Audu Ogbeh: Seeking The Mercy of The Battered

by Sylvester Fadal

Anenih went on air and said ‘there was no vacancy in any government house and every governor had automatic ticket’. Declarations like that make him like the Pontiff, the Supreme Pontiff of PDP. That is the thing killing the PDP and hurting the country very badly. He is to check himself, just as we all need to check ourselves.”

Sylvester Fadal Responds:

Mr. Ogbeh was satisfied with these innocuous and yet delirious comments when he enjoyed the chairmanship of the PDP. Now that he has been sent packing for his disingenuousness and his bi-fanatic politics, he finds it justifiable to criticize others. Though his concerns are arguably true, why speak up now.

According to Audu Ogbeh:

“Now the communiqué (of the Southern Leaders meeting) came out and there were so many threats; we will boycott this, we will boycott that. It was not necessary. But the issue now is; the question of honor, the question of honor. If at the highest level of leadership in our country, we begin to show lack of honor and try to design clever argument to cover up mischief and dishonor, it is tragic,” he said further.”

Sylvester Fadal Responds:

Give me a break Mr. Ogbeh. What honor? With all due respect, the above comments are clearly synchronous with your personal actions while you served as the chair of the PDP. As the chair, you had power, influence and control. You thought it was okay for a party to hijack the freedom of the masses and you opined through various modalities that the PDP was functioning as a duly practical political party. It was within your influential abilities to address the resultant national tension that polarized the nation in 2003 but you, Mr. Ogbeh, in your joyful position, cared very little about the citizens of the nation. Why do you now believe Nigerians will take sympathy with you solely for your own meditative, selfish benefits to see the North rule again so you can occupy a top-notch position. You ought to be ashamed as the anxiety caused by your actions among others, negatively polarized the minds of Nigerians and buried a sad level of fretfulness within most citizens till this date.

According to Audu Ogbeh:

“There was an agreement to cede the Presidency to the North after eight years in the South and that Anenih participated and voted in the process of taking the decision, Ogbeh recalled: “We agreed at a NEC (National Executive Council) meeting in the Year 2002 and voted 47 to 2. I chaired it (the meeting). I put the issue to vote that we should allow South eight years and the North eight years and everybody was happy.

Sylvester Fadal Responds:

Ah ha. Finally, the truth. The concern of Ogbeh is not the comment made by Anenih but Ogbeh’s selfish desire to see the North rule again so he can seat at the helm of affairs, impetuously, building wealth for himself and his family. What is this sickness with the North and their dying desire to rule Nigeria non-stop? They have ruled the nation for over 30 of our 45 years of independence but all they seek is not collaboration but a desire to be at the helm of affairs. What are the northern criteria based on?

What have we gained from the leadership of the North? What of the South-East and South-South? If any, these two regions ought to hold on to the leadership of the nation for the next 14 years if we truly want to segment the presidency into regional quadrants. Are the northerners more qualified than the southern or easterners? Why would Ogbeh, a man who claims he cares for the nation boldly deliberate and chair a committee that divides and donate the presidency of the nation to the North and South-West?

If the rule of law is to be truly applied in Nigeria, Ogbeh should be in jail for his diseased and inhibitory actions glazed by his corruptive acts. The suffering of the masses shows clearly that nothing good has happened under any leadership till this date. Despite the efforts of OBJ to address corruption, there remains, a non-correlation between all the recovered and generated funds with the lives of innocent citizens as it relates to basic amenities and fundamental survival needs. People are living in misery because of poor management decisions and greed of all of our past and present leaders.

This continuum of poor leadership and false performance measures translate to several poor, disheartening prevailing happenings in the nation today. The airplane crashes and mishaps among other failing infrastructures rest on the government and the greedy natures of the affluent that chooses to buy rejected and aged p

lanes knowing the weakness of our regulatory airline agency.

The non-existence of truly functional fire departments, the broke-back desperation of citizens to survive and the general weakness of the systems are all clues of failures on those who lead us and not the citizens at the bottom. Since we have tasted the leadership abilities of the North for 35 years and the leadership ability of the West (OBJ) for another 10, it is maybe time to try the South-East or South-South. This change I believe is needed, though I personally detest the idea of picking a leader based specifically on pigeonholing ethnicity baseline.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “we cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Realistically, I doubt if anyone that attains the helm of affairs in Nigeria will not eventually embrace corruption. Reviewing the list of our past, present and potential future leaders, it is obvious that the mentality of these individuals have not changed.

To this effect, I recommend a change in leadership reasoning. We need a new generation leader from the South-East or South-South. Someone as bold and as fearless as Rawlings will be a great start.

Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous December 28, 2005 - 7:47 pm

You made some good comments about the ineptitude of Nigeria's leadership system. I am one of those with strong belief that Obasanjo is the problem of Nigeria not Ogbeh. Take his war on corruption for example. He has failed to probe IBB and Chief Tony Anenih till date, while he goes about chasing his perceived enemies. Afterall, neither of these criminals have any immunity to hide under, yet he is protecting them for his selfish reasons. Obasanjo is not a honest man and his lack of meaningful "education" has made him very provocative on any issue of national importance. People should not forget that this man has never been a politician, but a military man all his life hence he does not understand the rule of law and will never respect the constitution of the land. He has failed woofully and is only testing the patience of Nigerians by attempting to manipulate the constitution for his dubious terd term agenda. As a result, he is not only destabilising the entire political system, but telling Nigerians that he is the supreme pontiff of not only the PDP but the entire country. He has failed woofully and should leave the stage for a more competent leader to run the country after his term-it is as simple as that.


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