Christmas: Satan-Santa Claus, Lucifer-Conifer tree, Mass plus

by Eferovo Igho

In our previous work, “Christmas: Not of Christ, but Baal Worship” we made it clear that ‘Christmas’ is totally satanic, Babylonian and Roman Catholic. Said to be known in ancient times as ‘yuletide’, the celebration of Baal/Sol by those that worship him, it was changed to Christmas by Romanism (Roman Catholicism), a beguilement to bring the ‘church’ into the worship of the sun-god (Baal). Whilst we recommend that all should read that piece, here we want to touch on origin and why of such extraneous issues or attachments to Christmas such as Santa Claus, Conifer tree (Christmas tree) and Mass to Christmas; and orgies, debaucheries, licentiousness, the bottle (of Bacchus), gifts and the deaths (during what has become known as ber-months, because of ‘December 25’ activities – before, during and after – and to that you may add January 1 which may be the celebration of Janus, another Roman god that January is named after).

Art Renz & Sister Sue, whose work “The Truth About Christmas, Lent, Good Friday and Easter” which we have drawn quite a bit from in this present work, wrote very instructively: “But the thought of Christians joining hand in hand with pagans in supporting and enjoying Babylon’s idolatry, now revived in the Roman Catholic Church, ought to make every soul that loves Christ’s Name and blood shrink in holy horror.”

The Bible is silent about this Christmas matter because it is a subject matter totally strange and abhorrent to the Holy Writ. Because we cannot find Christmas and all that relate to it in Bible (and therefore in true Christianity) and because information about it can therefore be only found outside the Scriptures, we can only go to secular sources to tell us about this Christmas affront on the God of Heaven and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We intend going outside the frontiers of Bible to discover their origins. But let it be said before we proceed that if they’re without biblical root then that root must be elsewhere: Ordinarily in the world their lateral roots are, but more seriously in hell their tap root, all planted by Satan. Yes, sundry things are thus planted by Satan, but Christmas is one thing that is more fiendishly planted by him, even this celebration of the sun-god (Baal), imported by Romanism to corrupt the pure worship of the True God. Having taken on the more critical matters around the issue of Christmas in the said previous work, we may now go to the peripheral yet hell-filling ones.

Secular Sources on Christmas and Dating
Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea deemed the father of Church history, in his Ecclesiastical History wrote that “… December 25th was the supreme festival of the pagan and Mithraic calendars and was an abomination to Christians”, see McAbes History of the Popes, Vol. 1, page 19. The Encyclopedia Americana, 1942 Edition, Vol. 6, page 623 says this of Christmas: “It was according to many authorities not celebrated in the first centuries of the Christian church … In the fifth century the western church (Roman Catholic) ordered it to be celebrated forever on the day of the old Roman feast of the birth of Sol” (Sol is the Roman Sun god – ‘equivalent’ of Saturn, again, of the Romans and Baal of Babylonians, Canaanites and Phoenicians and sundry ancients and of untold peoples in modern times).

In Encyclopedia Britannica, 9th Edition, Vol. 5, we read of Christmas Day: “There is however difficulty in accepting this (December 25th) as the date of the Nativity, December being the height of the rainy season when neither flocks nor shepherds could have been at night in the fields of Bethlehem. By the fifth century, however, whether from influence of some tradition or from the desire to supplant heathen festivals of the period of the year such as Saturnalia, the 25th of December had been generally agreed upon.”

“About the end of this period (3rd century) two new festivals came in. One was Epiphany originating in the East – the other was Christmas, a festival of Roman origin taking the place of the heathen festival in honor of the sun or of the deity bearing that name, which was celebrated at the winter solstice or on the 25th of December the time erroneously assigned for the solstice in the Julian Calendar” is what we read in page 65 in the History of the Christian Church by Fisher.

Secular Sources on Origin of Christmas
Christmas is the ‘transformed’ celebration of Baal, Sol, Saturn, and Bacchus which all almost mean the same thing. It is the ‘transformed’ celebration of the so-called sun god and so-called fertility god. It is the ancient Babylonian Yuletide (revelries, orgies, overindulgences, debaucheries, licentiousness and giving of gifts) associated with the celebration of Baal on December 25, the day Tammuz, now ‘demonized’ by Satan as Baal was born. That is what is today Christmas or Christmastide as the case may be.

Today, the celebration of Christmas is a mixture of pagan Babylon’s “‘mystery’ idolatry in its purest form, imported through Pergamos (Revelation 2:13) into Rome, and there incorporated into her pagan religious ritual, and from thence introduced into the world by the Roman Catholic Church as a commemoration of Christ’s birth …we must remember that Satan’s chief object has always been to claim the honor and worship due to the most High God” – Renz and Sue. In Isaiah we read: “How art thou cut down to the ground, who didst lay low the nations. For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the uttermost parts of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High” – Isaiah 14 12-14.

Satan is all about taking the worship due God. And as several secular books tell us, he long ago instituted a great pagan feast which was celebrated at that exact time of the year in the Chaldean city of Babylon, which heathen celebration was in honor of the birth of Tammuz or Bel or Bacchus who was the son of Semiramis who is the same as Cybele, Rhea, Inanna (Sumerian queen of heaven), the Chaldean queen of heaven, Asthar or several other names depending on the age and or clime.

Satan and Santa Claus
Traditionally represented as a tall, dignified, jolly, religious figure dressed in a red suit riding a white horse through the air, Santa Claus is from the Dutch word Sinterklaas, known as Saint Nicholas in Germany and usually accompanied by Black Peter, an elf (a small mischief maker) who punished disobedient children. Some assume this Nicholas is Nicolaus who they think was the head of the sect Nicolaitanes (Nicolaitans) of Revelation 2: 6, 15.

In Smith’s Dictionary of the Bible we read: “This sect, like the false prophet of Pethor, united brave words with evil deeds, Mingling themselves in the orgies of idolatrous feasts they brought the impurities of those feasts unto the Christian church. All this was done as a part of a system supported by a doctrine accompanied by the boast of prophetic illumination.”

Writers who think Santa Claus is the Nicholas and the evil personage that the Nicolaitanes of Revelation were following and took after may have their point. Yet, other things have been said about Santa Claus which yours sincerely cannot refute because Satan is always up for the worst, lurking behind all wickedness, using evil men and institutions raised up him anyway to accomplish his goals. So, some have seen the cunningness of Satan in Santa which they say is anagram for Satan (anagram being a word or phrase that contains all the letters of another word or phrase in a different order). Still others have noticed that Claus is anagram for “Lucas/Lucifer”. And Santa Claus scarlet that he wears h

as not gone unnoticed by these people and others, and they point out that Santa Claus scarlet relates to the scarlet of Revelation Chapter 12: 3-9 which is “the Red Dragon or Satan’s color”. Because, evil can only be described or explained in evil terms, some even say Santa Claus red suit is symbolic of the fires of hell and demonic, and that his huge hat must conceal horns, spiritual horns that is!

This picture of Papa Noël or Father Christmas (‘father of Christmas’) though may be subject of debate in some circles; none can deny that Satan can do more wickedly than that. With Romanism at his beck and call, the story of the world has been very sore. Christmas must be far dangerous than any man can imagine. Apart from the evil that Christmas represents Satan is of course still the one who orchestrated this Santa Claus thing. He gave the name Santa Claus, ostensibly his own name rearranged, which also may well mean Satan’s Nicholas, which is what is today the Father Christmas or ‘father of Christmas’.

Lucifer, Conifer Tree (Christmas-tree) and the Mistletoe Plant
Penne Restad, author of Christmas in America: A History and lecturer of American History in University of Texas in Austin said in his article “Christmas”: “While Santa Claus became increasingly familiar to Americans, the German Christmas tree also acquired popularity in North America. As early as the 17th century, Germans had transformed this pagan symbol of fertility into a Christian symbol of rebirth” – Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009 [DVD]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2008.

Here again, some say if you take the word CONIFER, which is the name given to the family of trees to which the Christmas tree belongs, and split it in two, you get CON-IFER, the first part being ‘Con’ that Satan is; indeed, he being the biggest con-artist ever, and the second part being the last four letters in Lucifer. Again, whether you think they are right or not cannot be debated here, but we do know that Satan is father of all schemes and he invented all deceit and trickery, and you and I didn’t give the name Conifer! Or, did you?

“In the so-called church today and in this deluded celebration by the world of what it calls Christmas decking of fir trees with silver, gold and or putting presents or offerings under them is common place practice. All of these is of pagan origin; pagan rituals dating back to Babylon imported by Rome and which has made the world to drink of this wine of her fornication among sundry others. The Christmas tree is known to actually be a pagan symbol of sun and serpent worship? It with all the God-dishonoring observances connected with it is the honoring of a Roman heathen god or idol, Baal Berith … In Babylonia mythology Nimrod/Osiris/Horus (the husband of Semiramis – the Queen of Heaven) is often pictured with wings, holding reindeer (corresponding with Santa Claus and his reindeer) and a fir tree (Christmas tree) … In the annual custom of erecting and decorating evergreen trees, the Roman Catholic Church has brought down through the ages to us, the paganism of Baal or the worship of the sun, mingled with the worship of Aesculapius the serpent. Whether erected in public or private, a tinseled and spangled evergreen tree is just a glaring symbol of the worship of this false god. So in keeping with the policy of Rome for centuries, while she keeps millions vainly supposing they do honor to Jesus Christ with a Christmas tree, they are actually even if unwittingly commemorating a pagan festival in honor of Baal, which thing our God hates (I Kings 18; Judges 8:33)” – Renz and Sue.

Evil attracts evil. As Romanism continues to drive false Christianity it continued to import more devil traditions into the ‘church’. Penne Restad writes that “Along the way, Christian beliefs combined with existing pagan feasts and winter rituals to create many long-standing traditions of Christmas celebrations. For example, ancient Europeans believed that the mistletoe plant held magic powers to bestow life and fertility, to bring about peace, and to protect against disease. Northern Europeans associated the plant with the Norse goddess of love, Freya, and developed the custom of kissing underneath mistletoe branches. Christians incorporated this custom into their Christmas celebrations, and kissing under a mistletoe branch eventually became a part of secular Christmas tradition” – Microsoft® Encarta® 2009 [DVD].

Talking about trees, forest, silver, gold and all that which the pagan use in their devilish worship Jeremiah the Prophet says by the Spirit of God in Jeremiah Chapter Ten that “For the customs of the peoples are vain”. Traditions of men and demons, how vain and ruinous!

And as Art Renz & Sister Sue says, the compound word, ‘Christmas’ (which by the way is one of the many Masses in Romanism), “is an abomination to our Holy God. The reason for this is that this word Christmas is an unholy and pagan combination of the two words ‘Christ’ and ‘Mass’. Christ died once for our sins (Hebrews 9:26). By that one offering He has perfected forever every believer (Hebrews 10:14). But behold the terrible mystery of iniquity! For in the Roman Catholic mass, Satan himself has introduced unto the ends of the earth, the crowning blasphemy of Antichrist. It is the teaching that the ‘mass’ is not a mere representation of the sacrifice of Christ, but that it is a continuation of the same offering, as the priest commands our Lord Jesus to come down from glory and become a piece of bread. And besides all this, the Roman priest teaches that this same ‘mass’ adds to and improves upon the atonement of our Saviour which He made at Calvary.” Thus in the blasphemy of the ‘mass’ the duo think we can hear Satan say, “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds: I will be like the most High” (Isaiah14:14).

“Christ”, they rightly held, “is the divine title of our wonderful Lord and Saviour, ‘Mas’ is just the shortening of the blasphemous ‘mass’ of Rome. Christ is the head of the true and living Church which He bought with His own blood. The Roman Catholic Church under the headship of the Pope is verily the synagogue of Satan, the false church. She is spoken of in God’s Word as: ‘The Mother of Harlots and abomination of the earth’ (Revelation 17: 5). Nothing in the realm of the natural will stir one to anger so suddenly as to learn of someone having connected the name of his wife, sister or mother with the name of a well known woman of ill fame. Christian, how then can you, with serene composure, and interested cooperation, join hands with Rome as she brazenly and wickedly blends the ‘mass’ of the harlot church with the name of Christ the risen Head of the True Church of God?”

Celebrations, Orgies, Licentiousness, Debauchery, Gifts and Deaths!
We cannot agree more with the duo that holiday seasons are very popular, time of festivals seeming to have great sentimental appeal to the hearts of most people, and “adding to this emotional expectation, the complex of a conscience which compels a vague respect of the day when Christ supposedly was born,” would spin and whirl many a folk into strange extremes. That is what Satan and Romanism designed Christmas to be. The old, the young; the rich, the poor; the pious, the vulgar; the saint, the sinner; with boundless frenzy, all “race with the coming of Christmas Day like the waters of a flooded river, submerging everything before it. Christmas is the day when the driving power of this festival love reaches its zenith. No other day can equal it for fleshly revelry and debauchery, combined with heathen misrepresentation of Christ which, as a fanatical religious orgy from every quarter swirl

s to a literal vortex of confusion and jamboree on December 25th.”

This is saturnalia (meaning wide celebration or orgy) named after Saturnalia, Roman festival of Saturn where all these take place, so that, truly, the Christmas spirit is only terrible mockery of our Lord Jesus Christ. What a pagan spell of evil spreading spiritual pollution whilst raging among churches and believers for the very time appointed and a time “honest souls are forced to stand aside and witness annually this glittering cloud of pagan observances descend with a smothering and paralyzing pall on all people”.

So that one of the greatest of all abominations to God, Renz and Sue would say, is false worship and that Romanism is the extreme ultra-development of Satanic subtlety in worship being the very Babylon in idolatry under the disguise and name of Christ!; with religious festivals legionary, and with the 1950 calendar crowded with them, and yet the jubilee year of Pius XII to bring more. How timely therefore is the divine counsel: “Little children, keep yourselves from idols” (I John 5:21).

Do you ever wonder, they ask, why “the world which hates Christ and His blood atonement for sin, respond as one man at” Christmas “to revel and feast and celebrate.” And they posit: “If in reality December 25th was a date set by God to remember the birth of Jesus, the world would not have anything to do with it. There would be absolutely no response by die rank and file of mankind. Witness how the world does not regard the Lord’s Day which is of God. But the world does regard and love Christmas, therefore it is not of God. ‘For the natural man received not the things of the Spirit of God’ (I Corinthians 2:14). Then how can an obedient child of God, or a church, or a gathering of Christians, follow Papal Rome and tile drugged and reeling world in their abominable idolatry and sin of Christ-mass festivities?

“Those who despise the gospel of God’s grace will go to any length to celebrate a false tradition about His Son’s birth. Those who hate the doctrine of forgiveness through the blood of Jesus alone, are filled with great zeal to promote programs, to play Santa Claus, to adorn their dwellings with wreaths and trees and say ‘Merry Christmas’ to everyone they meet. Proud sinners, self-righteous sinners, immoral sinners with a character black as midnight, morally virtuous sinners with hard impenitent hearts, refined and well educated sinners seeming to know everything but Christ as Saviour, religious sinners with a lofty heady profession – all, all with one accord join hands in the gay hilarity of Christmas following the old Mother Harlot, ignorantly imagining they are doing honor to a Saviour they neither love, nor know, nor care to know”.

There is no period more evil in the calendar than this period. And you think it is ordinary! It is the season most opposing to God and does most damage to the Person and Word of Jesus Christ. You think it s ordinary! There is somebody else behind the mask, masking as Jesus Christ. This is the monstrous being behind all the rot and having his unrestrained way this season: all the liquor and drunkenness, licentiousness and debaucheries, and sundry social vices and criminality, and sweeping deaths. Meanwhile, “the name of Christ is used in vile cursing, vulgarity and blasphemy by men and women, boys and girls who lie deliberately about ‘St. Nick’ and ‘Santa Claus’ and love a ‘Merry Christmas’. Dear Christian, can you help to betray Christ with these pagans, by going with them in their religious riots?” Renz and Sue asked.

These licentiousness, debaucheries, orgies, revelries and gifts are part of the celebrations of Baal. And so are the untold deaths in this period, being sacrifices to the blood sucking Satan and his demons. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the role of Romanism in Satanism.

Indeed, every evil climax in Romanism! And with indescribable delusion it (Romanism) sells itself, and with diabolical grip too, for the more Romanism is glaringly seen as false the more it webs multitude. It takes God’s grace to come out, to break loose. Of course, too, the world would love its own. Whatever is most esteemed by the world is abomination with God. But the priceless admonition is: “Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil” (Exodus 23:2).

Now, the Spirit of God through Paul is speaking more expressly than ever: “Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labor in vain”. And what a final divine counsel: “Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not her plagues” (Revelation 18: 41).

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