text and dreamed a lot about other women … he only still had his wife… he is getting enormously huge punishments without ever really getting to commit the “crime” proper

Anthony D. Weiner, a superb congressman and a promising candidate for the mayoralty of New York City, now bleeds from mortal political wounds; self-inflicted wounds! He was silly, stupid and sophomoric or SSS… sex, ha!

Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner were great on advocacy… I truly admire Eliot Spitzer despite the scandal! Spitzer has great foresight and he is a superb policy wonk… on the whole, Spitzer and Weiner are great on public policies… consistent with my worldview, except for these scandalous indiscretions and attendant or consequent ruinations! We the public have suffered losses as a result of their downfalls.

There are many who are saying that this fixation to sex and particularly inappropriate sex, is not unique to only powerful men, or that it is not only powerful men who take undue advantage of women sexually, all men think of and want sex, I understand that…

But, what I do not understand is how powerful men abuse their powers arrogantly, taking undue advantage of women to whom the men have put in powerless position and how such arrogance lead the men to think they are invincible and beyond reproach or even contrition etc

Why would educated men, with great careers, and men at the zenith, apex and pinnacle of their career and life, chose to endanger all that, through stupid risks, say, with a prostitute, a porn star, a hotel maid, or the resort to twittering naked pictures of male anatomical parts? How does tasteless picture earn any man a date?

It broke many hearts in his constituency, as they learned that Anthony D. Weiner has resigned! His childlike indiscretion was wacky, but what got completely out of control, was his elaborate cover-up, in which he granted countless interviews during which he was garrulous and flippant, too flippant!

In the end, he looked really like a common criminal, a thief with his hand caught in the cookie jar, he was heckled at the press conference as he announced his resignation, that for a man who was always press savvy and a darling of the media! He always had the issue right, full grasps and intelligent prescriptions or proffered solutions.

No one should be sanctimonious here, we all have our weaknesses. But, to those who so much are given, much is expected. A congressperson should be doing the people business. There is deep recession-depression, three foreign wars, Afghanistan, Iraq and now, in Libya as well.

There is now a chronic unemployment throughout the United States. There are millions of mortgage foreclosures by banks and financial institutions, leaving many home owners helpless and desperate. Cities and municipalities are filing for bankruptcies.

Fire houses are closing. Services are being cut, including reductions in Police, Teachers, Library and other essential services; and a politician takes pictures of his manhood and mail such to several women?

Politicians engaging in sexually explicit scandals and then, causing such distractions from everything which is important, he then eventually resigns after so much pressure from the press and public, Democrats and Republicans? The man engaged in silly, stupid, sophomoric sexual scandal, then, lied to cover up the embarrassing sleaze, talk of waste of valuable time!

Some politicians are in a Race-To-The-Bottom? Scandalous, voyeuristic and immature sex-texting with several women … inappropriate and distasteful photographs does not elevate politics or public policy and AND does not even enhance or facilitate getting any lady! What lady gets impressed by a guy, whose seeks to persuade her with pictures of his crutch?

I never heard of any man getting a lady, because he showed her a picture of his bulging manhood or crutch in underpants, bulging, not matter how bulging!

It is so tempting to generalize about these apparently sex-crazed politicians. It is not

a good idea to generalize… it is rather an intellectually lazy thing to generalize!

There are good politicians and not so good ones… there are great Catholic priests and there the many others who molest boys/children sexually, and there virtues and vices across the world. It is not good to generalize period!

In recent memory, we have had mighty men falling from grace for inappropriate sex, President Clinton, Governor Jim McGreevy of New Jersey, Governor Sanford South Carolina, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, Golfer Tiger Wood, Banker-Politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Senator John Ensign, Senator Larry Craig etc

Why steal what you already you are abundantly supplied by gorgeous your gorgeous wife? Why snatch what you can get through persuasion?

Why do some men seek sex from women who are less beautiful, in worse shape, and with less education, class and career, than the wife at home? Why have a whole cow and still a chicken? It will be interesting to know the answer!

But why do powerful men, politicians, business moguls at the top of their games, squander all that for sex, illicit, stolen, criminal and inappropriate sex?

Why do powerful men work so hard, then, only to gamble it all away for sex?

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