Back Stabbing Betrayal Tendencies of Dr Mimiko Why He May Never Rule Ondo State

by Adewale Ologbon

A critical and clinical appraisal of the life and times of Dr. Mimiko between 1983 and now, it is crystal clear that the most visible character trait and his no 1 “stock-in-trade” is BACK STABBING and BETRAYAL OF HIS BENEFACTORS”

Deceptive leaders like Mimiko will always believe that their private imperfections or inadequacies won’t have public consequences, but they always do. Leaders cannot escape who they truly are and what they do in the dark comes out in the light. If what they do is good, it builds characters in the leader and trust in the people, but if it is bad then it undermines everything they do until there’s no solid ground left for them to stand on.

According to Soren Kierkegaard “Life can only be understood backwards but it has to be lived forwards”. Consequently, the hour has come for us as believers in the beauty of our dreams and the enviable future of Ondo State to say that the sunshine state has today been taken out of the woods, and going by the clearly defined policy thrusts on human and infrastructural development by Dr. Agagu Led team, it is clear that we have left Egypt and we are journey-bound to our promised land.

While preparing and rehearsing for our eventual departure for the promised land, very many were tried and tested but the only one that has been able to affect our totality in an unusual style is Dr. Agagu. This feat is so precious that we will legitimately resist every attempt at loosing our pearls to the swine’s. Now that we know better, we will rebuff every move especially by a self-acclaimed leader whose style and fashion is consistently devoid of:


Dignity and


In the light of the foregoing the need to let the good people of Ondo State know or notice the subtle but dangerous character traits of Dr. Mimiko that will stand between him and the possibility of ever ruling or governing our beloved “Sunshine State”.

The following factors are clear signs that the he cannot and will not rule Ondo State as long as he remains unrepentant personality in contemporary polity of this state:


(1) The blind Ambition of becoming the governor of Ondo State,

(2) Ego-of-believing that “he is always the better man.

(3) Penchantly and passionately disloyal to his bosses/benefactors.

(4) Consistently daring and destructive.

(5) A pathological liar and a master in the art of deception

(6) Believes he is smarter than the other person

(7) Has traded his conscience for a heart of stone.

(8) His ambition is premised in “let the end justify the means”

(9) Tolerantly intolerant.

(10) May have strategy but lacks character


If we open a conflict between the present and past, we may lose the future. Now is the time for us to stand tall in the beauty of who we are, hold tightly to the wisdom of our fathers, dream the big dreams of a righteous Nigeria and make ourselves and our generation a solemn promise” we will be silent no more.

To fold our arms and sidon-look” is to say the least an acceptance of administering a poisonous narcotic into our psyche and entire body system. Never in our lives and in the history of our beloved state will a “desperado” like “Iroko” become the accounting and chief security officer of a materially and humanly endowed state like ours.

Enough of these political scheming, enough of these craftiness, e – n – o – u – g – h of these willful and calculated deceptions of the good people of Ondo State and the nation at large.

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Jane February 20, 2009 - 3:26 pm

Thanks everybody for letting this man know is writing rubbish, he said he lives in UK, now, I live in Akure for Adefarati 4 yrs, Agagu 4yrs and now another stupid 1yr. I was there during the election, I monitored everything myself, on tv, everything was crab, in my street only 4 people voted for Agagu, in Adegbemile behind A-division 25 voted for Agagu, with much rigging, Mimiko still won, Obasanjo declared Agagu in Abuja when election is not complete. MR OLOGBON, tell me if you are in Akure or ONdo State during election period, Tell me if you did not see our Deputy Governor on Cable network for rigging, Tell me if Agagu did not use AGBO ILE(KETIKE-Thug) to rigg election in Akure, Tell me if Agagu did not use MILITANTS to rigg in his place (ORI OMI) Tell me if Agagu did not use FADAGERI(Thug) to rigg in IKARE, Tell me if the election was not announce when people are still votin, Tell me if the election did not take 2days for INEC to declare, Tell me if INEC did not talk to Oba Adesida, Agagu, Mimiko in INEC office on Monday, Tell me if INEC commissioner did not say he wants to go and declare in ARMY barrack, Tell me when election start in OWO(cause they did not want Rigging), Tell me what happen in IJAPO, Go and ask Agagu PA (Tony ALa) if he was not beaten for rigging by people, ask expensive where he is during election rigging (OBANLA), STOP DESTROYING ONDO STATE ON WEBSITE BECAUSE YOU ARE IN LONDON, ONE ONDO ONE IROKO, GO AND SEE HOW PEOPLE, POLICE MEN, ARMY, MARKET WOMEN CELEBRATE WHEN MIMIKO WAS DECLARE IN TRIBUNAL, ONE AGAGU ONE AGBO ILE(THUGSSSSSSSSSS)

Reply December 22, 2008 - 11:09 am

Thanks Abbey for your contribution on me rather than the subject matter. I am indigene of Ondo State and I visit my State in recent times to verify the series and chains of lies the Mimiko led LP cohorts have been propagating about the Dr Agagu led Administration. For someone like me who have seen the welcomed development in Ondo State now is doing my best to publish to the whole World the credibility of this Government. I wont believe what the whole world as you claimed believed but will establish the truth that I have see with my two eyes and will do my best to change it’s orientation.

You may want to conclude that the Election that brought Agagu to the State’s house was rigged and unacceptable but the truth of the matter is there is no election in Nigeria that is void of rigging and I can assure you that Mimiko and the LP too rigged but no one seems to pen that down in any argument. Old boy! let us grow from this unholy lies cum propagandas and embrace the truth which is not far from us . Im talking about the final verdict that will be pronounced at the Appellate Court in a matter of months time.

Abiodun December 21, 2008 - 1:58 am

@ Adewale: Don’t you get Tired of the same line of argument?

I asked because you have been writing this nonsense everywhere they would allow you to post your crap. Just like you stated – you live in the UK, so you are far removed from events in Nigeria, much less Ondo state. If you have been tuned-in — like you want to see yourself–you should realize that not only are your opinions of the events you write about laughable, they are totally out of sync with the general impressions on ground! Even in your neck of the woods in UK, take time to seek out what the people think and know about the emergence of LP and Mimiko.

As an indigene of Ondo State and former PDP card carrying member, I can tell you that you can’t be farther from the truth!

Reply December 19, 2008 - 5:17 pm

Hello Tope, unfortunately you have not veiw this article with a right mind and heart. I will give you more time to veiw it with an unbiased approach then you will see my point. You said you don’t know Mimiko but the person that has written this article knows him very well so you may not conclude on a person you dont know. Dont see this as a way to assasinate anyone’s character but it is meant to expose individuals who always think they are better than others and who does not have an iota of credibility. I hope this opens you up a bit.

Reply December 19, 2008 - 5:04 pm

Thanks Taiwo for your comment, I used to live in Ondo State but not now so the issue of exile will not even occur. You see, rather than crucify me for making a point clearer to your likes who are not in any way informed on these sorts of development it will be much more productive for you to write out and pen down your own research based on issues and that is if you know. I have researched and I know what I’m talking about. Have you ever thought about if Agagu win at the Appellete Court? Let us chill and see and then the truth will be as tangible as touchable and all you anti-truth will see the light.

Tope December 18, 2008 - 11:22 am

This article is very poor. it could as well have been written by a primary school pupil because in as much that you have tried to assassinate somebody’s(Dr Mimiko) character, you never for once mentioned any evidence to support your claims , they were just your own opinion. I do not know much about Dr Mimiko or Governor Agagu but this article looks like a poor effort at character assassination by someone that is less than competent. thanks

Taiwo December 18, 2008 - 5:34 am

What would you do when Dr. Mimiko gets sworn-in in January?

The way you have gone about your online campaign against the Mimiko — from your failed blog to Nigerian Muse, then here, I will be surprised if didn’t go on self-exile from Ondo State when Agagu is sent packing .

Unfortunately for you though, you stories are the same, and and lack much integrity. I ask, why bother? You must have received a decent commission to do this crap? Right?


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