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Between the APC and the Wily Greeks

It is now the fad for every Tom, Dick and Harry to badmouth the Comrade Governor of Edo State, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole and the ruling All Progressive Congress; the vogue for the most despicable desperados to pour nauseating vituperations on the harbinger of light to Edo State; the fashion for clanging cymbals to pour invectives on, unarguably, the greatest leader Edo State has ever had. That is the sad scenario the good people of Edo State have been forced to be spectators to in recent times. Suddenly, Oshiomhole has become the most “vile” human being to have ever stepped foot on planet earth. What a laugh!

On a more serious note, nothing is more painful and exasperating than when a supposed friend betrays your trust; nothing more irritating than knowing you could have avoided being stabbed in the back by a professed ally wearing velvet gloves; nothing more infuriating than realizing you could have avoided a worst case scenario from rearing its head, after it has already occurred. These scenarios are the truest replications of the condition of the Trojans in Homers Iliad, after realizing they had been deceived by the Willy Greeks through the gift of a wooden horse; an outcome that could have been avoided had they been cautious of the cosmetic diplomacy of their Greek foes – an oversight that consequently resulted in the infiltration and destruction of a fortified city that had, until that great blunder, withstood the relentless siege of the concert of Greek City States. Troy’s destruction could be adduced to tactical error on the part of its leaders in believing that a Greek army that had relentlessly laid siege on its walls for several years could capitulate suddenly and start waving an olive branch.

A similar scenario to the Trojan tragedy was almost replicated in Edo State when a group of mercenary politicians, having jumped from the weather-beaten opposition Canoe to sail in the Cruise Ship of the ruling All Progressive Congress – formerly Action Congress of Nigeria – attempted a civilian-style putsch to capsize the ship of unfettered democratic governance in the state; a poorly stage-managed, amateurish attempt to derail the moving train of unfettered popular rule in the state. Had this treacherous ploy succeeded, Edo State would have been thrown back to the gilded age of darkness when shady figures rode roughshod across the state, trampling the popular will to coma – a regressive return to the status quo ante. Thank God it didn’t succeed!

From the moment the life of the current Adam’s Aliyu Oshiomhole-led Government kicked off, the defeated members of the chief opposition party in the state have been unrelenting in their morbid attempts to turn back the hands of the clock. In a series of frantic maneuvers, they have engaged the ruling party in an internecine political war of attrition; a cutthroat struggle for the resources and minds of Edo State and its citizens; a war in which the antagonists have refrained from adhering to any civilized rules of political engagement; a war which has witnessed the use of the most extreme and arcane weapons by the opposition. Employing a large dose of propaganda, outright threats, sabotage, infiltration, in conjunction with other covert and overt strategies that are directed at marring the democratic process, the opposition has laid a relentless siege on the bastion of governance in the state.

The recent spate of cross-carpeting – from the APC to the chief opposition party in the state – by some disgruntled fifth columnists from the opposition camp, who had infiltrated the ruling party under the guise of solidarity, is actually the unfolding of a grand stratagem that had been designed for that purpose a long time ago; an alternative plan in the event of events going awry for the opposition at the 2008 polls – which they ultimately did; a plan B that was to be deployed when other options to continue the reign of infamy failed; a final Joker that was to be unleashed when the four Aces failed – a monster master stroke so to speak. The first phase of this master plan was to, first of all, “feign acquiesce” in other to make inroads into the party structures, secondly, “after gaining the trust of the party’s top hierarchy, to work from within to gradually take over the party structures,” with the sole purpose of re-inventing themselves and, thirdly, when all else failed, to “pull out from the party” and publicly discredit it – all geared towards sabotaging the party’s success in future polls.

However, what these modern-day Greek failed to put into consideration, before proceeding with their demonic plot, was the kind of opponents they were dealing with. They made a tactical error by taking on opponents that were more versed in the art of war; hasty in challenging proven gladiators, who saw through their treachery from afar, to a duel; stupid in taking on mighty warriors who had perfected their fighting skills over the years; battle-tested soldiers who were not deceived by the pseudo gifts of their Greek visitors – modern heroes who had learnt from the mistakes of the Trojans of old. These master strategists accepted the propositions of then prostitutes from the opposition to join their winning camp, without letting down their guards. Thus, when these lecherous invaders tried to stealthily strike, their alert hosts were waiting for them. It is the failure of these leeches to run the APC-led government through with their tainted daggers that has resulted in the ongoing brouhaha in the state.

That is why I see the plethora of crude censorships the governor and the ruling party are being subjected to by the unmasked “EFULEFUS” in our midst as simply the empty quips of frustrated Greeks whose poisoned chalices were rejected by Trojans they vainly attempted to deceive; hollow shenanigans of Mountain Trolls who have been exposed for who and what they truly represent; weak blasts of hot air from the lips of loquacious Goebbels; distressed squeals of empty shells. Having failed in their cockeyed bid to disrupt the democratic process, they have resorted to mudslinging, backbiting and witch-hunting – strategies that are projected towards executing their self declared vendetta against the APC and its chief flag bearer in the state; a completely preposterous, absolutely rank and villainous attempt to make Edo State ungovernable; a totally shallow ploy to discredit the APC and all the astounding achievements of its banner bearer since 2008; a half-witted, brash, rash and mischievous gambit that failed from the very day it was conceived.

Any right-thinking, roundly educated and informed observer of the unfolding drama in Edo State can see through this charade; a macabre dance of death that has exposed the pitiable depths over ambitious politicians are willing to condescend in their vain pursuits of fast receding dreams. The handwriting is on the wall for all discerning eyes to see. From doctoring public shows, which have been unashamedly christened “defections”, to create the false impression of an internal crisis in the APC; sponsoring protest marches to supposedly prove the level of disenchantment within the populace; instigating the ongoing crisis in the state House of Assembly – an impasse that has resulted in the bifurcation of the legislative arm with lawmakers holding parallel plenary along party lines; coupled with other manufactured disruptions that are targeted at stalling the smooth rolling of the wheel of governance in the state, the bushwhackers of Edo politics have left no rocks unturned in their morbid determination to wrest power from the APC, using all fowl means at their disposal.

Edo State is at the mercy of bloodsucking vermin who have the penchant for reaping what they did not plant; lazy vultures who traditionally feed off the hard work of others; shameless Ostriches who should be hiding their heads in the sand for having failed to deliver the divi

dends of democracy to their people, when they had the chance; opportunistic conflict instigators and entrepreneurs – modern day Neros is more appropriate – who fiddle while Edo burns. These are the people shouting themselves hoarse on Radio, Television and other communication mediums – regular and social – trying vainly to convince Edos of why they should accept a return to the hellish order of serfdom they once subsisted in – a throwback to the gilded age when fair was foul, and foul was fair.

The so-called born again political harlots in Edo State, by their latest indiscretions and infamies, have vindicated the old saying that “a leopard cannot wash off its spots”, no matter how hard it tries; they are born with spots and die with those spots – labels that mark them out for what they really are: damned souls who are beyond redemption of any sought; men who have been made mad by the gods prelude to their ultimate destruction. These enemies of light will never change because they abhor change itself; Philistines who are set in their dark ways; witch hunters who will never stop chasing shadows; damned dummies who, like the hunter’s dog who refused to listen to its master’s whistle, will definitely get lost in the labyrinth of confusion they have created in Edo State. That is the most just reward for these enemies of democracy – these enemies of development and growth.

As we approach the 2015 General Elections, prelude to the 2016 Gubernatorial Polls – the year the itinerant skunks in the opposition expect power to be ceded to them without a fight – more damning schemes to bludgeon the popular will should be expected from these evil Medusas in their last ditch attempts to capsize the ship of unfettered democratic governance in the state. We must all remain on guard to spot and frustrate all attempts by these Warlocks to undo the good works of the current administration, for according to Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance”. Power belongs to the people, the political sovereign, without whom governance loses its substance. It is our collective duty to save Edo State from the perfidious designs of these sniveling monsters. “Away with these Greeks”! God save Edo State!

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