Catholic Church and Literature: Obinna’s Mortification of Rochas and Ogboni

“Truth can be found anywhere,” my friend Chiji Basil Okafor, a bookish media guru with National Life newspapers, told me.

Okafor told me that on May 9, 2011, when we were reasoning on the issue of religion and ‘God’. What I quoted above was his abridged reply to my text to him thus: “People quote from Bhagavad-gita. How come Mahabharata, the epic Sanskrit, becomes the history of ancient world? Meanwhile this is Indian recorded perception of the world! My knowledge is that both Dhrtarastra and Pandu are brothers with Lord Krsna as cousin of Vidura. Lord Krsna was an ordinary man but regarded as the Supreme Godhead Himself, who had descended to earth and was playing the role of a prince. So how come Lord Krsna is ‘God’ to mankind, judging by the Bhagavad-gita accounts, and many see his words as God’s word? I think different races lost their own history, of the likes of Lord Krsna, but embraced the ‘history’ at hand. Every race has a history of its own descendants. The Yoruba race, for example, believes in Oduduwa, which I don’t think is the ‘God of Israel’, and here we are talking about ‘one God’ that created Adam and Eve, whereas some histories of races predate the record of Adam and Eve. I think the world lost knowledge about the universe, but now believe that there is GOD ALMIGHTY we must submit to. What is God?”

To drive my point home, I forwarded this text message to a man I respect so much, Professor MAC Odu, and he replied thus: “A people awaken to knowledge of Creation in their own idiom; there is only one law governing the universe.” I was so jubilant by his response, and I replied, “Thank you, my dearest Professor Odu. Please, what is that LAW? Why did the Igbo-race allow other people’s IDIOM or CONSCIOUSNESS about spirituality to overtake theirs?” As usual, Prof didn’t disappoint. “People were designed to evolve in their own unique ways but fortune seeking whites led humanity astray,” he disparaged.

Agape! I decided to bring up the above conversations with the men I cherish dearly in my life owing to the blatant news of one Bishop Anthony Obinna of Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri, the capital of Imo State, who by his action to the Imo State Governor-elect, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha, does not want people “to evolve in their own unique ways”. It is boldly written on the papers that Rochas had gone to worship at the cathedral, when Obinna marshalled him out before the congregants to make a case of the former’s alleged involvement in the ‘Reformed Ogboni Fraternity’. This Ogboni issue was an allegation that was well circulated both in the print and electronic media that Rochas was a member. Obinna handed Rochas a Crucifix to “take-an-oath” that he is, or not, a member of the organisation (Ogboni), which the likes of Obinna sees as cult or occult. The ‘dehumanised’ Rochas, before the glaring eyes of the unassuming spectators, swore against the slur, and reiterated that he has not, and didn’t even visit a ‘witch-doctor’, which the Christians mistaken for a ‘native doctor’, during his campaigns, for the April 2011 elections.

Since on Tuesday 10th May, 2011 that I read this inimical act that was meted out against Rochas, that I called “aberration of a church”, I have not rested, but wonder if the bible that Obinna reads did not tell him that ‘taking an oath’, or is it ‘swearing’ the Christian God forbids it. Although, due to the high-tech in studying theology (than the word in their bible) to preach ‘win people’ and not souls in the ministries, ‘men of God’ now always see a version in their bible to ‘cover-up’. So, I will not be surprise if I read tomorrow where “it was written” that Rochas or any other, must swear by the bible or by such item as the crucifix.

I feel that the hapless Rochas was intimidated and his human dignity molested in the name of worship, although ‘intimidation’ has always followed the records of the early Roman Catholic Church, even to-date, no matter that the church removed ‘Roman’ from the Catholic Church. It was this same ‘dehumanization’ and ‘intimidation’ of Rochas by the church that propelled one of their Popes to plead for the ‘world-pardon’ or was it ‘leniency’ on behalf of the church, for the millions of people the Roman Catholic Church killed in the days of Hommer, which world wars first and second didn’t record. This is a church that pleads to all the dead Israelites and saints, to pray for them. But when African traditionalists call upon their ancestors to pray for them, the Catholic Church ‘fanatics’ would revolt that the traditionalists are worshipping IDOL. I have always asked in this phraseology, the difference between my ancestors, and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that the Catholic Church faithful call in their prayers. All that I have gotten is that Abraham and his dead children are ‘deified’ saints, but my grand ancestors are DEMONS. Is somebody not laughing?

I don’t think that there is any clergymen that would accept these facts that are in literatures I would divulge after, because people rarely disbelieve or ask questions about what they have grown-up to believe, because it was there in existence for ages, even when they are fables. But before I go on, I would be waiting for a day when Obinna would give the same crucifix to his legion of Reverend Fathers to swear before the congregants to their ‘oath’ of remaining celibates, as he did to Rochas on the issue of Ogboni membership.

The likes of Obinna will never tell their congregants the truth that the Christian and Islamic religions, according to literatures, picked Yahweh from the ten Jewish intermediary gods and substitute the remaining nine: Hokhmah, Binah, Hesed, Gevurah, Tifereth, Netsah, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth with Jesus, Muhammad, Saints, Anubis, Angels etc., therefore selling this lie that they worship only one God, which has been said in different fora, as not true.

By some literatures, one Naiwu Osahon, a researcher pan-Africanist, has a bunch of indisputable proves about religion. In his account: Yahweh is only one of the ten Jewish attributes of En-Sof. Yahweh is a tribal deity and claims to hate Africans (i.e. Amorites, Philistines, Canaanites, Jebusites, and Hittites.) He threatened to wipe all Africans off the face of the earth for his children, the Israelites. “So, when someone tells you ‘God bless you,’ be weary and ask which God, which deity?” said Osahon, it is important for all religious people, particularly African Christians and Muslims, to understand this. Yahweh is a Jewish tribal god and not the universal God, who is Goddess Ma’at, or the ultimate source of spirituality, which is Tu-SoS or the Jewish En-Sof.

Like my brother Prof Odu said that the fortune seeking whites led mankind astray, as history bends hand every day, it is surprising to note that Yahweh is worshipped today (just the way Lord Krisna is worship in India, and among the faithful) to the detriment of Tu-SoS or En-Sof, which is not worshipped anywhere in the world in the recent times.

It was a shock to note in these ancient literatures that African ancestors created all the initial intermediary gods and deities known to man, but the rapacious Roman Catholic Church changed the story. African intermediary gods include Olokun, the goddess of beauty, arts, culture, poetry, love, marriage, femininity and fertility; Orunmila, the god of wisdom, scholarship and learning; Obatala, the god of creativity; Sango, the god of lightening, masculinity, fearlessness and hard work; Ogun, the god of Iron, technology; Ikenga, the god of commerce and industry etc etc.

The records a

bove were mutilated by the “fortune seeking whites”. Modern Africans, like their ancestors, do not worship Tu-SoS. The Jews too do not worship En-Sof. The Africans, worship the universal Goddess Ma’at’s intermediary gods, wrote Osahon, the secondary intermediary gods or deities, including the Jewish ones, are mere tribal adaptations of the original African intermediary gods, and include Thoth, Apollo, Bacchus, Venus, Jupiter, Hercules, Thor, Asteroth, Adonis, Apis, Mars, Anubis, Yahweh, Minerva, Diana, Nephthy, Ishtar, Brahman, and all the other adapted ethnic gods and goddesses with a variety of names around the world today. They are not as spiritually potent as the original African intermediary spiritual energies from which they were cultured or cultivated. The original, undiluted, African intermediary spiritual energies, such as Sango or another in Africa, the deity or Sango, would give you conditions to fulfil there and then. In a case that you went to make a request, you would not have to go home and come back for Sango’s response.

But what happens if, on the other hand, you go to the diluted or adapted spiritual energies like the Christian and Islamic Yahweh, to table a request, Osahon wrote, you don’t get an answer right away. In fact, you could be talking to a brick wall. You keep praying, begging and fasting, hoping that someone is listening. A good example of this is the Irish priest who assembled a dozen barren, middle-aged, married women and passed six of them on to Baba-maven to use his witchcraft to alter their faith while he prayed for the other six. The priest decided the choice of candidates and allocated them. After six weeks of the experiment, five of Baba’s six candidates were pregnant for their husbands while the six the priest prayed and fasted intensely and fervently for, remained barren. If by any chance something favourable eventually happens, perhaps months or even years after you first made your request to Yahweh or the other secondary gods, you give the credit (or glory as it is often claimed) to Yahweh. But when a tsunami happens in your life, you blame your sinful self and not Yahweh for it. Your relationship with Yahweh is based purely on chance, and that is not how spirituality works. Spirituality can be asked and even commanded to make things happen although often at a price.

Somebody would be saying that I need ‘repentance’ but is it not there on the ancient literatures that: Apart from being undiluted, African spirituality is more powerful than the rest because it relies totally on natural elements relevant and pleasing to the gods. Artificial substitutes such as bread, wine, crosses, do not work because they are not natural elements. (And do the likes of Obinna believe in the God that is natural?) The Pope, who claims to represent Christ on earth, would like to be able to perform miracles (which many African priests take for granted) if he knew how… The spirit world is enveloped in electromagnetism that connects with our spirit doubles and all other realities. Universal laws govern the realities and man is capable of transcending all of them. That is what spiritual evolution is about. It is the knowledge of these subtle realities and how to harness them for spiritual advancement that ancient Africans chiselled into the fine art used largely today by the Jews and secret societies.

To permanently hoodwink Africans and permanently conceal African contributions, the Roman Catholic Church labelled the art of our habitual belief ‘Paganism’, by their elite, who stole the science gotten from Africa to control the world. According to Osahon, they have benefited immensely from it over the years particularly through the secret societies (Catholic church?) that now collectively monopolize aspects of the original techniques. They called it ‘Paganism’ to discourage mass involvement and secretly usurp the secret to ensure their permanent stranglehold on the rest of humanity and particularly the authors.

The bookish Bishop Obinna, having spent close to three decades in studying religion, philosophy and nature etc. won’t say that he does not know about this open truth. But for the empire called ‘Christendom’, the truth is sealed from the unsuspecting congregants. Holy Onwumere!

“Modern religions, as against spirituality, discourage us from giving credit to whom credit is due because religion is a gigantic money spinning industry requiring crowds of dedicated, selfless, helpless, followers, paying tithes and providing finances to the exclusive benefit of a select elite. The leaders brainwash us into giving with unquestioning loyalty and submission, and to credit their gods solely with all our good fortunes, and blame ours or the devil exclusively for all our misfortunes. But all gods are man-made, and since all the gods and spirits in the universe cannot solve all of mankind’s problems that keep increasing daily, all at once, spirits start by first taking care of their own, naturally… Roman Catholic Church did not do a good job of producing a hoax to convince the world,” wrote Osahon.

Before I conclude this report, let me clear one thing before any “misinformed” critic to this article here. I am not a member of Ogboni or any religious bearings. I am just a humanist! I believe in humanism, which was what partly the Lord Jesus Christ preached about. I have the conviction that if God is there, then religion is manmade, created out of greed and dogmatism. I think humans have no need for religions, because they have brought division instead of unity among mankind, and are setting our progress back as a people.

We must keep our cultures and traditions, according to Osahon, but not our faiths in their present forms. We must refine and modernize our faiths and wean them of their evil practices (like meted out to Rochas by Bishop Obinna. Emphasis mine) if they are to survive in any form. All religions are being used for evil and if we cannot serve our own Gods, why must we surrender our faiths to White and Arab Gods? We do not need religions anyway. We have no business being Christians because Christianity is a lie and is exploiting our people to death with tithes. Have you not seen pastors buying private jets? (Four jets at a time. Emphasis mine). And along with Islam, we spend too much time on our butts and knees praying instead of on our feet working. Our benefactors have us where they want us, which is down here on our knees begging and praying for their hand-outs while they are challenging ‘God’ and partying on the Moon. And what precious little time we struggle to squeeze out of our wretched existence, we devote it to fighting and dying over our masters’ myopic wars… let us worship intellect, worship bravery, worship brainpower, worship knowledge, worship scholarship, this is what it should be about, and not whether Rochas was a member of Ogboni or not.

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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