Before Buhari is sent back to Daura in 2019

president buhari
President Buhari

When I saw the nauseating and uglified APC 2019 election posters of Musiliu Obanikoro, the former PDP Minister of State for Defense under the ineffectual and corrupt administration of Goodluck Jonathan, it brought a sour taste to my psychology. Initially, I thought I was dreaming, but I quickly realized in my conventional wisdom that this is happening in a country that is being jinxed? President Buhari is getting it wrong. Buhari is not in tune with the gravitas of a wasteland. As a Buharist, how do you justify Buhari’s induced favouritism for the convenience and ‘consciencelessness’ of his party members?

Why did the federal government tagged the activities of the misguided youths in the Eastern part of Nigeria as terrorism while the monstrosity of the Fulani herdsmen in the north is not seen as such? This is a complete double standard in a nation yearning for fairness and equitable distribution of justice. What is good or bad for the geese is also good or bad for the gander! Selective justice with the absence of rule of law will continue to diminish our collective trust, unity and peaceful coexistence.

It is very insultive to our collective intelligence and conscience to have welcomed Musiliu Obanikoro to Buhari’s anti-corruption fold. A man like this writer will be in absolute dissonance to be in the camp of those who have raped my state and the nation in general. Obanikoro is a man who brought an abomination (eewo) to my state in Ekiti. In a sane clime, the likes of Obanikoro will be in jail for corrupt practices. For him to be back to fraternise with a leader you hold in high esteem is not only abominable to our conscience, but it should be intolerable to ‘corruption-personified.’ It must not be allowed. The long awaited published list of corrupt politicians conspicuously expunged the names of people like Obanikoro because they’ve now become born-again APC members. This is very ludicrous! If you are not part of a clique or coterie of rapers, please, do not participate in caressing the victim of rape!

Meanwhile, if you really want to know a man, ask him to show you his intimate friend, and you can easily tell the kind of person he is… I have long said it in my various articles that PDP(1+APC) = Corruption. Only the like-minded ones will understand the 1 that is residing in bracket. In retrospect, President Buhari dished himself politically when in his stubborn refusal failed to be the Lee Kuan Yew of Nigeria. I have never seen a society where people who stole the national wealth threaten to sue for what their consciousness of guilt tells them it is not true! It is an inconceivable truism that can only happen in our clime. I had a long discussion with a Nigerian Professor based here in the United States recently, his frustration and fear about the situation in Nigeria are very concerning and understandable.

President Muhammadu Buhari has always jinxed himself by being emotionless when he should be proactive to timely assuage the nation in time national crisis. If people like Obanikoro could crosscarpet the party of Buhari, and he is welcomed back like a prodigal son, with the audacity for another political aspiration, then Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign will be a ruse! I know I will be scolded in the camp of Buhari’s adversaries for this new development. I accept full responsibility for my unalloyed loyalty to a man we beloved and believed would bring radical change to Nigeria. We are being jinxed into the same old!

Some of us the PMB’s faithfuls and admirers known as Buharists have always been umpires about the precarious situation in the country. Some are even very giddy with ludicrous assumption to think that we the Buharists love Buhari more than we love Nigeria. This is misnomer; a misplaced assumption and a figment of their imagination. Buharists castigate the president when we are suppose to reprimand him. But Buhari’s unrepentant haters have also wanted us to curse him, wish him bad luck and to pray for the downfall of his family and government. This is not how some of us were raised from a functional families. When a man is subsumed in hate and resentment, he’ll be blinded to anything good from his avowed hated and resented ‘adversary.’ The crossroads we have found ourselves as a nation is very scary and concerning.

When you close your eyes to decorum and other people’s opinions, you’re not only dishing or committing intellectual travesty, but you’re encouraging intolerance, bigotry and other cultural vices to fester your insensitive sense of judgement. President Buhari has erred in so many ways in the last 3years, but his unalloyed intention for a better Nigeria is being put to test now. We are reeling today back to yesterday. The jackals and hyenas that surround Buhari are parts of his impediments to meaningful success in this administration. The selfish, cross-carpeters and counter-carpeters and party prostitutes are inimical to the growth and development of the country.

Nigerian youths must wake up; re-mobilize themselves through mass orientations, get their acts together to secure their future. These men of yesterday must be told in plain language that they are in our last collective journey to our past. Thanks but no thanks to Mr. President for allowing men of yesterday to adversely redefine his anti-corruption campaign.

As a Buharist, I have always and honestly advocated for Buhari’s one-term presidency to go and take care of his fragile health. This writer is now encumbered with the naughtiness and divisiveness of the veiled Nigerian youth group to see the future. Nigerian youths must come to term; come together with one voice to send a powerful message of departure, or valedictory message in advance to President Muhammadu Buhari before 2019. We must help our president to peacefully retire through the general election in 2019. We must also thank him for his incorruptible service to his fatherland. But before his departure to his rustic village via Daura in 2019 to enjoy his twilight years, he must set a template of anti-corruption for the incoming youth group to continue strategically from where Buhari has erred.

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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