Civil Wars, Not Our Portion

The agitation for a South/South or South Eastern President does not and will not result to any civil war. The Easterners in my opinion are too smart to awaken the deadly experience that has been haunting them. Starting a civil war is no option because it will get them nowhere.

Nigeria as we know is a complicated country. We have been deprived for too long by the military and the Northerners and this present administration. Now that we are in a democratic dispensation which I m afraid is about to crumble, what the Southerners and Easterners are asking for is a true reflection of the beauty of democracy. The right to vote and be voted for instead of the usual paddy paddy arrangements of previous governments. It should not be seen as scaring/ troubleshooting or ill conceived, but a welcome development. And do not forget that the South South is not mute in the struggle for resource control. A true struggle that great men like Ken Sarowiwa lived and died for. If we are scared of war and death, we will never get the changes and reconciliation that is needed to make Nigeria a true NATION.

Instead some people see this Nation as coming to a doom, and I want to assure you, this their plans, but I know moreover that God will frustrate them. The wars between Psychos will not come near the people.. Sure there will be power tussles everywhere, and this will be among those fellas who have join hands together in the past to afflict impoverishment on the people with conscience. Yes I m very sure that they will wound themselves come 2007, and this is already evident between the President and the VP, what a fallacy are these Old men committing. Well I cannot say this is a colossal Irony of what they have in mind, but it is a watchful/careful tactics to delude the people from not knowing exactly the Happening in the Nigerian Polity. This is a crude political crime and hatred perpetuated on the people, but they have otherwise forgotten that they too must have a taste of what the people feels. For the Now I don’t want to believe that the polity is not stable with the case of third term agenda, I think the diagnosis is a case of political schizophrenia, and these Politician in one way or the other are victims. This is because their intelligence quotient IQ beats below the normal accepted behavioural standards, examples are well seen from what manners those in the national house of assemblies are handling issues of national concern. The worst thing is that those in the helm of affairs are either psychotics or fanatics, who are mentally infallible cracks from well-frustrated family background.

Now let me take you through the memory lane why those who are in the helm of affairs cannot be subdued, yet can be emotionally frustrated to leave that sit if those who are dedicated to fighting the course of the people, make it hotter for them to bear. If we dialogue with them, they wont give up, but if we pragmatically and collectively unjustify their attitudes, then they must leave to succumb to the people’s wishes and aspirations.

See an example, haven’t you noticed that when there is a particular issues of national interested a lot of financial resources are spent unnecessarily to promote their selfish ends? This situation has been going on before the dawn of this so-called nascent democracy and the purported rule of Law. When there is a case of lawyers trying to act as watchdog to the excesses of the Legislator, it is then that the Executive will open his wide polluted mouth and reign idiosyncratically favouring the Legislator by influencing the Judiciary simply because the president appointed the Chief justice of the Federation; this is nonsense. Few years back it began from the wall drop of their predecessors starting from May 29, 1999. Now it has worsen from serving the people to enslavering them politically, socially and economically, and I guess their plans is to remain in office to continue their chess game; this to my believe will not work. Yes they can Hijack their part by some few selected neurotics and get away with it, and in fact even try to lobby their way into the main brain of the National House of Assemble; that is up to them. Yet I m convince beyond all reasonable doubt that they cannot hijack the wishes and aspiration of the people.

This is not about fighting war, but that is what we believe in as a people bind by the constitution as a happy and united people. And no one man can come out over night because they have plans to dub and cover their mess within the auras of time, and maybe continue to reign in office simply that if they step down in office, the next agenda is probing them to cough out those funds and public facilities they have stolen all in the name of being in the government of the day. There will be no civil war in Nigeria, and no matter what people do to secede, Nigerians as a people will never be divided; we have come along way, and we are happy that our solidarity has come up to this extent. But little do we know that some men are born to cut our happiness and unity apart. It will be their family that will be cut off from the good of this land, and so or later they will get their rewards from the divine opulence that guides our polity as a people.

Now look at the structure of the governance, everything is bad and dorsal. The whole mechanism is artificial, and the ingredient of the genuine antics of democracy is lost in the precepts of what this present administration preaches; and though they have scored a considerably high in terms of achievement, this is not to say that their have been leveled with cases of corruption which this government has been know to be the chief champions. They claim to be fighting corruption, but the manner justice is being applied baffles me to death. With honestly what I see is not called justice, but injustice and conspicuous selective justice, which altogether is injustice in principles. However being frank has been very difficult for government officials to state point blank that they have erred in some areas and not trying to be the messiah of the people, who cares if you are God or not, but as far as the people cries to you and you are not able to redeem them, rather afflicted more pains on them, then you are nothing but a dare devil in the faces of the people.

In my opinion, as Nigerians we must not forget that if there were social, equality and justice for all, the so-called ills of the society would be something of the past. No body is asking for war but rotation of power. This I believe is positive, though some people argue they are politically motivated. And mind you, the elites of the Nigerian societies are too loaded to let their cash burn in war. Believe you me there will be compromises here and there and the issue of presidency would sort itself naturally. But what I have as advise is that the people should wake up and fight their stand to identify with their nation’s polity. We are the government and not the slaves; since there are no slaves, then I wonder where the slaves are. You cannot be afflicted for so long as a marginalize people or from the minor or power tussle block, and I want to tell you that t

he time to get up from your slumber is now, and listen to the cries of the prophets as expressed by actors of PRONACO. Their voices have been heard from all corners of the national, and those who want to continue to remain a fool should support third term agenda or ‘the government is our turn syndrome’. Let them change the constitution; still they cannot change us as a people or what we believe. We believe in Democracy, and since this Administration has failed to provide us with the necessary benefits of good governance, they cannot continue to stay in power and think they too will not be shattered from the laser of terror they inflict on us.

It is time to realize that ‘ Blessed is the meek for they shall inherit the earth’, you are the meek of today; Nigeria is your property and my father’s land. No one person for some sort of privilege gain either in the close doors or otherwise think they ‘in groups’ can manipulate the governance and its mercenaries to stay in office for only God knows when they will go. We must fight this bad administration to a standstill, and there should be nothing whatsoever will reprimand us from carrying out our task as committed citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria. But if otherwise, I live you for God, and be enslaved by that very person that thinks Nigeria is his only begotten property of the ‘God is not the God of abandoned project’, this unfinished “project” is their continued stay in office to completely alienate you from all social, economic, political and psychological existence accrued to you by the constitution. And the God to which they now expressed is not the Almighty God, but rather it is that god of the ” Colvin temsera bolukata ture’ of the upper lower skies this is the god of greed, pestilences and evil leadership and those who worship them, though with a low span of earthly living but are given the benefit of a short time. And as they have sold themselves to that god, they too with their foolish ambiguous intent think they can seal the people also to the god of these diseased manifestations.

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Smith Ayodele April 30, 2006 - 12:19 pm

Well in a shot totality of truth, you have said everything. Thank you for the well written prose on the nigerian political phenomenon, We need people like you in Nigeria to lead the way forward to a better opposition. Apart from this, i have read other articles of yours in the news papers, and other magazines…Thank you for this piece.


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