Why Buhari must act fast!

Muhammadu Buhari
Muhammadu Buhari

Buhari’s efforts seem to be failing because of shoddy information from Aso Rock Villa, the seat of government. PDP and the children of corruption are having a field day for the new “scandal” or inadequate information rocking Aso Rock. Men of yesterday that shouldn’t even be seen in public are coming out like faeces to stench our troubled and concerned mind again.

Because of PMB’s slowness in action and reaction, and Buhari’s handlers and deliberate errors or complacency, his efforts seem to be in jeopardy because of the obvious deliberate indifference. It will continue to have negative impact on his good intentions and administration.

In a nutshell, I have been consistently saying it that inadequacy of information will stifle the efforts of PMB and his administration on anti-corruption. No matter how laudable Buhari’s programme might be, if he fails to speak out when the needs arise, he will continue to give leverage to GEJ and his coterie of looters to begin to foul our collective memory. Auspiciously, very soon Diezani Madueke too will begin to defend her uncured kleptomaniac disease (a penchant for accumulation of wealth).Buhari is surrounded by a political mafia and remnant of cabals from yesterday’s administrations. President Buhari is a one-man battalion in this war on corruption. Transparency must be sacrosanct to win over corruption. Buhari should please speak out, speak out not through his concerned wife (Aisha long time ago saw hyenas and vultures encircling her husband). He shouldn’t allow his administration to be immorally consumed by the children of corruption.

At times, silence is not the best answer to fools! If Buhari fails to inform the uninformed, concerned and unconcerned public, he will definitely tarry in intentions and actions at steering the country in the right direction. The country is more polarized now than ever along all lines of idiosyncratic ideas, and the sociopaths are so happy for our division and naughtiness. Buhari should understand the popular axiom of Prof. Pius Adesanmi that says: A Nigerian’s psychology is his/her deadliest enemy, rewire the already wired psychology, every other things shall be added unto it!

Meanwhile, PMB’s war on corruption must be a total war on all frontiers. Selective justice will derail his good intentions for Nigeria. Buhari must be seen to be all-encompassing in our war on corruption. There have been no deterrents of corruption but we have only been seeing sacred cows from within and outside of the All Progressives Congress-APC party, the party in power. All members of APC party who are found wanting or have skeletons in their closets should not be spared or excluded from the impending list of treasury looters in Nigeria. The list must be transparent and all-inclusive to give credence to anti-corruption crusade. The impending list should be published in book form for easy perusal, archive, and for posterity. There are some BIG names in Nigeria the next generation may not want to christen their children, because of their association with corruption and looting.

We know judiciary, legislature and the shoddy executive are his encumbrances but where he can use executive action to deliver on some national pressing issues. He must not waste time to do so. Buhari’s administration should begin to look into those economic constituents that will enhance the standard of living of the hapless Nigerians. Good roads, power and energy, potable water and adequate security, all these are catalysts and engines of growth that propel social interaction and economic development.

Looters must be in prison terms to serve as deterrent to others prospective or aspirational looters in future. That’s when Chukwuemeka from Owerri, Musa from Kano, Ebele from Niger Delta and Ojo or Ajayi from Ekiti will take the anti-corruption crusade very seriously. Apart from his glaring success at bringing back our international lost glory, one of the failures of Buhari’s administration is that, after two years, we have not seen any treasury looters in jail?

We the Buharists will not shy away from criticizing the president for lack of information dissemination and all-inclusive justice to the treasury looters! Selective justice where there’s alleged corruption in his government will undoubtedly dent his incorruptible and revered image if he fails to act accordingly.

War on corruption is a war that needs the collective efforts of all concerned citizens. For the first time in our nation’s history, we are seeing the efforts at detaching Nigeria from the past. But as corruption fiercely fights back, Buhari must not be complacent or be selective in this onerous efforts to save Nigeria from Nigerians. Nigeria is a nation at war with itself! Children of corruption will not stop at amplifying the mistakes of Buhari and his administration, we shouldn’t pinch their plight, rather, we should dispel their rumors and prod Buhari to deal with the germane issues in discurse and bring corrupt people to justice without shrouded justice.


Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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