Could Orji Kalu Be An Agent Of The C.I.A.? (2)

by Bode Eluyera

However, in my opinion, while formulating its response to the unreasonable and baseless demand of the U.S. government, the Nigerian government should borrow some paragraphs from the Russians quoted above. The federal government should not allow itself, for any reason whatsoever, to be intimidated or pressurized by the U.S. government.

Undoubtedly, the U.S. demand for the immediate and unconditional release of Orji Kalu is a gross and unjustified violation of Nigeria‘s sovereignty. Moreover, it clearly shows that the U.S. has no regards whatsoever for Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as people. The new government should make America understand that Obasanjo is no more in charge, therefore, Nigeria is no more a banana republic that can be remotely controlled from Washington!


Any intelligent person does not need a ph.D to understand that Nigeria is of a very high economic interest to the U.S. Nigeria, being the 6h largest exporter of oil in the world and the largest in Africa and with a very large reserve of gas, undoubtedly, is of hyper economic interest to many multinational oil companies and countries with very high demand for energy including the U.S., China, India, western European countries. Moreover, Nigeria with a population of about 140 million, the largest in Africa, is a consumer haven for any multinational company!

With the escalating crisis in Iraq and the endless political unrest in the middle east, the importance and role of Africa and Nigeria in particular as an alternative and reliable source of energy to drive the U.S. economy has drastically increased within the last 3 years. Recently, Nigeria displaced Saudi Arabia to become the 3rd largest supplier of crude oil to the United States! About 2 or 3 months ago, it was announced that the U.S. now gets about 12-20% of its energy supply from Nigeria! Therefore, taking into consideration all these factors, it will be very naive of us to assume that the United States will not go to any length to protect its economic interests in Nigeria which include an uninterrupted oil supply, securing very profitable deals (which in most cases are lopsided and unprofitable for Nigeria) for American oil companies and other American multinationals already doing or planning to do business in Nigeria. Iraq is a glaring example of the length America is ready to go in order to defend its economic interest. The C.I.A., on many occasions have assassinated Head of States of sovereign countries in the process of protecting its so called “global economic interest.”

So, how can the U.S. protect its economic interests in Nigeria? Undoubtedly, by influencing political and economic decisions made by the Federal Government of Nigeria most especially in the oil sector. How can the U.S. influence political and economic decisions of the government? By having access to classified information on government energy and trade policies. Next question. How can the U.S. have access to classified information on government political and economic decisions? What do you think? Well, it’s by (1) espionage activities and (2) having an “uncontrolled assess” to key government decision makers or officials like the President, Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Senators, head of Committees, top managers in strategic sectors like banking, telecommunications, energy, e.t.c. There is a need for expatiation as regards to the second point. In one of my articles titled “Empowering Nigerian professionals to turn around the economy,” ( I wrote that key government officials during official and unofficial meetings with their western counterparts “unknowingly” divulge classified information on federal government economic policies including how decisions are taken, who takes key decisions, who has a big influence on key decision makers, state of contract bids, e.t.c. This blunder is committed mainly (1) out of ignorance or carelessness (2) due to lack of proper training (3) talking too much because of inferiority complex and the desire to impress “white men.”

Next question. How are espionage activities carried out by foreign intelligence service like the U.S. in Nigeria? (1) Through wire tapping, (2) and recruiting top politicians like Orji Kalu! I hope you now understand the reason for this analysis or breakdown. Nigeria, unfortunately, being an orderless, very corrupt, poor and divided country is a haven for espionage activities. It will be very naive to assume that the C.I.A does not operate a flourishing espionage network in Nigeria and that quiet a large number of top Nigerian politicians are on its paying list. Since Nigeria earns most of its revenues from oil and most of the U.S. Foreign Direct Investments (F.D.I.) are in Nigeria‘s energy sector, it is not difficult to figure out that most of the C.I.A. espionage activities are concentrated in this sector. No wonder the United States government is proposing to the Nigerian government not only to patrol the gulf but offered its unsolicited service to train the Nigerian military in the act of waging war in the creeks against the Niger Delta militants (who are referred to as terrorists) who are fighting a just war for the control of their mineral resources.

What is most annoying, disappointing, incomprehensible and incredible to believe is the condemnation of the arrest of Kalu for embezzlement by the Igbo Youth Congress (IYC). In its press release, the IYC expressed its surprise about the arrest and classified it as an “affront” on the Igbo community. At least one could understand the Americans hidden motive in running to the defen

se of Kalu, a C.I.A. agent, however, in the case of IYC, their motive is a total mystery.

It is a well known fact that many former governors including Orji Kalu were accused of embezzlement during the evil regime of Obasanjo not by the EFCC but even by their respective State house of representatives and electorates. The EFCC had said many times over and over that it was just waiting for the end of their regimes when their immunity will no more be valid in order to arrest and prosecute them for embezzlement of public funds. Orji Kalu’s name and state were among the names often mentioned by the EFCC. So, I can’t understand what is “surprising” to IYC about the arrest of Kalu. In addition, is one to interpret the IYC statement or position on Kalu to mean that the federal government should close its eyes and allow Kalu to walk away with his loots simply because he is their kinsmen?

Can somebody please be kind enough and explain to me how the arrest of a thief who has stolen Ndigbo money tantamount to an affront on the Igbo community? Why can’t the IYC exercise some patience and allow Kalu to clear himself if he is indeed innocent? Does the IYC understand the implication of its irresponsible statement and position on Kalu? Is IYC aiding and abetting corruption in the South east and Nigeria at large? Is the IYC aware of the fact that it is the Ndigbo, most especially Abia state and its youths that have suffered most from Kalu’s embezzlement? What kind of example is the IYC laying for Ndigbo youths? The IYC, certainly should bury its face in shame for making this kind of senseless statement and unreasonable position on Kalu.

Certainly, with this kind of baseless, illogical and unreasonable statement by the IYC , it has discredited itself as a reliable and relevant mouth piece for Ndigbo youths to be reckoned with or taken seriously. I was just wondering that going by the visionless alteration of the IYC, there is a very high probability that IYC was founded and being funded by no other person other than Orji Kalu himself solely for his own selfish political interest.

In my humble opinion, before irreversible damage is done by the IYC, Ndigbo political elites and leaders should call IYC to order immediately. In addition, progressive Ndigbo youths should not only disown or disassociate themselves from this congress but should as well declare their full support for the federal government resolve to eradicate corruption which unfortunately has been one of the major obstacles to development in Nigeria. After all, a thief is a thief irrespective of his race, nationality or tribe.

Kalu’s case is a litmus test for Yar’Adua and Ribadu. They should not succumb to U.S. pressure under no circumstances. Pursuing this case to the logical end should not only be a matter of principle but a “death and live” affair for them. Moreso, after the interference of the U.S. They need to be reminded that their credibility is at stake as far as Kalu’s case is concerned. Nigerians and the whole world are watching.

Finally, apart from the 107 financial crimes brought against Kalu, I strongly recommend that the SSS conducts a security check on Kalu. To be precise, the SSS should conduct a comprehensive interrogation and investigation of Kalu to determine the possibility of spying for the United States government. In general, senior government officials and politicians should be closely monitored to determine whether they are involved in espionage activities for foreign countries.

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Ralph Odua August 5, 2007 - 12:12 pm

Kalu is not an agent of the CIA.That is what he and his supporters want it to seems.Kalu is the the first Nigerian the United State government through its embassy in Nigeria has called for due process in their trial.The embassy have in the past called for the justice in cases involving Dokubo,Enahoro,Obasanjo,coup plotters,Bola Ige,Kudirat,Atiku etc.Call for justice does not mean the US government is in support of corruption.The US government stated that if that if found guilty,you should face the penalty.

What is troubling is the meeting between President Yar Adua and Kalu.It goes on to show how naive the president is.Kalu was indicted by the EFCC of stealing billions of dollars from Imo State coffer, the EFCC is a branch of the Federal executive arm headed by president Yar Adua.

Its a betrayal,the people of state will not get justice.I won't envy EFCC agents that are prosecuting the president's friend in a near democratic country like Nigeria.The judge will be comfortable with such relationship in a country were the judiciary can be muzzled by the executive.

Some may argue that Kalu is innocent until prove guilty.Great.Correct.However, if we are go by that arguement, Kalu is not innocent until proved innocent in the court.

The meeting between the President and Kalu could have waited until after he is cleared in court no matter how "important" their meeting was.Also, Nigerians have the right to know what the president discussed with Kalu.This is a democratic government not a military government.By choosing democracy over militocracy, Nigerians have choosen accountability over secrecy.

Ken Lay former Enron boss was President Bush very close friend, they are so intimate that the US president use to call him "kenny boy".Ken contributed handsomely to Bush campaign.When he was indicted for inside trading, the president distance himself from him during the trial, because of the office he is occupying. Ken Lay was convicted, he later died of heart attack before he could serve his time.

What was Yar Adua thinking?Does conflict of interest mean anything to him?Does he care what the people will think about the meeting?Does he care how the meeting may affect the case?Does he care about anything?

Can Nigeria afford another leader like Shagari, weak not prepared for the job and enabled by Obasanjo?Obasanjo may always prefer weak leaders(he prefered Shagari to Awo and Yar Adua for others) to cover his sins.

The vacuum created by Shagari was filled by the Umaru Dikko's and we are still paying the price.Now, there are signs that Yar Adua is creating a similar vacuum, and the Kingebe's are filling it.

BODE ELUYERA August 2, 2007 - 7:08 pm

Dear Mr Godwin Kwushue,

Foremost, thank you for your contribution. Initially, my intention was to ignore your commentary, not really because of the contents, but because of the manner it was expressed. However, after a second thought, I cam e to the conclusion that even a negative comment made sincerely is better better than no comments at all. In addition, I see this forum as a platform for learning and exchanging ideas.

I will try to address some of your remarks without joining issue with you. First, let me say that I completely agree with you that the fight against corruption should not be limited to Orji Kalu alone. You are completely right when you said that there are other Nigerians who have stolen much more money than Kalu. My article was posted on web site too, and it generated more than 40 commentaries. I also added my commentary where I clearly wrote about the hypocrisy or the double standard of EFCC and the federal government. You might want to lodge in and verify yourself. But, even then Mr. Gwushue, but does this fact mean that Kalu is not a thief or should not be prosecuted if there is evidence to proove that he embezzled public money? I really don't think so. And I am sure if you are not a hypocrite, you will also agree with me on this issue. Moreover, I will like to bring it to your attention that the IYC protest was in actual fact staged for the immediate and unconditional release of Kalu and not for the "prosecution of other bigger thieves." The title of my article is "Could Orji Kalu be an agent of the C.I.A.?" And that was what I tried to answer. You could call it an hypothesis if you like. All I did in the article was to provide some facts and analysis for an intelligent reader to ponder on. I am not really saying that Kalu is an agent. However, if I am asked this question, I will answe that "based on some analysed evidence, and my 20 years of monitoring and analysing U.S. foreign policies and books that I have read, there is a very high probability that Kalu is a C.I.A. agent.? I still hold my ground that America's interest in Kalu's case is very suspicious and not accidental. Moreover, frankly speaking it is a gross violation of Nigeria's sovereignty and blatant, unjustified intervention in a judiciary process. The intervention, in my opinion is a total disrespect to Nigeria as a sovereign country and Nigerians as a people. I can assure that without ant cogent reason, America would not have stuck out there neck out just like that for Kalu. Your arguement that Americans care for their friends who do business with them does not hold ground simply because the federal government does much much bigger business with the U.S. than Kalu. Let me tell you some Have you heard the expression that "America does not have permanent friends but permanent interests." America will do anything to defend their economic interests. Aren't you aware of many coup detats and assasinations of Presidents of many countries that the C.I.A. have carried out? If you don't know, then you are not well informed, therefore I shouldn't be wasting my time with you. Look what is going on Iraq too. What have you got to say about that? War against terrorizm or American terrorizm in the name of defending its economic interest? It's also a known secret that America is setting up or strenghtening its spy networks globally "officially" without any hinderance under the pretext of fighting terrorizm! Have read a news report published by Nigerian Tribune published a couple of days ago about how the C.I.A. is recruitting Nigerians as spies "officially" all in the name of fighting terrorizm. If you haven't read the news, I can forward it to you if you send me your mail. Please open your eyes and don't be naive. Overall, I strongly believe that America is manipulating political processes in Nigeria to protect its economic interest and in actual fact, it posses a serious threat to the political stability and economic prosperity of Nigeria. This is one of the major nuts we need to crack if we have to move forward as a nation. Finally, I want to tell you that I have not only be consecutive in my views in my articles but have been very fair or unbiased too. You might want to read all my other articles to assertain this statement. Thank you again for your contribution, but next time, I want to implore you to learn to express your opinion without going personal or insulting your counterpart. Remember that this forum is not for fighting wars or trading insults but for learning and exchanging ideas. Let us learn to use our limited time more effectively. Afterall, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Godwin Kwushue July 30, 2007 - 8:54 pm

Bode Eluyera seems to have misconstrued the peoples protest of Orji Kalu's arrest in error or on purpose to mislead. Those who voiced their concern, did so to bring to the notice of the world, the discriminatory and selective manner of application of anti corruption laws in Nigeria.

If I may ask, what manner of broom is one that discriminates on which dirt and litter to sweep and those to leave behind. The law should not be a respecter of anybody. If the court finds Kalu guilty of dipping his hands in the public till as alleged, then he should be punished to the full extent of the law.

However whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander, the anti corruption laws should be applied across board, Orji Kalu was not the monster that was responsible for the monumental corruption in the Oil ministry, he was not the one who issued contract and payments for power plants that was never built, Orji Kalu was not responsible for millions of dollars that was provided for road construction that was never executed. Money from petroleum trust fund went into a lot of private accounts and this has been traced, the owners of those account are not faceless. I am not stating the foregoing to suggest that Kalu should not stand trial, for his own alleged sins, no far from it, rather it is my wish that Kalu and others who are being shielded should have their day in court

When will Eluyera and his friends start advocating that the same fate that has befallen Orji Kalu should become the lot of the characters involved in looting money from public treasury; if he wants to be objective. That Kalu was accused of corruption was not an affront to the Igbos, what the Igbos considers an affront was that, state governors were accused of corruption in their dozens but it is only Orji Kalu and few others that has fallen out of favor with power that be that stood accused of their alleged crime till today. Igbos and every Nigerian would be happy if all those who held us back as a result of their attitude are brought to book.

What is happening to Orji Kalu, is just what will happen to a small 'agbero’ who looks at Chairman of ‘agbero’ and tell him to go to blazes. If the so called chairman can not lay his hands on the little rascal immediately, he will postpone his punishment for a future date, it is noteworthy that the ‘agbero’ chairman who wants to instill discipline in another soul is without scruples himself. Wonders they say shall never end, what we are all living witnesses to, today is a case of dogs eating dogs, robbers reporting comrades in crime to the police to settle an old scores.

On the issue of Kalu being an agent of CIA, you are only trying to give a dog a bad name in other to hang it, beyond the fact that one official from US State Department has advocated due process of law in handling Kalu,s case, you have not advanced any cogent evidence to buttress such a serious allegation. You Mr Eluyera as an individual if you do business in any of the western countries to the tune of one billion dollar, the government of that country you are buying most of your consignments from will cultivate your friendship, they will send officials to you to enquire how they can come in to assist you to enable you buy more and Kalu did attained that height of goodwill a long time ago with the Americans.

Your system of thought and conclusions are very dangerous even those who may choose to emulate your ways of thinking may just wake up on the wrong side of their beds one day and conclude that Bode Eluyera works for the KGB because he has stayed too long in Russia and he speaks Russian. That is the level your contribution has diminished the matter at issue


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