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Brexit: A Journey to the Unknown

The referendum on whether Britain should exit the European Union is imminent. Those clamoring for Britain’s exit have not weighed the dire consequences of their stereotyped mind. What Brits tend to lose from the exit of the EU is more than what they will gain in their exit in the long run.

A big mistake for those Britons voting for the exit of Britain from the European Union. The British’s Diaspora will pay a very heavy price for Britain’s exit. This is not a general election vote where you have election at every end of a term. It is a vote of a lifetime. It’s irreversible!

The die-hard rights in Britain are subsumed with political expediency rather than promoting economic partnership with the rest of the makeups of the Union. The union should be incentivised for more realignment instead of the imminent disintegration. A conservative Britain with no visible economy leverage with be stifled economically and through tax hike. The Britons will bear the brunt of economic isolation. Russia will will be the gainer. A Pandora box will soon be opened that will expose the weakness of Britain.

The inner caucuses of the world affairs, that is, the world leaders are sounding note of warnings now. It is left for the Brits to make or mar the future of Britain in this dangerous political expedition. The veils in the eyes of the Isolationists  and the far right will be uncovered in years to come; they will realize that a formidable union is better than protectionism and isolationism.

This is my take in the Britain’s journey to the unknown! May the Divine intervention safe Britain from the Brits’ imminent decisions. But as close as the exit polls are close to polls to remain in the European Union, I predict Britain will remain with the EU.

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