Beware the Resurgence of the Men of Yesterday

Nigerian history is avoidably repetitious. If we the people refuse to learn from the ugly history, we are doomed to repeat it. Men of yesterday are stealthily coming to fore to sermon on us, on how democracy should work in a nation that is determined to consign the roles of these men, in the previous administrations to the dustbin of Nigerian history.

questionThe amplification of these sociopaths and their graft, and economic sabotage are being taken with nonchalance disposition by some of us. These people are unrepentantly back, playing on the intelligence of unsuspecting Nigerians. They continue to give all of us collective dirty and resounding slaps each time we have a reprieve or break, from their heinous political and economic crimes against the Nigerian people.

These political prostitutes have no modicum of shame in their Ethika politika. Rueben Abati’s preachments in the media these days nauseate social norms and values. Femi Fani-Kayode’s diarrhea of the mouth fouls our collective sense of history and common sense decorum and decency. My literary selfishness in reading Abati’s articles these days, is borne out of his engagements in the engineering of words in his literary construction, not his grotesque mediocrity.

Okupe’s stealthy, sly, shenanigan, shameless and pseudo-patriotism should be discountenanced. The unrepentant AGIPs are political 419ners trying to creep/sneak back to relevance. Nigerians should beware of them. When you want to egregiously dine with the devil, you should be ready with a long spoon, and also damn the consequences of your fraternity.

The non-correctable “wailing wailers” that stench the underbelly of Nigeria do so to derail the good intentions of this administration. These are the people who hide under their one warped canopy to spread premeditated-lethal-lies against men of honor. They should remember the burden of history.

The honest message to Nigerians is to beware, persevere; stay focussed, look inward to discern the good intentions of this administration; be unpatronising in our criticisms of Buhari’s government. When some members of the plebeians allow the corrupt political miscreants to play on their intelligence; to allow the addictive corrupt individuals dictate the pace of their future, they will not only be mortgaging their own future and that of their children, but they will be returning to their ugly past.

We should be cognizant of this admonitions to avoid the terrible mistakes of the past. Our future lies in our collective hands to determine how we are governed, not in the hands of our corrupt leaders.

Like I love to say, our generation should rediscover itself, as we are the magnificent manifestations of the progress of Nigeria.

Compliments of the Season to you all.

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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