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April Polls: Are Nigerians Ready?

It is election time again and the enemies of Nigeria are seeking the votes of poor Nigerians. Would Nigerians keep rewarding politicians who loot our treasury with their votes? Are Nigerians ready to vote for the right men and women? These are big questions to ponder over. The Nigerian masses have over the years been impoverished, disempowered and have also lost hope in the banana island called Nigeria . A plantation where a few greedy men and women have a perpetual influence on the destiny of millions of people.

But can we afford to be non-chalant as we approach another election? Some Nigerians might feel unconcerned about the state of the nation since independence but the reality is that Nigeria ’s progress or otherwise affects all her citizens. The reason why everyone of voting age need to turn out in their numbers on election days and rally behind that man or woman who would look out for the generality of Nigerians.

There is no excuse for watching Nigeria continue in its inglorious past. We all have a stake in the progress of the country besides no single person can turn Nigeria around. We can only achieve independence from political slavery if we work together as a people. It is a widespread believes that those we need in Aso-Rock, the National Assembly and all elective positions are selfless men and women. Only the Nigerian masses can ensure that we have individuals of proven integrity occupying elective offices come May 29, 2011. The power to elect credible leaders still lie with the electorate, we must not be dismayed at our unsuccessful trial in the past.

Many politicians have continued to rig votes and elections because we do not stand by what we believe. It is high time we said NO to all bribes by Nigerian politicians and work together in unison in order to kick leaders who embezzle government money out of the political system. There is no doubt that politicians have given the poor masses a hard time but we must have the will to rise above their plot to impoverish Nigerians further. We have to prepare ourselves for another round of electoral fraud and malpractices by most politicians because they would not allow the country to experience free and fair elections. Indeed, now is the time to say NO to self-imposed and unimaginative leaders. Nigerians no longer feel at home in their own country because the so-called leaders have failed in their responsibility to provide security, welfare and the basic amenities of life. They use their positions to enrich themselves leaving Nigerians at the mercy of an unstable economy and decayed infrastructure. Their selection or election means everything except service to the people. It is only in Nigeria that going into politics is mainly for getting rich and wealthy. Most politicians care less about the wellbeing of the country and its people. They acquire power to make life unbearable for their fellow citizens.

Nigerians have to be fully prepared for checkmating the country’s enemies. And if majority of Nigerians do not run out the streets when the results of elections are announced later this year, then, we are not ready to take our destiny in our hands. We can only glory in the fact that our votes count if we have faith in Nigeria and stick out for only honest and credible leaders—a feat every Nigerian will be proud of. Enough of the impoverishment, marginalization and misfortunes.

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