Bursary won’t save Gov. T.A Orji

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji of Abia State is known to be doing
everything he couldn’t do to attract the support of people to like his
battered government. He likes launching different projects in the
media that do not in the rear reach the people. If not, how could a
government like this be too boastful of going to pay bursary to
students of Abia origin in all institutions of higher learning in the
country, without specifying how much the students are going to be paid
and how many they are.

The gibberishes of Gov. Orji administration are tiresome to think
about. The dishonorable aspect of the buffoonery is to note that the
much hyped bursary would take effect from this October. This
make-belief statement by the government was coming when the government
has not resolved its matter with a higher institution in Aba, Abia
State; and you wonder who the students are that Gov. Orji is going to
pay the bursary.

This government has made its numerous comments very cheap. Gov. T.A
Orji has not told the world who the beneficiaries of the (N10billion?)
it mouthed some months ago that was meant for farmers are. And today,
it is talking about relying on “available database to work out the
amount” for the bursary to students. Hahahahahahahaha. Which committee
worked or is working on the database. We can see where a government
relies on cheap publicity to draw public attention.

It was the same way we were told of the state government’s youth
empowerment scheme, but what turned out to be the empowerment, were
Kekes and buses donated to mainly select of university graduates. And
the government’s hack and rented writers went berserk in their
unprofessional manner of writing, to sell the project to the media.
But our good people refused to buy their crassness, because we already
knew that the man at the top in Umuahia, would always betray. An
arch-example was his betrayal to the hand that fed him and the man
whom he has done everything possible and impossible today, to
witch-hunt and humiliate. Yet, no way!

Gov. Orji knew or refused to realise that there is no such thing as
well groomed and good governance. In such a government, you don’t
empower people with mentioned objects; the system empowers them. Such
a system must have pipe-borne water, good roads, electricity,
employment, infrastructure and a sincere government. But regrettably,
these are in dire dearth in Gov. T.A Orji’s Abia State, except
noise-making. Remember the government once said that white-collar jobs
are elusive in the state; hence the provision of Keke and Taxis for
our teeming university graduates. Not even those who were inopportune
to be university graduates are remembered.

As shameful as it sounds, but shameless to the proponents of the
bursary bazaar, they believe that only “through such diverse
approaches that the objectives of touching the lives of all the youths
can be achieved” in our Abia State. Hocus-pocus! The government is
using this hoodwinking method to calm the youths of the state not to
revolt, whereas their aged parents cannot be paid their pensions, as
pensioners they are. A matter they have handed over to their destinies
and have resorted to prayers. Their supplication is for nature to
smelt the hardheartedness of Governor Orji to pay them. The governor
is hardly talking on how to address this, but here his government is
telling us another story of bursary to students.

A state that would pay bursary to Abia students across the country is
the one that was in 2012 (and till date?) unable to pay the six
percent and 15 percent increase in pension, which most states in the
country have effected, but was yet to be implemented in the Gov. T.A
Orji’s Abia State. Is the government also talking about the
non-payment of the arrears and the increment of members of the union,
which members of the union have said that it could not be justified?

What the governor has most times done is to commend the pensioners for
what he sees in his periscope as, their positive contributions to the
development of the state. Instead of pay them, he uses his
lackadaisical method of assuring them that he was concerned about
their welfare.

It behooves every Abia person to rise to the occasion and condemn this
deluding government of Gov. Orji and tell the youths to speak out and
up that their parents who spent the better part of their lives in the
service of their fatherland and are now pensioners, are being treated
with impertinence. We are tired of the government’s untiring
methodology of lying.

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