Barack Obama and New American Diplomacy (3)

I subscribe to the adage that experience is the best teacher. The episodic visits by Africans to the SLAVE DEPOT at the SLAVE CASTLE in Ghana, induces awe and epistemic knowledge of man’s inhumanity to man.

I watched with a heavy heart, the incomprehension, with which Mrs. Michelle Obama, lived through the excursion of the infamous Castle, during President Barack Obama’s visit to the Fortress of Shame, erected as a historical evidence of the work of the Luciferians from across the Atlantic Ocean.

I had the singular privilege to have been a visitor to the Infamous Center in 1962, on my way to Fourah Bay College, Freetown, Sierra Leone. That experience shaped my consciousness.

As a result, each time a Caucasian spoke about justice, human rights, rule of law and matters of conscience, I became indifferent asking whether my lecturer is not a distant cousin of those who traded in human beings, on whose bleeding backs great empires and economies were built.

The CASTLE experience always remains etched somewhere in the arteries that transport blood through the body of the rueful former visitor to the “DOOR OF NO RETURN.”

When you visit the gory place, you shall know the truth about satanic designs in the hearts of evil men. We take heart because the cripples and demented cretins around Europe and America are perhaps the re-incarnated souls of former slave-traders of yore, working out their karmic debts, which they owe to the TRIUNE GOD, who declared that “Vengeance is MINE”

When veteran journalist, Anderson Cooper asked President Obama whether the slave era is something that should be remembered and talked about, I angrily answered “YES”.

Obama’s linking the slave trade experience with the holocaust, was inappropriate. The death of six million Jews was deplorable, but words cannot describe a horrendous trans-Atlantic movement of human beings for over many centuries!!!

Upon reflection, I think that in his awed circumstance, the President was not prepared for the question, which hit him with the force of a whiplash.

As a result of the passage of time, only a few satisfactory, epistolary evidence exist and the original documents on the slave trade have, perhaps been doctored or destroyed because of their shameful contents, by historians, who, gripped by the power of shame, did not want future generations to be inoculated by the horrific stories in those documents.

Yet, horrendous epithets can be found on the walls and the floor at the CASTLE. The epoch-making slave trade has left a most important effect on people and history.

The CASTLE will remain an eponym for universal injustice, which cannot be atoned for till time indefinite! It was and will remain the epoxy that glues past wickedness to contemporary vicissitudes that man continues to inflict on states, nations and individuals.

If we lament man’s inglorious slave trade, what do we say about bombed cities, bombed hotels and other indubitable wrongs that are being done to man by stronger nations?

Man has learnt nothing! Strong nations fain do as they please, speaking the language of privileged government, lecturing, dispensing uneven-handed verdicts as suit national interests. Saudi Arabia is good. China and Soviet Union were bad. Iraq, the Afghans, Iranians must be democratized or else…

This was the epistemological foundations of slavery. Since he was black and not civilized, he must be taken away to be civilized.

The Taliban must embrace democracy, our democracy. Africans must be denigrated to suit the whims and caprices of morbid anatomists, who revel in laughing at the under-dog, who no longer eat s the fattest bones but real meat.

The wealth, which was gained by colonial dishonesty, is diminishing. Slave labour created the affluence of slave trading nations. The economic down-turn has reversed their fortunes irremediably. The sentence against slavery was not executed speedily because GOD was waiting for ATONEMENT, which has not been filed in Heaven

The proud look of the slave trader is still discernible in the attitude of racists, xenophobes and people with reactionary-minded tendencies.

In the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, haters of men will be destroyed in the spiritual spinning coil of parallel spiritual forces, through fractional distillation.

The lower selves of the Sons of slave traders are still very strong that is why they are still enamoured with conquests of States and space. Failures in the governance of men on earth have become problematic as small nations resist occupation and usurpation of their resources.

The debauchery been promoted in civilized states bind people down to carnal life in an Era, when spirit-consciousness should be the order.

Enslavement of people now takes many forms. Trafficking in women, subjecting children to slave labour, payments of very low wages for arduous work, with-holding pensions and gratuities, and the self-exile to foreign states, where the immigrant is subjected to blackmail, forced induction into the Intelligence outfits of foreign states, which send them on dirty tricks missions, etc.

Such people are play-things and are pawns in the game of politics. Caught in the web of circumstance, they are imprisoned for life since such libertines are never allowed to return to their countries. They are often made to enter into false marriages in which duty comes before marital bliss.

They relinquish all rights to judge. They become militarized robots, in the service of geo-politics. The Sagittarian in me resists conscription of men for dirty tricks past-times. It is modern slavery. If you are in it, quit, if you can.

I often pity these specky men, who have shifty eyes, nervous mien and taciturn frame of mind. They are spies and slaves. They become stone-washed with time. They often get discharged, when their reflexes begin to fail.

The greatest event of the 21st century is not the landing of men on the moon, (which the Russians still dispute either as a result of jealousy or informed research), but the ascendancy of those people, who used to be ridiculed some decades ago.

China’s social development as a major manifestation of socialist democracy, the economic opening up of the Dark Continent, the victories of black sportsmen, artists, the intellectual rigour of academics, who use European languages and still excel, etc.

The unbroken spirit of the slaves, who saw hell, smell death but never gave up, must be celebrated. The slave trader built a formidable fortress in Ghana in order to contain the slaves before their shipment to the “NEW WORLD”.

Unwittingly, the slave trader erected a monument through which the world now mirrors the stone-hearted, cut-throat concupiscence of those brutish misanthropes

I thank the Government of Ghana for preserving forever the most callous abuse of Africans in historical time. I fervently recommend that those human beings, who are created by GOD, may visit THE CASTLE, so that they would be awed and shocked in many profound ways.

Obama’s diplomatic forays into Africa has been made easier by the fact that he appreciates the devastating effects of both the slave era and the colonial epoch, which cannot be down-played or treated with levity.

Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other Holocaust protesters should join Africans in forever remembering the TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE.

It was a good experience, as it would open the way for Obama’s consciousness to be lionized. He now understands better why a people that were so destroyed cannot meet his wishes too soon.

Sasha will carry the message into the 22nd Century and her great grand children further still.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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