Baroness Amos, I Thought You Were Better Than This!

by John Iteshi

I have always looked at you as one of the proper role models we should be showcasing to our young ones both because of your exalted position and the fact that you admirably wear your natural hairdo without attachments. Yes, I have always celebrated people like you and Condoleezza Rice as the Black women that should be celebrated rather than the Beyonces who are destroying the Black race with the notion that Black women cannot be beautiful enough in their own skin, but must wear some dead White womens hairs.

I honestly believed that people like you are the future of the Black race because you are in positions where you can influence European policies on Black Africa and the Black race in general. I was in fact, about to write letters to you and other prominent Black British leaders to suggest the need for a forum of Black leaders in Britain as an umbrella for forging a strategy for the development of the Black race. This thought was inspired by my realization that Black British leaders are too individualised and not working in unison for the development of Black Africa and Black societies in the Caribbean. I thought there was a great need for leaders like you to get together as a step towards articulating our problems and possible ways out. I passionately believed that people like you are the future of the Black race( despite your unfortunate remark to BBC earlier this year that Toyin, the ignorant Black man who disrupted the celebration of the 200 years of end of slavery, “…reflected the anger and the pain that still exists” ), until some minutes ago when the BBC News 24 showed you in Lisbon doing the most dishonourable job of promoting the misguided British notion that Zimbabweans are starving because they sacked white farmers.

I find it very sad that you agreed to be used to show that the White worlds irrational obsession about Zimbabwe is not founded on racism. I think it is very disgraceful for the Black race that people like you in the year 2007 are being used in this way. It is plainly obvious that the only reason you were sent to Lisbon was because the British government wanted to use a Black person against Robert Mugabe.

I definitely do not have anything against Britain as I am most grateful for the fact that this great country has accepted me and treated me better any Black country in this world (not even my miserable country Nigeria) would have treated me. I am also very much conscious of the shameful fact that the most racist white country would treat even Black criminals better than the best Black Country treats its best citizens. I am most importantly well informed about the fact that but for the White race, Black Africa would have been under slavery today. However, I believe very strongly that we must make some concerted efforts to change our status today before it becomes too late as it would indeed be in no distant time with the rise of China and India!

The way to change our status in this world is not by accepting the White supremacist notion that we cannot develop modern farming techniques either in Zimbabwe or anywhere else and must rely on White farmers to feed us. I think it is a grave disaster that in the year 2007, there is no successful society of people like us and you are aligning with the view that we should not even attempt to make efforts to be successful. I believe, irrespective of whether it was right or wrong for to have taken over White farms, that the step towards self determination which Mugabe is taking Zimbabwe is the right way to attempt to build our own Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia and that enlightened Black people ought to support him. I believe that this is not the moment to talk about how bad Mugabe as a person is, but to face the challenge which White supremacist have thrown to us, to build a successful Zimbabwe without White farmers.

You are of course entitled to have a different understanding of the issue in Zimbabwe, but I do not believe you are entitled to deny the real fact that the main challenge facing the Black race is to build our own successful societies. As I commented earlier today at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre during the MP Dianne Abbott‘s conference on the underachievement of Black boys, our childrens self esteem would improve greatly is we could have Singapore and Malaysia emerging out of Black Africa tomorrow. People like you should be most concerned that the Black race is failing and that there is nowhere to run to tomorrow if White people ask us to leave their land. People like you should be organizing Black people towards surmounting the great challenge of proving we are not inferior by building our own successful societies. People like you should have used their positions to influence more favourable British of EU foreign policies on Black Africa and Black societies in the Caribbean. You have disgraced the Black race by allowing yourself to be used in the racial war against Robert Mugabe.

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